Legend Chapter 108

Here’s Chapter 108, but please keep reading as there are some announcements, kinda.

Firstly, surprise, surprise, I actually manage to get two chapters done this week ahaha.
Chapter 109 should be out two minutes after this post.

Secondly, some info about the LN images. I only have LN illustrations up to volume 3.
The next arc is covered by volume 4, so I don’t have the illustrations on had to add in. They will be added in if I ever get them.
Keeping on the subject of illustrations, volume 8 of the LN of Legend was released this year so I’ve added the volume cover to the Gallery.

Thirdly, as with previous arcs, the next few chapters are likely to be a wind down of the previous arc before gearing up for the next one.
The next arc is called Azoth Firm, featuring your definitely honourable and not dodgy company, Azoth Firm.

Lastly, uni starts back up for me next Monday, followed by work placement the week after, so things are likely to get quite hectic for me until I settle into a routine.
However, chapters will still come out as usual, because I am machine I never sleep~
Actually no, that’s Chamber, not sure how he’s surviving translating that many chapters of Everyone Else is a Returnee, but I’m not complaining lol.

And wow this has turned into a wall of text.
If you’ve read all the way to here, thanks and go read that chapter now XD


Legend Chapter 107

Here’s Chapter 107

I’ve had quite the busy week again, my work placement stuff ran into slight trouble so I’ve been sorting that out.
Only two more chapters to the end of the arc, so I’ll try to finish it up by next week, keyword being try XD

Legend Chapter 106

Here’s Chapter 106

It’s a bit of a cliff so I was planning to drop a second chapter but then I thought you all would survive so I went back to playing Fate/Grand Order.
Playing JP FGO though, not really that tempted to start over on NA. Just got Merlin to lvl 90, now I can start on Waver to 90 as well……

The actual reason I couldn’t get more chapters out though, which I did want to, is because I have work placement next uni semester.
I’ve been going around to different companies for interviews in the past week for that.
Fortunately, I’ve got two offers from two companies so the main thing that’s left is all the paperwork, doesn’t everyone just love paperwork.

Legend Chapter 105

Here’s Chapter 105

There were meant to be double chapters but I uh busted my net quota for the month and had a hard time accessing anything on the internet for half the week.
This includes all my translations things. It feels bad when you have to watch youtube videos in 144p and you have to wait for that to buffer as well.

Legend Chapter 104

Here’s Chapter 104

I originally had planned to post an extra chapter but I started reading Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite and ended up not tling an extra chapter ahaha.

Legend Chapter 103

Here’s Chapter 103

Legend Chapter 102

Here’s Chapter 102, one of two chapters today.

Yes, you read correctly, you get two chapters today (next one should pop up in about 2 minutes).
No, there are no special events today, I’m just procrastinating slightly more than usual XD

I finished the final assessments for three of my four topics last week so I have only one more exam next week and I’m done for the semester.
I’m also not dead, which is better than what can be said of other people.

On that note, these next two chapters conclude the fight.
Love it or hate it, don’t forget to give a moment of silence by the end of Chapter 103.

Legend Chapter 101

Here’s Chapter 101

What Kuust says at the end of the chapter is rather interesting. He’s a bit of an ass, so I didn’t think he would actually say that at the end.

Been a busy week for me, with my assignments out of the way, I finally started exam revision for my exams next week.
By next week I will have completed over half my exams, which means that I will probably be half as alive as I am right now by next week.

On a side note, went to a wedding yesterday. Social events like these make me kick myself for reasons I will not go into.
Also, IRL, childhood friends lie in a weird zone in relationships.

Legend Chapter 100

Here’s Chapter 100

I did it, I made it, it’s taken me a year and a half but I actually got to chapter 100. Woo Hoo!
Tbh, I wasn’t actually sure how far I would get when I started translating Legend, I don’t usually stick with stuff for extended periods of time but I’ve managed to keep this going to chapter 100.

I would be feeling great and happy about this, but sadly I’m not lol.
The main reason is that this chapter of the week has been brought to you by…*drum roll*…significant lack of sleep in the past week ahaha.
This chapter almost didn’t come out and the reason it did was because I managed to push out both major assignments that I have due Monday a day earlier than I expected.

Anyhow, right now, I’m probably still asleep (this is a prescheduled release) because sleep is great and I need more of it XD.

Legend Chapter 99

Here is Chapter 99

Dun dun duuuuuuun, bet none of you saw that coming in this chapter!
……Okay most of you probably did ahahaha.

On a side note, milestone chapter coming up next week if I’m still alive then.
Finished a 60 page report last Friday, major report due Monday, logbook and formal report due Thursday, assignment due Friday, two massive projects due Monday……why is every report/assignment/project scheduled for the last two weeks of every semester……