The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe

This is a translation of the webnovel The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe.

Title: The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe  (オランダ坂の洋館カフェ)

Author: Emoto Mashimesa [江本マシメサ]


Status: Complete (30 Chapters + 3 Extra Stories)


There was a cafe called the “Evening Rain” in a western-style building at the end of a narrow street on the Dutch Slope. On a rainy night, a university student who lost her way by chance met a strange shopkeeper.

A mysterious cafe with a strange attachment to evening rain, the “Evening Rain Cafe”……because of it, she got to learn about Nagasaki’s variety of traditional confectionery.

Eventually, she came to work at the shop, but the shopkeeper had an amazing secret.

A story of a sweet relationship connected by sweet confectionery begins here.

Additional Notes:

This webnovel was eventually adapted into a novella titled “The Western Cafe on the Dutch Slope, Nagasaki – Sugar Road and Secret Book”.
It can be found here.

The author also wrote the webnovel series “Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi”, which is fully translated by Kudarajin here.
That series was one of the main reasons I found this webnovel and decided to translate it, so shout-out to Kudarajin for his translation.

Table of Contents

April.1 『Not a Castella, a Gosanyaki Castella』

April.2 『Is the Evening Rain Cafe open for business?』

April.3 『Incorrect, it’s Sheath Cake』

April.4 『Tracing the Culture of Confectionery』

April.5 『I don’t understand and Yori-Yori 』

April.6 『Customers for the first time!』

May.7 『Chinese Tea and Akumaki』

May.8 『Let’s go to the Pottery Market!』

May.9 『Legendary Golden Confectionery, Pao Doce』

June.10 『Mug Mistake』

June.11 『Together with Friends and a Creative Castella Confectionery.』

June.12 『Is this the big rise of the Evening Rain Cafe?』

July.13 『A Rare Traditional Confectionery, Kangiku』

July.14 『Kimono Date』

August.15 『Sweet Chrysanthemum, trying it for the first time』

August.16 『Memories of Summer Vacation』

August.17 『Refreshing, isn’t it? Kanzarashi』

August.18 『Let’s go to Oshima!』

August.19 『A Milkshake isn’t a Drink』

September.20 『Night Outing』

September.21 『A Herbivore that wants to survive in the Savanna, Kurokoshi』

October.22 『The Demon King and Confectionery』

October.23 『The Unexplainable taste of Pickled Pomelo』

October.24 『Autumn, Season of Good Appetite』

October.25 『The Maiden’s Heart, the Autumn Sky and the Goto Islands Cafe』

November.26 『How long does it take for a Carp to jump up a waterfall?』

December.27 『Taruto, the taste of Nagasaki?』

December.28 『Confession』

January.29 『Kinsenpan, Mochi that isn’t Mochi』

January.30 『Welcome to the Evening Rain Cafe!』

Extra Stories

Extra Story 1 – Later Events

Extra Story 2 – Mid Autumn Festival

Extra Story 3 – Let’s go to Huis Ten Bosch

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