Legend Chapter 221

Here’s Chapter 221,

Apologies for the late release, I’ve been down with a bad cough the past few days and slept in this morning.
Still managed to translate the chapter last night so just posting it now.

Now, we don’t really want to have a day by day log of training, one day per chapter, so we’re moving quickly in this chapter.

Legend Chapter 220

Here’s Chapter 220,

Man, after starting work, the amount of free time just disappears.
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Chapter Delay

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Chapter delay this week again.
There’s still a few paragraphs I’ve got left to translate on the chapter and I slept past my alarm this morning to finish that up.
Chapter should be up in an hour or so.

Legend Chapter 219

Here’s Chapter 219,

Apologies for the late chapter.
I had it translated and all ready to go and then just forgot to schedule it.
I ended up waking up this morning thinking ‘I feel like I’m forgetting something’ and only realised what I had forgotten about 20 minutes later ahaha.


Legend Chapter 218

Here’s Chapter 218,

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So after discussions at my workplace, I’ve got myself full time work there.
Unfortunately, that means that I have to wake up early every day ahaha.
Anyhow, slept in Saturday and finished this late last night.

A few notes regarding noble titles, which are briefly discussed.
A Baronet is a lesser noble title which is above Knight but below Baron.
It is sometimes considered a quasi-noble title and not a proper noble title.


Legend Chapter 217

Here’s Chapter 217,

Scheduling this on late Saturday night because I want to sleep in on Sunday lol.
Currently in the weird stage between graduating from uni and getting full time work so I’ve been busy with various job applications and stuff like that.

Quick change to the previous chapter, the maid’s name is Ashie and not Ashieka, turns out she was saying her name when she tripped resulting in her tagging ahhhhhhhh to the end of her introduction. The adventurer that quipped on that was just poking fun at what her name sounded like as she fell.

I think I should just go to sleep, I’m noticing so many mistakes as I’m writing this up, I almost wrote sleeping in on Monday instead of Sunday, and as much as I would like to sleep in on Monday as well, I have work so no can do.


Legend Chapter 216

Here’s Chapter 216,

Second chapter for the week.

Baron Cisne appears to be different from most other nobles.
To be exact, he’s kinda poor……

Also to clarify how the rank up to rank C works, the adventurer ranking up from D to C is given a token C rank request to do.
It has no effect on whether they actually rank up or not and they will get to rank C regardless of the result of the request.
However, if you complete the request successfully, it looks better on your adventurer record and people that might hire you would consider you a better adventurer than someone who failed it or refused the request.

Legend Chapter 215

Here’s Chapter 215,

Huzzah, I’m back.
And being back means I can translate again, woooo!

What is Yellow’s priority instruction?
And is Rei finally ranking up again?

Lastly, I haven’t forgotten last week’s chapter, although this is technically last week’s chapter.
I’ll be pushing out a second chapter in an hour or two.

No chapter this week

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As some of you might have read a few chapter posts ago, I’m currently on holiday in Sydney visiting relatives and friends.
I’m also attending the SMASH convention, today and tomorrow, which has left me with pretty much no time to translate this week.
As a result, I’ll won’t be able to post a chapter tomorrow, but have no fear, I’ll make sure to get two out next week, hopefully.
For any readers attending SMASH, I’d say the convention has been pretty good so far, maybe I’ve even walked past some of you XD.

Legend Chapter 214

Here’s Chapter 214,

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