Moving Site

Hey Everyone,

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be moving all my translations to a new site,

The original plan was to have it all up and running by next week, but after several hours of mindless copy pasting, the new site is now up and running.

This is post will likely be the last post on this site for the foreseeable future unless something goes terribly wrong as I tweak the settings on the new site.

I will be getting Novel Updates staff to start moving links, so see you all around on the new site.

Legend Chapter 248

Here’s Chapter 248,

Just a quick bit of news.
This chapter will be the last chapter of Legend I post on silenttl and on MBC.

No, I’m not stopping translations ahahaha.
I’ve decided to set up a non-free wordpress site so that I have a bit more control and flexibility over my own site.
As a result, everything will be moving to starting from next week.

Site is not live yet as I’m still in the middle of copying chapters over, but should be up and running by next week’s release.

Thought I’d just let you all know in advance.

Legend Chapter 247

Here’s Chapter 247,

The rescue mission starts to take shape.

Legend Chapter 246

Here’s Chapter 246,

Here’s the first chapter of Axe of the Thunder God.

Things are mostly sorted after this, so the rescue mission can start to take shape.

Although with two madmen taking part in it, it is probably not a rescue mission of the discrete kind.

Legend Chapter 245

Here’s Chapter 245,

Considering how much was foreshadowed, a lot of you guessed what was going on with Elk.

The real question is, how does Rei match up to an A rank adventurer?

This is the first chapter of a new arc, Axe of the Thunder God.

Legend Chapter 244

Here’s Chapter 244,

Rei cooks up a dastardly plan and Elk falls to the dark side, or has he?

This marks the end of the Merchant Escort arc, and we move onto the Axe of the Thunder God Arc, the last short arc before spring arrives.
And with the arrival of spring, the War with the Bestir Empire arc begins. Something to look forward to.

I’ve added the chapter labels to the illustrations that have appeared in the this arc to the Volume 7 Gallery page.
Note that the is one illustration that was LN events only.

I’ve also added the volume cover for volume 14, that came out last October.
Some of you having been asking about illustrations past volume 12 and I’ll see what I can do about it since I don’t have any of them as of right now.

Legend Chapter 243

Here’s Chapter 243,

Elena is having her fair share of troubles and Elk will have his soon.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Extra Story 3

Here is extra story 3: Extra Story 3 – Let’s go to Huis Ten Bosch

The last of 3 extra stories.

This one covers the couple’s visit to Huis Ten Bosch, a Netherlands themed theme park in Nagasaki.

And this completes this series in its entirety.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed translating it.
Once again, thank you for reading.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Extra Story 2

Here is extra story 2: Extra Story 2 – Mid Autumn Festival

The second of 3 extra stories.

This one covers the couple’s visit to Chinatown for the Mid Autumn Festival.

The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Extra Story 1

Here is extra story 1: Extra Story 1 – Later Events

The first of 3 extra stories.

This one covers some miscellaneous events after the end of the main story.