Legend Chapter 211

Here’s Chapter 211,

I handed in the last assignment of my degree last Friday, so with the exception of one last exam I have in two weeks, I have completed my degree.
Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel like much has changed, but then again, not much really has changed ahaha.

What has changed though is that Set isn’t with Rei when he leaves the city.
Not for long of course.

Legend Chapter 210

Here’s Chapter 210,

Chapter size suddenly shot back up again.
Which normally isn’t a bad thing but I spent most of yesterday procrastinating and being lazy lol.

Either way, here’s the chapter.
This one is from Set’s POV as he tries to figure out where he is and what he’s supposed to do.

Legend Chapter 209

Here’s Chapter 209,

Hopefully with working link and all this time.

We get a quick rewind in time from just after Rei and Ranga show up from the perspective of the shadows.
Then Set goes on a magical journey.

Also, this has been annoying me to no end but I’m not sure whether to call it transition/teleportation/spatial transfer magic.
Any thoughts? I’ll get around to deciding this eventually.

Legend Chapter 208

Here’s Chapter 208,

This chapter was a bit rushed so I apologise if any sections feel…uh…poorly worded.
Normally I would just finish translating in the morning if I had any sections left to do but I have to head out to pick up someone from the airport this morning for work so ended up just finishing the chapter last night and scheduling it in advance.

Only about 3 more week of university before I’m done with my degree, man, time really goes by quickly.
Just a few assignments and reports left to do as well as an exam and that wraps up my final semester.
On a side note, I’ll be heading to Sydney in July for SMASH and to meet up with relatives and a few friends, so I’m looking forward to that.

Legend Chapter 207

Here’s Chapter 207,

It’s been a long night……well technically day as well.
Australian federal election was yesterday so had to vote in the morning.
Spent the afternoon procrastinating before translating while on VC with friends, watching League MSI semis and the new broadcast about the election results.
This all resulted in me finishing translating this about 12:30 in the morning because “There’s only a few more lines, might as well finish it first.”

Back on the story, Rei takes up this request in order to kill time, I mean, because he wants to help and he’s thinks he’s getting close to the amount of achievements he needs to rank up.


Legend Chapter 206

Here’s Chapter 206,

Chapters are still getting longer…
On the bright side, at least most of my homework is done and I don’t have work until next Monday, aka tomorrow.
FGO El Melloi event is also done, so just Deep Dive left, unless I decide to hop on to MHW for the Witcher collab…

That all aside, some of you were wondering why Rei didn’t follow the carriage as an escort.
Well, that’s because knights can defend it well enough right? right?


Legend Chapter 205

Here’s Chapter 205,

I lost internet for most of yesterday afternoon so ended up translating this late into night when I got net back.
So, sorry if parts look like they’re worded weirdly ahaha.
I have to head to the airport early tomorrow morning, when this chapter releases, to pick someone up so if there are any issues with the release, I’ll fix them up when I get back.

Also, chapters are getting longer again……whyyyyyyy.
And procrastination, FGO El Melloi event, Girls Frontline Deep Dive and homework.
Probably should do my homework first.


Legend Chapter 204

Here’s Chapter 204,

Rei get’s an invitation he can’t refuse, or rather that’s what they think.
A guy called Uruipuka shows up again in this chapter, for those that don’t remember, that was the name of one of the adventurers Rei saved from the Gamelion rare species.
However, I don’t know if it’s the same guy, just keep that in mind.
I will update in future once I know.

And again, apologies for the delay.

Long story short, I spent most of yesterday writing a research report due next Monday.
Due to my various procrastination, I ended up starting to write it up a lot later than I should have.
It’s not long, but but there’s a bunch of research I need to do for it and in the end I only started translating this chapter late last night.

And then a friend invited me to continue a Skaven co-op campaign we had going.
It was meant to be a 1.5 hour session, but as games like Total War tend to go……let’s just say we stopped about 3 hours later.


Chapter Delay

Chapter will be late, sorry about that everyone.
Let’s just say that there was a research report (which I probably should have spent more time on) and a Total War Warhammer campaign (which I probably should have spent less time on).
Should be out in another 3 hours or so.

Legend Chapter 203

Here’s Chapter 203,

Some of you have been asking, does it really take that long to go on a quest with Rhodes?
The answer is no, it doesn’t really take that long.
So what is the rest of the arc about then?
Rei wants to find out as well as he goes to ‘visit’ some people who have been sending him ‘invitations’.

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone.