Legend Chapter 67

Here’s Chapter 67

Pardon me if there are any errors in this chapter, I finished translating and editing it around midnight due to lack of time to translate recently.
Forgot about some pre practical work I was supposed to do during the week and ended up working into early morning to finish it the day before the practical.
Now my sleep pattern is messed up T.T

On a side note, when Duke Kerebel’s name first came up, I was almost persuaded by Ziru to call him Duke Kerbel.

Also, I want a pet Griffon…….

Legend Chapter 66

Here’s Chapter 66.

It’s been a rather busy week for me but I have to say, #ANXWIN😄
That ANX vs ROX was one of the best games I’ve seen for a while and probably the best I’ll see this Worlds.
Unless ofc Likkrit gets his Brand in the quarterfinals.

Legend Chapter 65

Here’s Chapter 65

Feeling so tired right now DX……and daylight saving starts tomorrow so I lose an hour of sleep, halp!

*grumbles about having to sort through the inevitable comments saying Rei should kill them all*

P.S. Worlds anyone?

Legend Chapter 64

Here’s Chapter 64.

Just a two quick notes.

Firstly, if you feel that the past few chapters have been short, that’s because they’ve actually been shorter. The next few chapters, on the other hand, are longer than usual.

Secondly, while I will try to continue with one chapter a week, I might take a break for a week or two at the end of next month due to exams. Which funny enough, was the time I actually started translating last year because of *mumbles* procrastinating about exam revision *mumbles*. Just thought I’d give you all a heads up.

Legend Chapter 63

Here’s Chapter 63.

My mid semester break started yesterday but the release schedule probably won’t change.
I’ve spent the last few days crunching out consecutive assignments and it’s been tiring.
Third year university really starts to tighten the screws DX

Legend Chapter 62

Here’s Chapter 62.

Legend Chapter 61

Here’s Chapter 61.

Just my own quick thoughts on the chapter. At the end, I still couldn’t help thinking ‘What did that poor sofa ever do to you?’.

Legend Chapter 60

And so begins the 3rd arc. Thanks to Kiza for editing this chapter.

But before that, as some people seem to have missed my note two weeks ago, chapters now link to MoonBunnyCafe. If you don’t want to read it there, just go to the ToC on this site and click chapter 60, it’s not that hard is it?

With that done, here’s Chapter 60.

Also, in case anyone is interested😄 .


Legend Chapter 59

Here’s Chapter 59 which brings us to the conclusion of the second arc.
Next arc coming up is Altar of Inheritance.

On that note, I would like to make a quick discussion regarding the factions in Legend.

There are basically 4 factions.
King’s faction (sides with the king)
Nobles faction (sides with the nobles which may not completely support the king, afaik at least)
Neutral faction (nobles who don’t want to side with either the king or against the king)
and the True Neutral faction (adventurers guild. They don’t side with any faction but have nothing against helping any of them)

Rei is currently in the True Neutral faction, but by being in the city of Girumu, is basically treated as part of the Neutral faction.

Legend Chapter 58 + PSA

Hey everyone, there’s a few major and minor announcements to make so chapter link will be at the bottom.

Firstly, in a moment of understanding, I realised that Rowlocks Margrave should actually be Margrave Rowlocks, the same way it’s Duke <name> and not <name> Duke. I have no idea why it’s taken me that long to realise that but I have now fixed it in all chapters, sorry about that.

Secondly, I have made some minor changes to previous chapters regarding some translations. It’s nothing story line changing though, so you don’t need to go back to reread anything. Thanks to Estellion for not bashing me too badly over translating ッ😄.

The last thing is the big one. Alyschu has kindly invited me to host my series on MBC😄. Because of that chapter links in announcement posts will now link to the chapter hosted on MBC. Of course, if you would like to continue reading the chapter on this site, I will still continue to host them here. You will just have to get to it either from the previous chapter or the ToC. However, if I make any announcements regarding unplanned chapter delays, they will probably only be on here as I may not have enough time to post on both sites.

Well, with all that said, time to find out what Gran wanted to talk about in Chapter 58.

P.S. MBC runs off a different timezone than my site but I should have set the chapter to release on both sites at the same time. I apologise if their are issues in my attempted time synchronisation.