Legend Chapter 243

Here’s Chapter 243,

Elena is having her fair share of troubles and Elk will have his soon.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Extra Story 3

Here is extra story 3: Extra Story 3 – Let’s go to Huis Ten Bosch

The last of 3 extra stories.

This one covers the couple’s visit to Huis Ten Bosch, a Netherlands themed theme park in Nagasaki.

And this completes this series in its entirety.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed translating it.
Once again, thank you for reading.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Extra Story 2

Here is extra story 2: Extra Story 2 – Mid Autumn Festival

The second of 3 extra stories.

This one covers the couple’s visit to Chinatown for the Mid Autumn Festival.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Extra Story 1

Here is extra story 1: Extra Story 1 – Later Events

The first of 3 extra stories.

This one covers some miscellaneous events after the end of the main story.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Chapter 30

Here is chapter 30: January.30 『Welcome to the Evening Rain Cafe!』

And this is the last chapter of the main story of The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe.
Extra chapters will be posted shortly after.

Man, I did finish translating all this 2-3 weeks ago, but actually posting everything has an entirely new feeling.
When I first started translating webnovels, part of me at the back of my mind kept telling me that I would never finish anything.
It wasn’t wrong, because I picked up Legend, which I will continue to admit that I will probably never finish translating.
But because of that, part of me just wanted to say that there was something I had completed, one-shots notwithstanding.
So after working on this for two years, here I am.
Thanks to all the readers, both of this series and of Legend.
Who knows? Maybe I’ll add a third series to this list.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Chapter 29

Here is chapter 29: January.29 『Kinsenpan, mochi that isn’t mochi』

The big reveal of this series biggest worst kept secret, aside from the one in the previous chapter.

Kinsenpan, for anyone wondering what it looks like.

Legend Chapter 242

Here’s Chapter 242,

Home sweet home.

I have nothing witty to say so I’m just going to leave it at that.

I need more sleep.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Chapter 28

Here is chapter 28: December.28 『Confession』

This was a nice chapter.
It did not in any way make me feel sad about my own single life in any way that would cause me to be depressed in any way.
Not at all.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Chapter 27

Here is chapter 27: December.27 『Taruto, the taste of Nagasaki?』

Fortunately for you all, this chapter and the next both come out today.
Imagine having to wait a whole day to find out how this ends.

Oh, and Taruto, the read bean paste version.


The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Chapter 26

Here is chapter 26: November.26 『How long does it take for a Carp to jump up a waterfall?』

No pictures for this chapter, there is a book though.

Note, these releases are all scheduled in advance, I’ll probably still be at work when chapters are posted, so if there are any issues, it may take me several hours to get to.