Legend Chapter 151

Here’s Chapter 151,

Cut this one close ahaha, overslept because I stayed up to watch the Kingzone vs Flash Wolves game last night.

We finally get to Bolton’s mansion.


Legend Chapter 150

Here’s Chapter 150,

10 minutes late, missed out a bit on the timing of releases *cough cough*.

One thing I’ve just realised, but as an Australian, all my note regarding measurements are all in metric.
However, most of you readers are should be in America.
Do you all have to reconvert my metric measurement notes to imperial?

Side note, League MSI, Flash Wolves above King Zone after day 2.
Taiwan Number 1?

Legend Chapter 149

Here’s Chapter 149,

Whew I actually managed to get this chapter out on time this week ahaha.
Some stuff happens in this chapter that will make people really salty, so I’m kinda expecting a bunch of rage comments and people saying they’ll drop the story.
Of course, you could just wait a few weeks for stuff to wrap up before picking this back up again XD.

Legend Chapter 148

Here’s Chapter 148,

Even later than I expected, apologies.
I was going to translate it yesterday but got invited by some friends for a game of co-op Divinity 2.
I ended up not finishing the translation yesterday as a result.
I had been planning to finish it up this morning but got called out to mow the lawn with one paragraph to go ahaha.
I then had the same issues trying to post the chapter as last week.
Well, anyhow, here it is.

Something I forgot to mention last week but volume 11 of the Legend light novel will be released next month and I’ve added the cover to the gallery.

On a side note, thanks for all your WN suggestions last week, I actually have one in mind.
Still have to work out a few things but I will say, it’s not an isekai, harem or cheat novel, would you believe that, such novels actually exist.

Legend Chapter 148 Delay

Sorry everyone, Chapter 148 is going to be a bit delayed, this time for reasons completely my own fault.
I should be able to release it in an hour or two.

Legend Chapter 147

Here’s Chapter 147,

Sorry for the late chapter, finally got the page editor to work once and quickly filled everything in while it was still working.

Things are ramping up for me, gave my thesis proposal presentation last week and have an exam for another topic tomorrow.

It’s been an interesting week with web novels as well, RWX finished translating Desolate Era, which I have also finished reading.

I have been thinking about this for a while, but just wondered if you readers have any thoughts about it.
I want to pick up a second series. I know this sounds stupid considering how big Legend is already, but I’ll explain.
Basically, I don’t want to be a translator that never finishes a series, I would feel bad about that.
So I’m thinking of picking up a short completed series, 10-30 chapters maybe, and not long chapters either.
But then again, with all RL work atm, chances are that’s something that won’t be happening ahahah.

Legend Chapter 147 Delay

Hey everyone,

Chapter post is delayed for now because WordPress page editor is glitching up for me right now and I can’t see the editing toolbar or the text I’m working with, trying to get that sorted so I can post the chapter. Apologies for that.

Legend Chapter 146

Here’s Chapter 146,

Remembered to schedule this chapter properly this week, apologies for last week.

Currently inundated in large amount of uni work and trying not to drown.

Fun times ahahahaha.

Legend Chapter 145

Ahhhhhh, really sorry for the late chapter, here’s Chapter 145

I had this chapter translated and all ready to go yesterday but completely forgot to schedule it for release.
I have my Masters Thesis proposal seminar next Tuesday and pretty much went straight to work on it when I woke up this morning.

Quick note, MBC ToC has been updated now, I don’t update it all the time because I get lazy with it but I’ll try my best to keep it up to date.

Legend Chapter 144

And here’s Chapter 144,

The real chapter mind you.

Can’t think of anything witty to say this time so I will leave it at that.