No chapter this week

Hey everyone,

Apologies but I won’t be able to get a chapter out this week.
I though I would manage the time to squeeze one out but it seems I was sorely mistaken.
Today was spent visiting uncles and aunts living at the furthest ends of HK while the next two days will be spent visiting all my other relatives.
Those with large extended families will know that one does not simply see all your relatives ahaha.

No chapter this week.
Chapter next week.
Maybe double chapter next week.

Legend Chapter 194

Here’s Chapter 194,

Feeling pretty good at the moment, I passed my driving test last Thursday which really puts a load off my mind.
Never did like exams and tests ahaha.

Just a quick update, I’ll be heading over to HK to visit relatives for a week starting next Thursday so I don’t know at this point whether I’ll have the time to translate the next chapter then.
Regardless, I’ll still try to get it out though.

Legend Chapter 193

Here’s Chapter 193,

How’s everyone doing?
Been feeling super lethargic over the past week, can’t seem to work up the motivation to do anything, which really sucks.
Maybe it’s because I have my driving test coming up in a few days, and like most exams, I’m not looking forward to it ahaha.

Legend Chapter 192

Here’s Chapter 192,

Apologies for the late chapter.
Chapter are usually posted Sunday 10:30am my time with the actual translation done the night before.

Unfortunately for me, I had only translated half the chapter when I started to watch the LCK Griffin vs Sandbox match last night.
That ended up going to three games and finished around midnight.
At that point my brain decided it was a good idea to binge read the entirety Really, Really Miss You, which was a good read but meant that I didn’t sleep until 2:30 in the morning.
The result was waking up at 9:50 with half a chapter left to translate and feeling super sleepy XD.

Chapter Delay

Apologies, chapter will be late by an hour or two.
Completely my own fault though ahahaha, which I will explain in the chapter post.

Legend Chapter 191

Here’s Chapter 191,

Man it’s been a scorcher the past week.
Had a heat wave go by with a record temperature of 46.6C last Thursday, the hottest in 80 years or so.

Back on the story, a sudden turn of events has occurred.

Legend Chapter 190

Here’s Chapter 190,

I bet none of you saw that coming, because I most certainly didn’t ahaha.

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for me recently.
Aside from enrolling in my last uni semester, I’ve also been prepping for my P plate license, which is long overdue.
Note to everyone who has been putting off their driver’s license, it only gets more annoying to do the longer you leave it, so get it done quickly.
Words of advice from someone who put it off for 4 years

Haven’t really mentioned it but I also ran the Behemoth quest in MHW a couple of weeks back with friends.
The reason I didn’t really mention it was because we got clobbered so hard that we’ve all decided to grab some better gear before trying it again ahaha.

Legend Chapter 189

Here’s the second chapter, Chapter 189,

What do you all think is the cause of Magic Fever?

Legend Chapter 188

Here’s Chapter 188,

Apologies for the problems caused with last week’s post.
Hopefully all the issues have been sorted and this release will go smoothly.
If it doesn’t, I’ll be out when this posts so it might take an hour or so to get round to it.

On the bright side, I managed to stop procrastinating and translated that extra chapter I missed last October, so double chapter this week.

Legend Chapter 187

Here’s Chapter 187,

This is a different URL link from usual because the editor for wordpress has changed and I’m still trying to figure out how it fully works.
I will correct the link once figure out how to update it.
Next chapter links to 187 on MBC will be broken until then, apologies for that.

EDIT: This is fixed now.