Legend Chapter 121

Here’s Chapter 121

It’s 5 minutes late because I only finished the chapter 8 minutes ago ahahaha.

I had been planning to finish the chapter yesterday but watching the Misfits/SKT game on Friday made me lose motivation to do anything on Saturday.
So close, MSF was so close T.T.


Legend Chapter 120

Here’s Chapter 120

We finally get round to where this arc starts to get going.
New characters, new bad guys and other stuff.

Speaking of new things, Team Four Star released a new episode of  Hellsing Ultimate Abridged yesterday……it was great XD

Also, anyone else watching League Worlds?
I had been tracking Gigabyte Marines and 1907 Fenerbahce but both of them have already been knocked out.
Instead, I’m settling with Misfits, which are also fun to watch, sorry to all the NA fans though ahahaha.

Lastly, new anime season has come round, so I’m planning to watch Kekkai Sensen season 2 and Robomasters………if I ever find the time.

Of minor importance, my birthday was last week.

Legend Chapter 119

Here’s Chapter 119

A blast from the past, how many of you will remember the character that shows up in this chapter I wonder.
Took me a few seconds before it clicked in my mind who it was ahaha.

Legend Chapter 118

Here’s Chapter 118

I thought I was going to finish this early and all and not have to stay up late but then I ended up watching the original Blade Runner film.
Blade Runner was great and the chapter is still done so I guess everything is okay, kind of.

For those that have it as well, Daylight Saving kicks in where I live tomorrow morning, last night by the time this chapter gets released.
And unfortunately, the Daylight Saving change is the one that I don’t look forward to, the one where I lose an hour of sleep……feels bad losing sleep.

Side note, I finally got round to finish Everyone Else is a Returnee a few days ago and I now the urge to say Wao all the time.

Legend Chapter 117

Here’s Chapter 117

In the end, I’ve decided not to change anything because I’m laz- I mean, because I have no time ahaha.

I tried to think of something witty to say here but I gave up in the end because I was too tired.

The last large paragraph was a massive chunk and I was tired when I finished that so I apologise if it reads awkwardly.


Legend Chapter 116

Here’s Chapter 116

Did I say that skill acquisition was over last week? Well I lied!
Actually, to be honest, I only got to this chapter around 8pm last night so I didn’t know either ahaha.

A few other things I would like to ask you all this week as they have been things I’ve been considering for a while.

First is Zepairu vs Zephyr.
I’ve stuck with Zepairu so far because that is what I started with, but it’s beginning to sound awkward compared to other names. I am considering changing to 87%’s translation as Zephyr.

Second is King’s Awe vs King’s Intimidation.
It struck me recently that Set’s skill is more of scaring other creatures rather than putting up a grand display, so intimidation might fit better.

Drop your thoughts and I will decide on one by next week. Actually changing all mentions, if I do, will take a bit longer due to me having to change every mention in over 100 chapters.


Lastly, I decided that since I actually have a desktop at home, maybe I should actually use it instead of using my laptop at home. The end result is that I can now run Nier Automata at 1080p highest quality graphics instead of at 360p, lower than lowest quality graphics on my laptop. This also means I can now admire 2B’s high quality assets.

Legend Chapter 115

Here’s Chapter 115

It’s time to level up ahahaha.

The next few chapters after this will probably start easing into the arc after sorting out magic stones and materials.
I finished up this chapter roughly around midnight last night so……yeah, hopefully I didn’t mess anything up.
I thought I would be able to get more sleep over the weekend since I don’t have to get up early for work, but in actual fact I get less sleep over the weekends, I have to fix that somehow……

Legend Chapter 114

Here’s Chapter 114,

Been a busy week as usual but not too bad. Got my uni Project Management topic out the way, so I only have work experience for the next….14 weeks……if I can count ahaha.

Also, I thought reading code written by someone else was terrifying, but integrating code written by someone else with other code written by other people with your own code is the real horror.

Legend Chapter 113

Here’s Chapter 113

I apologise if some parts of the chapter feel dodgy. It’s been a tiring week for me and this chapter wasn’t the easiest to translate.
There are four unnamed boys in this chapter who are all referred to as ‘boy’. I’ve tried to make it easier to understand who is who but I have no idea if I succeeded in doing so.

I’ve spent the past week at work placement trying to fix a software bug. It’s one of the bad ones which causes critical failure and can’t be reliably triggered. So that has been tiring.

The final report for the half semester topic I’m doing this semester is also due next Monday and some team members haven’t been pulling their weight.

Long rant short, I wasn’t the most awake when I translated this chapter so if the chapter reads funny, drop a comment and I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can ahaha.

Legend Chapter 112

Here’s Chapter 112

Thanks for the well wishes everyone, I was pretty much taken down for the entirety of the weekend last week but I’m back up and running now, figuratively speaking.

These few weeks have been pretty busy for me in general, so much so that I haven’t even been able to head in to the local community workshop to work on my wooden katana, I should get to that before I forget again…..

Aside from that, I hope you enjoy the chapter. I most certainly didn’t see the events in this chapter coming ahaha.

Lastly, I also got my hands on a copy of the Starfinder core rulebook so looking forward to playing a campaign of that, if I ever have the time XD