Legend Chapter 137

Here’s Chapter 137,

Hey everyone, posting from Tokyo atm, but by the time this comes out, I might be heading for Kyoto already ahaha.

Went to the Skytree, Shinjuku and Akihabara.
Got myself all four volumes of the Fate/Grand Order Materials books as well a nice Moedred keychain.

Haven’t actually had time to translate the next chapter yet ahaha, will be doing that on the train trip tomorrow.
Next chapter will be sent from Sydney, where I will be visiting my cousins and a few other people from the TL community around there.

Lastly, shout out to Hecuva, sfcipher and everyone else for pointing out mistakes in the chapters.
Mentioning those two in particular because I haven’t fixed the mistakes from their comments in the last two chapters ahaha.
I have read them and will fix them, just haven’t had the time yet.


Legend Chapter 136

Here’s Chapter 136,

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.
Let’s start with the good news.

I’m going on holiday for the rest of the month, starting next Monday, visiting HK, Tokyo, Kyoto and Sydney.
It will be my first time in Japan so I’m looking forward to it.

The bad news is that because I’m going on holiday, this chapter will be the last chapter for the next few wee-
Who am I kidding, chapters as usual while I’m away ahahaha, I built myself enough of a stock to tide over the next few weeks XD.

More about the chapter itself, the Trio (Quartet if you include Set) give Daska a visit. And Daska has given Rei some…suggestions.

Legend Chapter 135

Here’s Chapter 135,

Just a few minor changes. Flame ore is now Flame Crystal. To be exact, they should be a kind of metal crystal.

Secondly, volume covers for Legend volumes 9 and 10 have been added to the Gallery.
For those interested, they cover the Port Emosion and Rank B Rank Up Test arcs, which are 8 arcs away, starting chapter 306 in the webnovels.
Matching my translation of the WN to the LN, we’re about halfway through volume 4.
Keep in mind that WN usually contains more content, so in terms of how much I’ve actually translated, we’re about 7 LN volumes worth of text in.


Legend Chapter 134

Here’s Chapter 134,

It’s been an interesting week for me. I spent the week at work writing code scripts.
Writing Windows command line scripts to call powershell scripts to run Linux scripts to check with a web database is probably the most convoluted code I’ve ever had to write.
Adhering to three different code syntax’s in the same script wasn’t great either.
You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get all three code languages to agree that a quotation mark is a quotation mark.

But I digress.
Rei can actually use other magic, it’s just that the fuel efficiency is terrible.
Also, any guesses to what Brazos has found?

Legend Chapter 133

Here’s Chapter 133,

Went back to work last week and wow is it tiring.
Can’t sleep in anymore ahahaha T.T

Just a few things I want to mention, bakapervert has finished translating the last volume of Campione!
Still haven’t caught up with the last two volumes as I didn’t realise he was working on it but I started reading that series a good 6 year ago at least.
Six years sure passes by quick, now I’m in my in final year of my uni degree as well.

The reboot of ‘The man picked up by the gods’ has also been picked up again by Neo Translations so check that out if you enjoyed the original.

Legend Chapter 132

Here’s Chapter 132,

Here is the first chapter of the year!
I had half expected it, but I haven’t translated any more than normal during my summer break ahaha.
I’ve been spending it lazily and taking it easy while I can.
I got a casual job at the company I did my work experience last year so it’s pretty much 9-5, Monday to Friday, starting next Monday.

Seeing some family off at the airport this morning so if any dead links happen *cough cough*, the chapter should still be readable on my site.
Unless both sites fail to release scheduled posts for some coincidental reason.

Legend Chapter 131

Here’s Chapter 131

And so 2017 comes to a close.
Thanks to all you readers for reading and those who pointed out mistakes that needed to be fixed.
I do read all the comments, even if I don’t reply to most of them XD.
Lastly, thanks to sticking around for my comparatively slow translations and a shout out to the author of the series who is still writing a chapter every day.
I’ll never catch up to the raws at this rate ahahaha.

EDIT: Oh shit, my bad, it looks like my scheduled posts on MBC failed to post for some strange reason after it reached the scheduled time. I thought the page was up because I could get to it myself but that was because I was the one who posted the page. Sorry about that orz.

Legend Chapter 130

Here’s Chapter 130

I finished my last day of work before Christmas break last Friday so I’m now officially on holidays.

It’s a bit early but Merry Christmas all!

Legend Chapter 129

Here’s Chapter 129

Sorry it’s late. I finished my last week of work experience for uni last week and decided to take Saturday off.
Slept in, gamed in the afternoon and had been planning to translate in the evening, but I completely forgot I was going out for dinner ahahaha.
Well anyway, chapter is done as here it is, enjoy XD.

Chapter Delay

Apologies but today’s chapter will be delayed by a few hours at most.
Reasons will be explained in the chapter post.

Mostly my own fault but you all are fine with that right? XD