No Chapter Tomorrow

Apologies everyone, it completely slipped my mind to post that I have an exam tomorrow and won’t be able to put out a chapter because of it.

Fortunately, the exam is the last thing I have left for university this year, so I should be able get a chapter out by Monday instead of the next week as it usually has been.


Legend Chapter 178

Here’s Chapter 178,

It’s a few minutes later because I woke up late this morning and didn’t manage to finish translating the chapter in time ahaha.

Minor change, which I will go back to correct, Hasta’s parents actually run an eatery rather than a restaurant.
They are both similar but an eatery is a more informal dining place.

Most of my uni assignments are done so I just have one more review paper to write and my exam and it will be summer break for me.

Legend Chapter 177

Here’s Chapter 177,

Still working my way through uni assignments at the moment.
I will eventually build my new desktop that I bought the parts for 3 weeks ago.

Random rambling, IG won the 2018 League Worlds Championship but I do kinda wish it wasn’t a 3-0.
The better team on the day won though so props to them.

For those worried that this would turn into a foodie story, don’t worry, Rei doesn’t actually know how to cook much.
If you haven’t noticed, he’s only ever roasted meat, everything else has been bought in the city before he heads out anywhere.

Lastly, the Gamelion arc ends at chapter 180.
The next arc starting at 181 is the Magic Fever arc, for those interested.

Legend Chapter 176

I have internet back so here’s Chapter 176

Still just one chapter this week because I’m still working though several assignments.
Ha, I thought it would be over with thesis, but who am I kidding.

Several things I actually want to go over in this chapter post as I’ve made a few website changes.
Firstly, I have come to the conclusion that maybe the Legend tab leading to the TOC wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it was.
Because of that, hovering over the Legend tab now shows both a TOC and Gallery link.

Secondly, Frozen has been kind enough to pass me the illustrations to all 12 currently published Legend LN volumes.
As a result, the Gallery page has now been updated with links to individual LN volume illustrations.
To avoid spoilers, the story arcs that each LN covers is listed under each LN illustrations link.
I am still in the process of adding illustrations to the matching chapter, so that may still take a week or two.
Also note that some illustrations refer to LN only events.
There isn’t a significant difference for the most part between the LN and WN, just a few minor changes such as Lenora guiding Rei to the library instead of Rei heading there himself and an extra scene where Milein meets Rei and Set en route to the Orc Village, which likely did happen according to WN events but was never mentioned.

On the note of the LN’s, the Gamelion arc and the arc that follows it is covered by volume 5 of the LN.
For anyone wondering, the Dark Elf in the volume 5 illustrations is the guildmaster for Gilm’s Adventurers Guild branch.

Lastly, although it won’t affect most of you readers, I plan to run through all previous chapters to edit them for consistency over the next few months.
Just thought I’d let you all know.

Chapter Delay

Hey everyone,

I have currently lost internet at home, posting this from the limited data I have on my phone, so the chapter post will be delayed.

I will post the chapter as soon as I have net back.

Legend Chapter 175

Here’s Chapter 175,

Had been hoping to push out an extra chapter this week but didn’t manage to.
Had relatives over for the past 4 days, which has been great but has also reduced the time I’ve had to work on things.

Also stayed up to watch the League Worlds Quarterfinals last night. IG 3-2 KT was surprising, but man G2 3-2 RNG, that was something to watch.

Legend Chapter 174

Here’s Chapter 174,

Thanks for all the well wishes these past two weeks.
My thesis is finally done and is ready for submission on Monday, mixed feelings of tiredness and relief ahaha.
Actually only started translating this chapter past midnight since I had to finalise a few things on my thesis document after proofreading, but I said that you would get a chapter this week so here it is.

After not translating for two weeks, it actually feels I take longer to translate a chapter, which is one of the reasons I’ve kept a steady release rate for so long.
I have heard though that there are some people who say that I will never finish this series at the rate I’m translating so I would like to reply to a few of their points.

Yes, I probably will never finish translating this series.
Unless I dedicate 5 years or so of doing nothing but translating, I will never finish this series.
That said, if you want to read the whole series, why not learn Japanese?
You will probably learn the language faster than I can translate and would have gained a valuable life skill at the end of it all.
For the people who want to read more but don’t want to learn the language and just leech off someone else’s translations, just remember your own position before you complain.

That said, most of you all a great people, so thanks again for all your support.
Pardon my rambling as it is nearly 2am as I’m writing this.
With my heavy workload recently, I actually almost forgot my own birthday last week, which was a bit awkward XD

No chapter this week either (But some good news)

Hey everyone,

Thesis workload is still pretty heavy this week so I won’t be able to get a chapter out.
However, one way or another, my thesis will have to be complete by next week, which means that unless something goes horribly wrong, like somehow still not having finished my thesis by next week, there will be a chapter next week.
Maybe 2 chapters.
Having missed two weeks of chapters, I will get them out as extra chapters one way or another, mostly due to my obsession of maintaining a regular schedule.

In other news, South Australia, where I am, switches daylight saving again tomorrow, so I lose an hour of sleep.
*grumbles about losing sleep during a time where I need all the sleep I can get so that I can write my thesis*

No chapter this week

Hey everyone,

Sorry, but I won’t be able put out a chapter this week.
My uni workload is absolutely horrifying for the next 3 weeks or so and it’s gotten to the point where I have barely any time for anything else.
Fortunately, everything clears up significantly after the 17th Oct, by which I will be able to get back to a normal schedule.
I’ll try and see if someone can fill in for me for a few chapters, but no guarantees.
I feel kinda bad for not being able to keep to my chapter a week schedule which I’ve kept for pretty much 3 years, but my thesis is the culmination of 5 years of study for me, so I have to put that first.

Thanks for your understanding.

Legend Chapter 173

Here’s Chapter 173,

On time this week ahaha.
The good news is that I had my thesis presentation last week and it went pretty well.
I’m also into my uni mid semester break so a bit more time to work on stuff.

The bad news is that I went over my net quota for the month so net is currently shaped and very slow.
Hurray for Australian internet!

In other news work comes crashing down over the next month so I’m buckling down for a rough ride.
To keep myself sane while partially procrastinating, I’ve also been looking into building myself a new desktop PC.
Which I reckon is about time considering my current desktop is still running a pentium CPU.
Lastly League Worlds starts in October, which is terrible timing for me honestly with how much work I have to do ahaha.