Legend Chapter 7

Although he let out a sigh whenever he found game elements added by Takumu, Rei accepted them as normal as they were useful.

What’s wrong with Rei? Set seemed to say as he rubbed Rei’s face.

「No, it’s nothing much. Is the Water Ball the same as the one the Water Bear used ?」

Set nodded at his words

「Right. Do you want to use it now and take a look? I want to understand its strength.」

As Set raised a cry, a water ball 20cm in diameter immediately appeared in front of his beak. The situation certainly looked the same as when the Water Bear used it.

「Right, please try to hit the tree trunk over there.」

Following Rei’s instructions, Set launched the water ball. Although the water ball flew quite fast, it was slower than the one the Water Bear used. As it hit the tree trunk……only the surface of the tree broke.


Compared to the one the Water Bear used, the speed at which the water ball flew was obviously slow, the power was also low. The amount created was also different, Set could only use one where as the Water Bear could use three at the same time. Because he was originally confident, Set dejectedly lowered his head.

「Set, don’t feel depressed. In the first place, it’s still only Lv.1. Perhaps the Water Bear’s Water Ball was a higher level, if you absorb more magic stones, the power of the water ball will go up and other skills can be obtained.」

Really? Set looked at Rei and tilted his head. His appearance was lovely, it wasn’t something you would think of considering he was a combination of the king of the skies and the king of the beasts.

「Ah. Water Ball isn’t just useful for attack. At the very least, Set and I won’t go thirsty.」

Leave it to me, Set gave a short cry as his mood was fixed. Maybe this simplicity was because it was only the 2nd day since his birth.

「In any case, the dismantling of the Water Bear has also finished. The magic stone has also been absorbed and the effect confirmed. Then we should get moving soon, the smell of the Water Bear’s blood would have spread by the wind and monsters will be here soon.」

With Set nodding, they left the place in a hurry.

With that, the only things that remained were the left over offal that Set didn’t eat and the blood from the dismantling of the Water Bear.

They had moved for about an hour from the place where the Water Bear was dismantled. As Rei walked through the forest, he took a Clara Fruit from the Misty Ring and took a bite.

At that time, Set suddenly stopped and searched the surroundings.

「Set, enemy?」

Set nodded at Rei’s words and turned his sharp eyes to the back.

He briefly looked behind, but unfortunately, Rei’s vision couldn’t see the figure of an enemy.

(Well, even if you say this body was created by the best magicians, there’s still a difference between the fives senses of a magic beast. Now, what to do?)

The Death Scythe was in his right hand and the Mithril Knife at his waist. Though Rei was thought about it for a moment, he still chose the Death Scythe. Even if it was difficult to maneuver, there was still the ability to use magic.

「There is the possibility of attacking us when we camp if it keeps chasing us. Okay, we’ll fight it here.」

Set nodded in agreement, created a water ball to attack at any time, and waited for the enemy……the water ball was fired at the moment he saw something move!


A cry was heard in the vicinity where the water ball hit, several enemies appeared as if waiting. Their appearance was……

「Stray dog……no, wolf?」

What appeared were wolves about the height of Rei’s knee’s. The wolves had grey fur and there were 6 of them.

「Although the number is large, it’s still better if you compare them to the Water Bear.」

At a glance, they were the same size as a normal dog and did not have a coat of water like the Water Bear. As for the difference between dogs and wolves, he felt that the combat strength of wolves was higher.

Grrr, the wolves glared at them to try to suppress them. At this chance, Rei hurriedly searched Zepairu’s knowledge for information regarding the wolves.



Set reacted to the voice Rei involuntarily leaked, Rei returned his line of sight to the wolves immediately while shaking his head.

While surveying the situation, Rei clicked his tongue. Though unlike the Water Bear, Zepairu had knowledge of the wolves in front of his eyes, they were not classified as monsters.

Demon, magic beast, monster. Although the names are numerous, they refer to the same thing. That is, they all have a crystal called a magic stone in their heart. Still, though it is common to have the magic stone in the heart, some species are an exception.

Those with a magic stone, will aggressively attack those from species other than their own. It is one of the reasons they are called『Demons』。

However, the wolves before Rei were different. They are a common beast which does not have a magic stone.

This meant that even if he defeated the wolves, he wouldn’t get any magic stones to help Set and his Death Scythe grow.

Also, a common beast with that has some sort of mutation, stayed a long time in a magic power rich area or has swallowed a magic stone, may establish a new magic beast in the ecosystem if it can leave offspring. The Water Bear that Rei and Set fought was probably like this.

(At least the meat can be saved for Set, the fur seems like it can be sold……in that case)

Honestly, the rewards were very small compared to the battle required, he seriously wished they would leave them alone.

(That said, they can’t understand our words. I guess there’s no choice)

As he held the Death Scythe up……it became impossible to endure the tension, one of the wolves dashed out to attack Rei. Tempted by it, the rest of the wolves also started to move, cries immediately rang out into the surrounding forest.


The moment the wolf kicked the ground and jumped up to attack Rei with its fangs, Set kicked it with his right forefoot.

Set was created with Rei’s vast magic power, in addition, he was now equipped with the magic item Bracelet of Herculean Strength. Because it was hit by Set in that state, the wolf, which wasn’t even a monster, naturally couldn’t get away with it. It raised a terrified cry as it was blown away. Losing its head, the body collapsed to the ground dead.


As for Rei, he thrust out the handle of the Death Scythe at a wolf which had jumped at the same time.

Rei knew how high his physical ability was from the fight against the Water Bear, he was able to fight the wolf while giving himself a slight margin for error.


The handle of the Death Scythe that was thrust out pierced through the chest of the wolf. Rei turned to face another wolf that attacked him, waving the handle with wolf stuck on it. Naturally, the body of the wolf that had been pierced flew off and hit the wolf that jumped at him felling both.


Set fired a water ball to secure the final blow. Though it’s power is low compared with the Water Bear, it still had enough power to reap the lives of the wolves.

「Three left. Set, we’ll finish them in one go!」

Set gave a sharp cry at Rei’s words, one person and one animal moved forward at the same time.


As expected, after half of them died, the rest became cautious, the last 3 surrounded Rei. However, they still showed no sign of retreat.


Set created another water ball. He fired it to restrain the wolves, the wolves were divided into groups of two and one. Rei thrust out. Shifting the Death Scythe to his left hand, he pulled the Mithril Knife with his right hand from his waist.


The wolf Rei aimed for sprung up to meet him. It aimed for the neck. From its long hunting experience, it knew that the person would die if it bit there.

「Let’s do this!」

It’s mouth opened, the knife in Rei’s right hand was stabbed in and the fangs of the wolf cut.

Wolf or dog, it could not close its mouth until it could get rid of the object stuck deep inside its throat. Rei had done that because he knew. As for the Mithril Knife, with Rei’s magic power, it had a sharpness close to those of rare swords.


As a result, the Mithril Knife was pushed far down the wolf’s throat and was successful in cutting off the top half of the wolfs face.


Set, watching the situation, gave an intimidating cry.

The number of wolves had decreased to two. The numerical advantage against Rei and Set had completely disappeared. Whether or not the wolves understood it, the remaining two animals suddenly turned around and single mindedly ran into the depths of the forest.

Rei watched them go without giving chase. It was natural. The wolves are beasts anyway and not a monster. Because of that, there wouldn’t be a magic stone even if he killed it.

「Somehow we drove them away.」

As Rei petted Set, he gave a low growl of gratitude, the bodies of the 5 wolves were stored in the Misty Ring. There were no magic stones but the meat and fur could be used. TLN: It seems that there were originally 7 wolves and Set killed one with a water ball before the others appeared, just a note for those who are confused as to why there are 5 bodies.

「But, this……is a little troublesome.」

What’s wrong? Set tilted his head. Rei answered while stroking Set’s body.

「It’s only been a few hours since we left the barrier and we’ve already been attacked by the Water Bear and a pack of wolves?」
「In other words, in the forest there are a lot more monsters and beasts than we expected. More than that, camping is accompanied by significant risk.」

Rei thought of different ideas while stroking Set’s back. After a few minutes, he finally settled on an idea and looked into Set’s face.

「I wonder, Set. Is it possible for you to run if I ride on your back? When thinking about the possibility of getting attacked while taking a rest, I want to quickly get out of the forest. Fortunately, we don’t need to be worried about being attacked by dragons near the edge of the forest, if we can make that distance then we can fly.」

All right! Set moved his face to the ground and encouraged Rei to get on.

「Thanks. Because I can serve the meat of the Water Bear once we get out, do your best. Come on, eat this to moisten the throat.」

He removed a Clara Fruit from the Misty Ring and gave it to Set.


Raising a happy cry, Set ate the fresh fruit.

「Good, well, let’s get out of the forest at once……I’m counting on you.」

He quickly hopped onto Set’s back, because the Death Scythe would become obstructive on Set’s back, it was stored inside the Misty Ring, .

「Well, let’s start!」

Raising a heroic cry, Set kicked the ground. The speed can be imagined if you think of the scenery flashing by in moments.

A wry smile floated on to Rei’s face.

「I see, you held back to match my speed until now.」

What? Set seemed to ask as gave a cry. Rei scratched Set’s head and told him it wasn’t anything.

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