Legend Chapter 227

Here’s Chapter 227,

And it’s a late release again.
I even set up an alarm to wake me up on time to post, but it seems like that hasn’t worked out.
Partially because my sleep schedule has been messed up watching the League World Championship….which is in Europe….which means late night to early morning if I want to watch.

The battle with the Icebirds ends and its time to deal with the aftermath.

Legend Chapter 226

Here’s Chapter 226,

Ayyy, I woke up in time to post the chapter.

This chapter has a DIY on how to get yourself killed in a fantasy world.
What will happen next? Will Rei die? Will he get severe bruising? Or will he just shrug it off and teach the person that almost killed him(self) a lesson?

Just a few additional notes, Volume 13 cover is out, so I have added that to the Gallery.
No Volume 13 illustrations unfortunately for now.

Secondly, I’ve accidentally mislabeled the corresponding arcs to volumes in the Gallery, but Azoth Firm takes place in Volume 4, Gamelion and Magic Fever cover Volume 5 while Together with Rhodes, and Combat Instruction make up Volume 6.

The following arcs, Merchant Escort and Axe of the Thunder God will cover Volume 7.

Aaaand, now that I’ve spent all this time writing this up, the chapter post is late anyway ahahaha.

Legend Chapter 225

Here’s Chapter 225,

Apologies for the late chapter, slept in again and only just woke up so posting the chapter now.
I really should just schedule these chapters the day before……

Rei arrives at the scene of the attack.
No prizes for guessing who Rei’s companions for the next arc are.

Legend Chapter 224

Here’s Chapter 224,

We effectively reach the end of Baslero’s training arc as we start the setup for the next one.

Milein shows off a special technique while Gilm gets some unusual winter visitors.

Legend Chapter 223

Here’s Chapter 223,

Apologies for the delayed chapter release again, slept past chapter post time, which I seem to be doing a lot of recently

The final day of training has another guest trainer, who I swear has a completely platonic relationship with Set, I hope.

Legend Chapter 222

Here’s Chapter 222,

We’re nearing the end of Baslero’s training, so Rei is calling for some external help from someone who actually swings a sword.
That all said, this is still only half way through the arc, so I wonder what else is still in store……

As for me, I’m feeling much better than last week, short of a cough that is still sticking around.
Still slightly sad about last night’s LCK finals results though……

Legend Chapter 221

Here’s Chapter 221,

Apologies for the late release, I’ve been down with a bad cough the past few days and slept in this morning.
Still managed to translate the chapter last night so just posting it now.

Now, we don’t really want to have a day by day log of training, one day per chapter, so we’re moving quickly in this chapter.

Legend Chapter 220

Here’s Chapter 220,

Man, after starting work, the amount of free time just disappears.
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Except play FGO and GFL lol.

Chapter Delay

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Chapter delay this week again.
There’s still a few paragraphs I’ve got left to translate on the chapter and I slept past my alarm this morning to finish that up.
Chapter should be up in an hour or so.

Legend Chapter 219

Here’s Chapter 219,

Apologies for the late chapter.
I had it translated and all ready to go and then just forgot to schedule it.
I ended up waking up this morning thinking ‘I feel like I’m forgetting something’ and only realised what I had forgotten about 20 minutes later ahaha.