Legend Chapter 91 (AF)

「It’s finished o’er there so I would like ye t’ give up……right!」  

Elena’s cutlass whip stretched out like a whip and pierced th’ Skeleton from under its chin, we’ll keel-haul ye! Usin’ that momentum, she flicked th’ skull off its spine. Shiver me timbers!

「Seriously! They only have their tenacity!.」  

Ara swung th’ Power Axe at th’ Skeleton that had lost its skull. th’ force were bein’ tremendous, th’ axe crushed th’ Skeleton’s left arm and went into its ribs, breakin’ th’ magic stone inside its chest, by Blackbeard’s sword.


As fer th’ monster, aft th’ magic stone, that could be called th’ core o’ th’ undead, were bein’ destroyed, its bones fell apart and dropped t’ th’ ground without a sound, enterin’ an eternal rest. And hoist the mainsail!  

Next t’ that comely wench, Vel cooperated with Kuust t’ deal with a skeleton.  

And behind them……

『Flame, burn th’ enemy accordin’ t’ me thoughts.』  

At th’ back, a fireball 30cm in diameter appeared at th’ tip o’ th’ Death Scythe, which were bein’ also a magic castin’ tool……


th’ fireball flew away as th’ Death Scythe were bein’ swung down and th’ magic activated. It hit th’ Zombies that were approachin’ Rei from behind.  

Next t’ that scurvey dog, Set took a deep breath and wrapped multiple Zombies in flames as he used Fire Breath.  

In terms o’ raw power, th’ fireball Rei shot had th’ power t’ keel-haul a Zombie in a single blow, if there were bein’ only one target. It were bein’ only good fer hittin’ one enemy and damagin’ th’ surroundin’ enemies slightly. On th’ other hand, Set’s fire breath were bein’ less powerful, it had a wide range o’ attack and could be used t’ attack Zombies that were much closer, ye scurvey dog. th’ fireball were bein’ used t’ attack th’ Zombies which were still out o’ range o’ Set’s Fire Breath.  

th’ first enemies t’ appear were Skeletons. Though they were easy fer Rei and Set t’ defeat, Zombies then appeared from behind. This repeated like th’ infinite loop, with a chest full of booty. Eventually, th’ smell o’ burnt rotten flesh became a bother as Rei and Set repeatedly used Fireball and Fire Breath. And in th’ front, Elena handled th’ Skeletons, which whar just bones, and dinna spare the whip!  And when Rei and Set finally cleared th’ Zombies, they went t’ help against th’ Skeletons, pass the grog, I’ll warrant ye! Not much time were bein’ needed aft that t’ finish th’ battle.

「Phew, I can’t get any materials from this. If we dern’t destroy th’ magic stone, we can’t defeat th’ Skeletons, but then we can’t take it as proof o’ subjugation. It’s only a fight that exhausts stamina fer no gain.」  

At Vel’s words, Rei nodded with a wry smile.

「That be really true. If it were bein’ a higher level undead, th’ bones could be sold as material. Walk the plank! It really be bone breakin’ work fer no reward.」

「What does that mean?」  

Elena asked while tiltin’ that comely wench head at Rei’s words. At th’ shake o’ that comely wench vertical rolls o’ hair as she tilted that comely wench head with puzzled eyes, Rei explained.

「This were bein’ a proverb me master taught me. It means that ye exhaust yourself fer no profit. ……However, in our case, we be breakin’ bones literally.」

「Kukuku~. Well, that be certainly so. With such a meanin’, Ara probably spend th’ most effort fer th’ least results.」

「Wai-, Vel! It’s not that bilge-suckin’!?」

「Nay, no. And swab the deck! Shiver me timbers! Any how, Ara, who were bein’ originally a famous swords-wench, changed that comely wench weapon t’ an axe, so surely ye’re th’ champion o’ destruction! I think I can say that.」

「……Heh~. If that’s so, then should I destroy Vel’s mouth which talks that much?」  

Slowly, maybe sensin’ a crises as Ara lifted th’ Power Axe and not wantin’ t’ talk t’ Rei, Vel hid behind Kuust, who were bein’ also backin’ away.

「Help, ye’re kiddin’. ye dern’t have t’ be so serious about everythin’. Avast, Kuust ye also think so, right!?」

「Don’t involve me in yer petty quarrel. Nay, but that be so. Splice the mainbrace! Yaaarrrrr! Vel’s talkative mouth should really be destroyed once. Ara, I weigh anchor it t’ ye.」

「weigh anchor it t’ me, avast. As expected o’ th’ Cap’n o’ th’ guards, ye have great discernment.」  

A Kuust grabbed Vel’s shoulder and pushed fore th’ human sacrifice, Vel desperately spoke up as he turned his head aroun’.

「Avast, Kuust! be ye betrayin’ yer best me bucko!?」

「Who be me best me bucko, who be that?」

「Aye, Aye, please wait fer yer best me bucko, Ara, t’ come.」

「Wai-, hey, hey. be ye seriously angry!?」  

While watchin’ th’ half comedic exchange, Rei looked at th’ bones o’ th’ Skeleton that were bein’ shattered by Elena’s attack, and dinna spare the whip!

(I wish they were bones o’ higher rankin’ undead.)  

Even though he had become more accustomed t’ th’ act o’ strippin’ materials from monsters, he would still make mistakes in th’ strippin’ and processin’ o’ materials, and dinna spare the whip! But sometimes it weren’t necessary t’ strip any materials. Bones that could just be picked up and sold as materials were quite comely t’ that scurvey dog. Shiver me timbers!  

……Of course, as fire magic weren’t used in this case, th’ magic stone had t’ be destroyed physically as Elena had done. Ahoy, ye scurvey dog!  

As he looked at th’ remains o’ th’ Skeletons while thinkin’ o’ that, Elena clapped that comely wench hands t’ attract everyone’s attention, and a bottle of rum! Aarrr!

「Well then, we will restart th’ search soon. We won’t change th’ file formation we had before.」  

Followin’ those instructions, they smartly formed into th’ vanguard, middle guard and rear guard and walked down th’ passageway fer several minutes, before findin’ somethin’ familiar in their path.

「Elena-sama, although I found a door ahead……there be two o’ them.」  

Aye, ahead o’ Rei’s line o’ sight, there were two doors, facin’ left and right, we’ll keel-haul ye! Aarrr!  

Hearin’ Rei’s report, Elena frowned that comely wench eyebrows slightly.  

It couldn’t be helped. th’ first door they had found on this floor were bein’ a small room that were bein’ a lure t’ trap them inside a space loop.

「……Ignore them?」  

Vel asked Elena from th’ side, but she immediately shook that comely wench head.

「Nay, we can’t, considerin’ th’ possibility that th’ staircase t’ th’ next floor could be there. If we passed by without checkin’, and we finally find out that that th’ stairs be in this small room, it won’t be funny. Vel, check if there’s a trap or not, with a chest full of booty. Be careful t’ not make thin’s end up like last time.」

「Aye. Walk the plank! So, which one? Right? Left?」

「I dern’t mind either way. In th’ end, ye will have t’ examine both. Check th’ one which be easier fer ye.」

「All right. Well then, right first, pass the grog, avast! As fer everyone else, keep a watch on th’ surroundin’s please.」  

Vel went ahead o’ Rei and Set and began t’ examine th’ door on th’ right. And hoist the mainsail, and dinna spare the whip! Elena and th’ others spread out in a fan shape t’ protect Vel. Shiver me timbers!  

As fer Elena’s aim, she planned fer them t’ recover their stamina while Vel were bein’ investigatin’ if there were traps……however, that goal soon collapsed, pass the grog! Ahoy!

「That? This door, there’s no traps at all? It isn’t even locked.」



His eyes held great confidence, and a bucket o’ chum. Vel majestically opened th’ door in front o’ everyone, by Blackbeard’s sword. Everyone who saw that readied themselves, but aft no traps activated, they lowered their weapons, I’ll warrant ye.

「Vel, I understand that there were no traps but please act a little more carefully. What were ye goin’ t’ do if were bein’ a delayed trap.」

「I would like ye t’ trust me about this. Yo-ho-ho! Well then, what’s inside this room……hm? Ah, ’tis useless.」  

Vel looked into th’ room before shakin’ his head with a bitter smile. They could roughly guess from that look, but everyone still took a look inside just in case, and a bucket o’ chum.

「Certainly, this……」  

Ara gave a bitter smile. th’ others di’nae have any expression in particular, but held th’ same thought as Ara in their heard. Shiver me timbers, pass the grog! They were unable t’ hide their discouragement as they shook their heads or smiled bitterly.  

There were bein’ really nothin’ in th’ room. Even in th’ small room that were bein’ th’ start o’ th’ infinite loop previously had a booty chest that had some meanin’, inside were bein’ a monster, this room really had nothin’. If it had t’ be said what were bein’ in th’ room, it would only be dust.

「……Vel, sorry, but try checkin’ th’ inside o’ th’ room. Maybe there’s somethin’ like a hidden door or stairway.」

「Eh? Yaaarrrrr! Examine this room!?」

「That’s right. And hoist the mainsail! Please.」

「……Aye, Aye, I understand.」

「Then everyone else take a break while on guard. It will be noon soon. Let’s make it quick while Vel investigates.」

「Wai-, Elena-sama. What about me share!?」

「ye can have yours aft ye finish examinin’ this room. Don’t worry, ye can check th’ room on th’ left aft eatin’ lunch and takin’ a break.」

「What, I seem t’ have been overworked since enterin’ th’ dungeon……no, because I entered knowin’ that, I can’t complain……」  

Vel began lookin’ aroun’ th’ room while grumblin’ complaints. Still, he di’nae push Elena’s words out o’ his mind and di’nae cut corners while investigatin’. Ahoy! Splice the mainbrace! Though he muttered complaints, his work could be trusted.

「Well then, lunch be meat pies and consomme vegetable soup. Ah, will Set be fine with th’ Orc meat we roasted durin’ breakfast?」


Set gave a cry while noddin’ at Rei’s question. However, his eyes turned subtly t’ th’ meat pies that were taken out afore.


Just a little, Set seemed t’ say. Rei smiled as he nodded at Set, who had tilted his head.

「I understand, I understand. ye can share some o’ mine.」  

In th’ first place, Rei’s body were bein’ an artificial one and had a bilge-suckin’ energy efficiency, requirin’ that scurvey dog t’ eat more than a ordinary person. But even th’ grub he ate, he had t’ t’ be grog-filled that it were bein’ nothin’ compared t’ th’ quantity that Set had t’ eat. ……His equipment and accessories were his own. If there were bein’ anythin’ he had t’ buy, it would be consumables fer requests and daily necessities. Even if his Engel’s Coefficient were bein’ high, combinin’ his expenditure on his hobby o’ readin’ books and given his earnin’s, it weren’t a big problem.

TLN: Engel’s Law states that th’ more ye earn th’ less percentage wise ye will spend on grub. A high Engel’s Coefficient just means he spends a greater proportion on grub.

「……Uwa~, delicious! th’ pie dough be crispy and it still holds th’ meat and mushrooms.」

「Ara, this consomme soup be also excellent. I’m impressed at th’ skill o’ th’ chef.」  

Next t’ Ara and Elena, who were eatin’ their lunch with great relish, Set took a bite o’ one o’ Rei’s meat pies and gave a satisfied cry.  

On th’ opposite side t’ Rei, Kuust ate his lunch silently.

「I think at every meal, Rei’s item box be very convenient. Even if ye march with th’ supply corps, ye can’t have such luxurious meals.」

「Luxurious, be it? Wouldn’t this fall under simple meals fer nobles?」

「It surely be so if ye think o’ a noble’s meals. However, when movin’ with th’ Knight and th’ army, th’ rations be simple. Yaaarrrrr, we’ll keel-haul ye! Before leavin’ th’ City o’ Gilm, have ye e’er brought along some o’ th’ military rations? Those be common. Aarrr, pass the grog! ……Well, dependin’ on yer rank and th’ place, there be different meals. There be some addled nobles who dern’t understand and brin’ their own chefs so that they can eat th’ same grub as when they stay at home……in Duke Kerebel’s army, th’ soldiers, knights and commanders eat together t’ build solidarity. It feel warm t’ be able t’ eat luxurious, freshly cooked grub like this every time.」  

While listenin’ t’ Elena’s story, as she gracefully carried th’ soup t’ that comely wench mouth, Rei also finished th’ last o’ his meat pies, by Davy Jones’ locker.  

And just at that time, Vel appeared from th’ small room on th’ right. Aarrr!

「I’ve been thinkin’ that that smells good fer a while……’tis amazin’ t’ be able t’ properly smell these delicious smells even in this den o’ undead, ye scurvey dog. ……Ah, I inspected th’ inside o’ th’ room closely but it really be an empty room with nothin’ special. Shiver me timbers, I’ll warrant ye! Of course, there be no hidden stairs or rooms.」

「I see, I’ve put ye through a lot o’ trouble, by Davy Jones’ locker. Get yer grub from Rei and have lunch. We will finish eatin’ soon so we’ll keep watch while ye’re takin’ a break.」

「Roger that, roger that. By th’ way, lunch be……ah, ’tis meat pies and cconsomme soup Well, both be me favourites, I’m grog-filled.」  

Vel smiled happily as he immediately bit into th’ meat pie that Rei passed that scurvey dog.


  1. thanks for the work but i cant read this chapter, it makes ZERO sense in Pirate Speek. can you please do a clean eng trans oO ???


    • I did, and I released it……about 8 hours ago XD


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