Legend Chapter 191

Here’s Chapter 191,

Man it’s been a scorcher the past week.
Had a heat wave go by with a record temperature of 46.6C last Thursday, the hottest in 80 years or so.

Back on the story, a sudden turn of events has occurred.

Legend Chapter 190

Here’s Chapter 190,

I bet none of you saw that coming, because I most certainly didn’t ahaha.

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for me recently.
Aside from enrolling in my last uni semester, I’ve also been prepping for my P plate license, which is long overdue.
Note to everyone who has been putting off their driver’s license, it only gets more annoying to do the longer you leave it, so get it done quickly.
Words of advice from someone who put it off for 4 years

Haven’t really mentioned it but I also ran the Behemoth quest in MHW a couple of weeks back with friends.
The reason I didn’t really mention it was because we got clobbered so hard that we’ve all decided to grab some better gear before trying it again ahaha.

Legend Chapter 189

Here’s the second chapter, Chapter 189,

What do you all think is the cause of Magic Fever?

Legend Chapter 188

Here’s Chapter 188,

Apologies for the problems caused with last week’s post.
Hopefully all the issues have been sorted and this release will go smoothly.
If it doesn’t, I’ll be out when this posts so it might take an hour or so to get round to it.

On the bright side, I managed to stop procrastinating and translated that extra chapter I missed last October, so double chapter this week.

Legend Chapter 187

Here’s Chapter 187,

This is a different URL link from usual because the editor for wordpress has changed and I’m still trying to figure out how it fully works.
I will correct the link once figure out how to update it.
Next chapter links to 187 on MBC will be broken until then, apologies for that.

EDIT: This is fixed now.

Legend Chapter 186

Here’s Chapter 186,

I had been planning to post a Christmas chapter……but as you can see that hasn’t really worked out ahaha.

Been helping out my family with various summer projects which has greatly cut down on my time to translate.
Funny how the summer break actually gives you less time to work on some things.

Well if you don’t hear from me again before the next week, happy new year!

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to add the LN illustration that appears in this chapter, that has now been added in and the matching chapter listed in the gallery.

Legend Chapter 185

Here’s Chapter 185,

Man, I’ll get the chapter I’m still missing out eventually.
Been a bit of a tiring week leading up to Christmas.
Had to do some soldering for an electronics project, driving practice for my license (which I’ve put off for waay too long), Christmas shopping, house cleaning, etc.
There was also farming up on the FGO Christmas event and prepping for fighting Behemoth in MHW, which I need to hunt 4 elders for.


Legend Chapter 184

Here’s Chapter 184,

This chapter is out on time.
I’ve usually been punctual with releases but the past few weeks have been *ahem*.

I’m still trying to get more chapters out but currently being hampered by various things I’m helping out with the family, since it is summer break and all.
That and playing Monster Hunter World with friends.

Either way, I’ll try to translate a few more chapters, for Christmas at least.

Also something that might be of interest to a few of you, this guy posted a comment pointing out that Gamelion is actually a month in a Greek calendar. To be exact, it was the first month of winter in the Attic Calendar, which was widely used by the Athenians in ancient Greece.

Legend Chapter 183

Here’s Chapter 183,

Much later than I expected, apologies for that.
I usually translate my chapters on Saturday for a Sunday release, but as some of you might have seen on a previous chapter post, I’ve been working on building my own desktop PC case.
I ended up spending 12 hours cutting, drilling, filling, sanding and gluing it together on Saturday which exhausted me a fair bit and I didn’t end up translating the chapter.
This was also quite a chunky chapter so took me longer than expected.

Anyhow, I should be done with work for the year, so I get to start my Christmas break early.

Chapter Delay

Hey everyone,

Chapter will be a bit delayed as I am currently still translating it ahahah.
Should be out in an hour or two.