Legend Chapter 202

Here’s Chapter 202,

And so, Rei and Rhodes go hunting for a monster that I honestly would not like to see in real life.
My midsemester break just started so who knows, maybe more chapters, maybe.
Will have to see how much time I have between completing tutorial exercises, research reports and work.

Legend Chapter 201

Here’s Chapter 201,

A proper English version of chapter 201 in case some of you had issues with the April fool’s version.
None of you had issues right? I mean, some of you even told me the translation quality had gone up ahahaha.

As previously mentioned, this chapter marks the end of the Magic Fever arc.
This chapter also marks the last arc covered by volume 5 of the light novel.
Just so you all know what to expect, volume 6 covers the next 4 winter mini arcs, about 55 chapters in total.

We start off the winter mini arcs with Together with Rhodes, where Rei and Rhodes go on a little hunting trip.
Right after that we have Combat Training on Rei’s journey to rank C.
Then we have everyone’s favourite RPG mission of playing as a guard in Merchant Caravan Escort.
Lastly, someone has pissed off Elk and he’s going to find them and kill them in Axe of the Thunder God.

Hope that gives everyone something to look forward to in the next few months.

Legend Chapter 201 (AF)

Hey ‘sup y’all.
This is your yearly April Fools chapter.
Later than usual but had work today so only finished translating after I got home.
Still 1st April though so all is well.

Shout out to Pokeperson1000 if you still read, it’s been 3 years since you suggested this.
I should have done it last year but it must have completely slipped my mind.

Yo Chapter 201 in ebonix ya’ll, ya’ll is mad stupid.

p.s. This was put through a fun translator and is not actually a true ebonics translation.

p.p.s. Want to read the actual chapter? Find out next week in……a weeks’ time

Legend Chapter 200

Here’s Chapter 200,

Ayyyy, it’s here at last, chapter 200.
Another milestone for me on this highway that just keeps getting longer XD.
Man are we going places, right after the winter break in story that is.

This is the second to last chapter in the arc.
This will probably make some of you sad, but it will be followed by 4 short arcs that cover winter events.
Each arc is about 10-15 chapters long.
The next one is called Together with Rhodes, where Rei goes on a quest, together with Rhodes.
Funny enough though, that only consists of the first part of this mini arc while the rest of it involves some…not so friendly stalkers from another place.

Also apologies, but I actually forgot to put in the image where Rei blows up the tornado in Baar.
That has been added back in now into chapter 194.

Legend Chapter 199

Here’s Chapter 199,

Sorry for the late post, I was almost done with everything when I got called away to help with some garden work which ended up delaying this post.

Thanks to everyone who voted or commented on last weeks post.
A large majority of you want me to continue working on the webnovel so I’ll be continuing down this long road.
You’ve all given me a bit more motivation to continue working on the WN, so enjoy the trip ahaha.
One of the reasons I had suggested the LN was because it is comparatively easier to catch up to it compared to the WN but that comes with its own difficulties as well.

Unfortunately Set and Rei technically don’t get any new skills this chapter.
But they are well on their way to Gilm and chapter 200 plus the end of the arc is near.

Legend Chapter 198

Here’s Chapter 198,

Rei finally leaves Baar and begins the journey back to Gilm.

Apologies that this chapter came out slightly late, there were a few things I was setting up which I will talk about.
So a lot of you have probably realised by now, but practically speaking, I stand effectively 0% chance of ever catching up with the current chapter of the Legend webnovel that the author has written up to.
I’m enjoying translation still, but the fact that I will never catch up has sapped a bit away of my motivation.
I’m not at the point where I can’t stand the story, because I would just drop if that were the case, but it does feels like I’m trying to do the impossible.
I’ve talked about it with a few other translators and they’ve given me some suggestions which I’m going to put up on a poll with a link below.

If most of you don’t mind that I will probably never finish the series, I don’t mind continuing to translate the webnovel either.

Another option is that I can start to translate the light novel version instead.
If this is the case, I would likely translate from volume 1 again, but I think it would be worth starting from the beginning as the light novels are more polished and have some slight story differences.

A third option is that I drop Legend and work on some other series that is slightly more manageable.

Any decision I make will likely be at the end of an WN arc, and as this arc ends at chapter 201, I thought it would be an appropriate time to say this.
I will continue to link the poll until the release of the last chapter of the arc.


Legend Chapter 197

Here’s Chapter 197,

So, what’s Ara doing here and why was Soleil not in the city during all this anyway?
Just a heads up in case anyone missed it, but this arc ends at Chapter 201.

Legend Chapter 196

Here’s Chapter 196,

This makes up for the chapter I missed last week.
Now I won’t have sleepless nights about how I don’t average a chapter a week. (jk)

So it turns out Soleil isn’t a bad guy, he’s just……single minded and maybe slightly difficult to deal with.
Further info for people who might be confused at how people see Rei.
People who can’t sense magic power see Rei as just an ordinary person.
People who can sense magic can feel that Rei has a lot of magic power.
People like Runo, who have special eyes, can see a visual manifestation of how much magic power Rei has.

That aside, I go back to uni this week.
It’s my last semester so going for the final stretch.
After that, who knows, maybe I’ll start working full time, maybe I’ll study further into a PhD or maybe I’ll take a break to consider what I really want to do.
That said, thinking of being called Doctor does put a smile on my face.

Legend Chapter 195

Here’s Chapter 195,

Back from my trip to HK.
It was a busy week, but I’m back and with a haul of good stuff.
A lot of snacks and food aside, I got myself a new headset with a functional microphone, the lack of which has been bugging me for a while.

One chapter for now, I’m working on a second one which should be out in a few hours.
We get our first introduction to the lord of Baar.
Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Or is he something else?
Find out in the next chapter! (196 that is)

No chapter this week

Hey everyone,

Apologies but I won’t be able to get a chapter out this week.
I though I would manage the time to squeeze one out but it seems I was sorely mistaken.
Today was spent visiting uncles and aunts living at the furthest ends of HK while the next two days will be spent visiting all my other relatives.
Those with large extended families will know that one does not simply see all your relatives ahaha.

No chapter this week.
Chapter next week.
Maybe double chapter next week.