Legend Chapter 94

Here’s Chapter 94

So tired, my bed has not looked this comfy since last night……
Must think of something witty to say……
Actually spent several minutes thinking of something witty to say
Gives up and goes to sleep

Legend Chapter 93

Here’s Chapter 93

It’s been a pretty busy week for me, finishing off assignments due during the break.
On the bright side, The King’s Avatar animation is out and I finished translating this chapter.
*cough only finished this the night before cough*

Legend Chapter 92

Here’s Chapter 92

To be completely honest, I did not expect this to happen this chapter lol.

Also my mid semester break just started, which means HOLIDAYS! WOO!……who am I kidding, the mid semester break is just the time to crunch through all the major assignments the lecturers have given.

Legend Chapter 91

Here’s Chapter 91, the real one in case you’re wondering.

This week has been pretty eventful for me, I got internet back at home, started hacking servers for a uni assignment and I bought Nier Automata.
2B or not 2B, that is the question.

Legend Chapter 91 (AF)

This chapter almost didn’t come out because I was setting up a new modem/router at home, which btw means that I actually have internet at home now *dances*.

So for new readers, every April Fools, which just means last year, I post a chapter which had been sent through a fun translator. Last year’s was Shakespearean. Now I know it’s not April Fools yet for everyone but it is for me and that’s all that counts XD.

If you want someone to blame, blame Reaper Phoenix for this year’s 😄

Legend Chapter 91 April Fools

Actual chapter will be out tomorrow at the same time as usual.

Legend Chapter 90

Here’s Chapter 90

I’ve been wondering two things recently.

The first is what do you all think the Altar of Inheritance does?
Drop your thoughts, but no spoilers. I do know what happens so I can tell if it’s a spoiler or a guess 😄

The second thing I’ve been wondering is that it’s April Fool’s next Saturday……

Legend Chapter 89

Here’s Chapter 89

I think DST has kicked in in America, so hopefully I synced these releases correctly, if not the MBC release will be delayed by and hour and I apologise for that.

Just a few changes, the Bone Hound from the previous chapter has been renamed to Skeleton Hound.

Also, it may not have been obvious but the Skeleton Hound jumped out of the chest to attack them, in case you didn’t realise.

Legend Chapter 88

Here’s Chapter 88

Aaaaaand unsurprisingly, my internet didn’t come back last Friday and the ETR has been pushed backward for the 3rd time, to Monday.
Sometimes I wonder if my ISP is actually doing anything at all.
I’m now on my 4th run of Sengoku Rance as I try to not screw up horribly along the way and need to restart, like the previous 3 runs 😄

Legend Chapter 87

Here’s Chapter 87, hopefully synced correctly on both sites this time.

So I thought that my ISP would have fixed my net by now but apparently not, and it looks like it will be down from the rest of the week as well, so fun times for me.

Legend Chapter 86

Here’s Chapter 86, the last chapter of the fight and the last chapter of my Summer break.

So, I also have a funny story. Remember last week I mentioned about hoping my internet wouldn’t drop out again?
Well it did, in the afternoon on the day the last chapter was released.
It’s also been down for the entire week and won’t be back until next Tuesday according to support T.T
So I’ve been busying myself translating this chapter while borrowing wifi at various libraries, actually going out and socialising, finishing up my woodwork project that I started last year and playing Sengoku Rance 7 *cough cough*

EDIT: My bad, I scheduled the chapters late last night and accidentally desynced the chapter releases on MBC by 30 minutes, it should be up now on both sites.