Legend Chapter 103

Here’s Chapter 103

Legend Chapter 102

Here’s Chapter 102,¬†one of two chapters today.

Yes, you read correctly, you get two chapters today (next one should pop up in about 2 minutes).
No, there are no special events today, I’m just procrastinating slightly more than usual XD

I finished the final assessments for three of my four topics last week so I have only one more exam next week and I’m done for the semester.
I’m also not dead, which is better than what can be said of other people.

On that note, these next two chapters conclude the fight.
Love it or hate it, don’t forget to give a moment of silence by the end of Chapter 103.

Legend Chapter 101

Here’s Chapter 101

What Kuust says at the end of the chapter is rather interesting. He’s a bit of an ass, so I didn’t think he would actually say that at the end.

Been a busy week for me, with my assignments out of the way, I finally started exam revision for my exams next week.
By next week I will have completed over half my exams, which means that I will probably be half as alive as I am right now by next week.

On a side note, went to a wedding yesterday. Social events like these make me kick myself for reasons I will not go into.
Also, IRL, childhood friends lie in a weird zone in relationships.

Legend Chapter 100

Here’s Chapter 100

I did it, I made it, it’s taken me a year and a half but I actually got to chapter 100. Woo Hoo!
Tbh, I wasn’t actually sure how far I would get when I started translating Legend, I don’t usually stick with stuff for extended periods of time but I’ve managed to keep this going to chapter 100.

I would be feeling great and happy about this, but sadly I’m not lol.
The main reason is that this chapter of the week has been brought to you by…*drum roll*…significant lack of sleep in the past week ahaha.
This chapter almost didn’t come out and the reason it did was because I managed to push out both major assignments that I have due Monday a day earlier than I expected.

Anyhow, right now, I’m probably still asleep (this is a prescheduled release) because sleep is great and I need more of it XD.

Legend Chapter 99

Here is Chapter 99

Dun dun duuuuuuun, bet none of you saw that coming in this chapter!
……Okay most of you probably did ahahaha.

On a side note, milestone chapter coming up next week if I’m still alive then.
Finished a 60 page report last Friday, major report due Monday, logbook and formal report due Thursday, assignment due Friday, two massive projects due Monday……why is every report/assignment/project scheduled for the last two weeks of every semester……

Legend Chapter 98

Here’s Chapter 98

The situation will change quickly as things don’t go according to plan (obviously).
Otherwise there would be any story XD.

On a side note, the next few weeks will be hectic for me as my semester comes to an end.
This year is my 4th year in uni so my results for this semester are quite important.
This means that there is a possibility of skipping chapters in the next few weeks to focus on projects and assignments.
I appreciate your understanding, although I’ll probably still translate chapters as usual as I procrastinate on my work (I really shouldn’t do that lol)

Legend Chapter 97

Here’s Chapter 97

I wonder if the ship will ever sail…….
Also, my apologies if you couldn’t access chapter 96 on my site last week, I seem to have placed it under the Gallery page instead of the ToC……

On another note, let me tell you a story about linux projects.
Once upon a time, a uni student needed to do a project on linux.
He found that he needed some packages for his project.
As he went to install the packages, he found that they needed some dependencies.
As he went to install the dependencies, he found that they also needed dependencies.
As he went to install those dependencies he found they also needed……etc, etc.

Legend Chapter 96

Here’s Chapter 96

Quick note, I’ve starting from this chapter I’m changing the way the sound effects of monsters are translated slightly, hopefully it will make the tone of the cries/roars/shouts/etc more clear. I will go back to change the other ones if I ever find the time…*so much work to do that*

Also, I’ve been playing the FGO CCC event and it’s a bit hard but fun. I’m still ever so slightly salty about not rolling an alterego though……
Meanwhile Xant with his EX Luck has rolled every limited servant in this event and other SSR’s that he didn’t have yet……

Legend Chapter 95

Here’s Chapter 95

After I got internet back at home, it seems that I got a bit over enthusiastic about it and ended up busting my net cap for the month with a week to go……
This had the unwanted side effect of making it horrendously difficult to upload this chapter because the page kept timing out DX

Legend Chapter 94

Here’s Chapter 94

So tired, my bed has not looked this comfy since last night……
Must think of something witty to say……
Actually spent several minutes thinking of something witty to say
Gives up and goes to sleep