Legend Chapter 236

Here’s Chapter 236,

Another week, another chapter.

Two more weeks until my Christmas break, I can’t wait for that.

Also, why am I even translating at 12:30am……I should just have finished the chapter in the morning before posting instead lol.

Legend Chapter 235

Here’s Chapter 235,

Rei and the rest arrive at Abuero.

Keeping this short as I’m scheduling this about 15 minutes before usual release time.
Got distracted yesterday and didn’t finish translating this until 12:30am lol.
Then almost overslept and forgot to post on time.

Legend Chapter 234

Here’s Chapter 234,

Scheduling this chapter the night before because I’m heading out tomorrow morning.
Hopefully this posts properly without any issues, if not, I’ll get around to fixing in a few hours.

This chapter is mainly a discussion about highway travel and why the Bestir Empire wants to invade, which is for an interesting reason.

And I still haven’t fixed my sleep schedule because I started reading a new novel and have been sleeping at close to or past midnight for the past week.
Nodding off at work has not been great. Why do I do this to myself

Legend Chapter 233

Here’s Chapter 233,

Stayed up last week Sunday/Monday to watch FPX 3-0 G2.
A side effect of that was I screwd up my sleep schedule for the rest of the week ahaha.
Still recovering from that.

In this chapter, the escort begins as they head out of the city.

A few minor changes, the spears from the last chapter were actually brought out on a cart and not the merchant’s carriages, I have updated the previous chapter to reflect that.

Also, that moment when I copied the chapter in to format and then realised I had forgotten to translated a paragraph……

One-shots, future translation plans and How to use European style names in otherworld fantasy (One-shot)

So, this needs a bit of backstory.
I started translating Legend a bit over 3 years ago, which at the time I didn’t realise how big an undertaking I was getting into.
And at some point, the realisation hit me that realistically, I’m never going to finish translating it.

I didn’t want to be a translator that never finished anything, so about 2 years ago in 2017, I started working on a short webnovel series……that I still haven’t finished after 2 years despite it being the same length as 20 Legend chapters or so.

Hitting upon the realisation that I still procrastinated too much to get a short series translated, I decided to do a one-shot instead.
One which is about 2 Legend chapters long.
Which still took me 3 months to finish translating.

Either way, I would like to present a translation……of an essay……posted on Syosetu.
How to use European style names in otherworld fantasy

An extra menu tab for one-shots has been added next to Legend and random one-shots will be posted here sporadically.

In terms of future translation plans for now, I have told myself I will finish that short series I’ve been working on before the new year, so look forward to that.

There’s also another one-shot that Aurum from zirusmusings has been asking me to translate, so maybe you might see another one-shot about how to cook stir fried tomato and eggs in the near future.

In case, it isn’t obvious by now, all the one-shots I will translate are going to be the most random things I find on Syosetu that look interesting.

And for anyone wondering about Legend, same as usual for the near future.

Legend Chapter 232

Here’s Chapter 232,

Another week, another chapter.

This time we get introduced to the other escort party, Beautiful Raindrops

Unrelated to this chapter post, currently debating if I should stay up for the League World Championship finals tonight…
I mean, it’s the finals and I want to watch it live, but it also means staying up until 3am or so with work tomorrow……

And on a final note, a little extra something coming out in a few hours.
Nothing really worth losing sleep over though, since most of you probably won’t be too interested in it.
Thought I’d mention it nonetheless.

Legend Chapter 231

Here’s Chapter 231,

And so the new arc starts.
Finished translating this chapter about 12:30am and scheduling this as I watch Game 4 of IG vs FPX, a banger of a series.

Legend Chapter 230

Here’s Chapter 230,

Last chapter of the arc.
With the next chapter we move onto the Merchant Escort arc.
So, why did that merchant caravan come all the way out here in the middle of winter?

Scheduling this after watching the first League Worlds quarterfinal and feeling pretty disappointed after seeing Griffin get rolled by IG 3-1.
Why do I do this to myself……

Legend Chapter 229

Here’s Chapter 229,

Second to last chapter of the arc.

We take a quick trip to Anessis, where Yellow finally returns to Elena.
Rei then makes a visit to the Baron Cisne residence to tie up some loose ends.

EDIT: Link fixed, I have no idea why this keeps happening because I double checked the link before posting……

Legend Chapter 228

Here’s Chapter 228,

The end of the arc arrives and lose ends start to be tied up.
The next arc starts chapter 231 and is called Merchant Escort…I wonder what the merchants are doing in the middle of winter.

In the meantime, I’m figuring out how to watch the League World Championship without completely screwing up my sleep schedule, not to much success at the moment.