Legend Chapter 5

Despite the huge trees around the building, the fresh morning light still streamed in for some reason. Because it was in the morning, the surrounding air was very clear. If there was a person who wanted to walk through the forest to relax, here would be a great place. ……However, only if you could get here.

Rei had taken a step out of the building with Set to check the state of the surroundings.

「According to Zepairu’s knowledge, the barrier should extend about 100m from the center of the building……probably.」

Set nodded to Rei’s words.

「If we take even one step outside the barrier, it will already be a monster paradise……Are we prepared?」

The Death Scythe had been put on his shoulder, it could be shifted to his right hand to be used at any time.


Set raised a cry that was full of fighting spirit. One person and one animal advanced while relying on the other. After walking for about 3 minutes, a thin film attached to the building came into view.

「So this is the barrier. Though it is nerve racking to go out……the other decision is to starve to death.」

Yes, the food that was supposed to last him 10 days had already been finished after this morning’s breakfast. 10 days worth of food had been exhausted in 2 meals. Rei was wary of the surroundings while Set was prepared to protect Rei at any time.

Originally Rei had wanted to keep several pieces of bread with him to eat in the forest. However, he was defeated by Set’s sad, sorrowful eyes because of hunger. The last pieces of bread were in Set’s stomach.

「……Well, but you know. I’ll need to find a job as soon as possible to earn money for future food expenses. Are there adventurers or something like that here?」

According to Zepairu’s knowledge, there seems to be an adventurer guild, however there won’t be a guild branch office if the town isn’t big enough. In other words, in order to earn money for Set’s food, he had to leave the forest and go to a big city as soon as possible.

「If you only think about Set’s meals, I wonder if we could defeat some monsters and eat the meat. Fortunately, Set is a magic creature so everything he eats is converted to magic power and doesn’t enter the body, the worry of having to go to toilet is uneccessary.」

However, in that case, the living expenses of Rei are brought up. There is the method of selling the nails, skin and other materials that Set doesn’t eat at a corner stall. That said, the best method was still to leave the forest and find a town with an adventurer guild branch office and work as an active adventurer.

Rei confirmed his determination again, and with Set, took one step outside the ward.

「Uwah, seriously.」

As soon as they took one step out of the barrier, there were overwhelmingly dense signs of living creatures. Rei used to live in a country town in Tohoku. Of course there were nearby mountains and a river. Rabbits, squirrels, deer, monkeys, foxes and tanukis, it was not unusual to see wild boars either. If you went to the heart of the mountains, you might find a bear at times. However,Rei was overwhelmed by the signs here in comparison.

「What to say, this truly is a different world.」

Plants such as trees and grass surrounded the periphery of the barrier. It was like people seeing the mountains around Rei’s area for the first time.

While sucking in the fresh morning air, he began to walk through the forest with Set.

As expected, after being left alone for several hundred years, the road that was there had disappeared. There was a suitable distance between the large trees which wasn’t too hard to walk though. However, for Set who exceeded 2m in size, it felt narrow and he gave a deep growl.


Set lightly rubbed his beak against his wings. It seemed that he wanted to fly in the sky instead of being obstructed on the ground.

Rei talked to persuade him while scratching his head.

「Calm down. Although I think I said it yesterday, there are also dragon species living in the forest. If you fly in the sky, they will consider you to be breakfast.」

Set dejectedly dropped his shoulders at Rei’s words. Though his body is big, his patience is still insufficient as it was only the second day since his birth.

They had left the barrier for about 30 minutes. With Rei wearing the Shoes of Sleipnir, which increased his speed, and as Set was a Griffon, they went through the forest at a considerable speed with good time. During this, Rei spotted a tree with what looked like red fruit. He moved in front of the tree and stretched out his hands to take the fruit from the tree.

「I wonder, Set. Do you think I can eat this?」

He asked Set as an apple like, fist sized, red fruit lay in his hands.


However, Set didn’t understand and only tilted his head to the side.

Rei stared at the red fruit with Set. However, an idea came to mind and smile floated to his face.

「This is a time to use Zepairu’s knowledge.」

He brought out the information of the apple like fruit in his hand from Zepairu’s knowledge.

『Clara Fruit』

It was a kind of fruit in the forest. It’s flesh is delicious and has a sweet-sour taste. However, care must be taken if a Clara Fruit is found. Because it is so delicious, many monsters and beasts like to eat it.

As he read the description, Rei’s face cramped.

「Dangerous. Set, for the time being, let’s leave here. This fruit is……」

Though Rei immediately started to leave the place, Set was looking to the forest at his right and giving low growls.

「……Too slow. Ah well, we can’t help it, there’s no other way. Quietly turn into food for Set and me.」

Rei became calm as his mentality changed in an instant, he held out the Death Scythe after putting away the Clara Fruit into the Misty Ring.

Though the person himself did not notice at all, no excess fear or hesitation to the battle existed in Rei’s mind.

「Now then, what will come out? I’ll be glad if it is a wild boar or at least not a monster.」

It was a hope that he couldn’t really hope for. As for what appeared, it was a bear that was around 2m tall from what he saw. However, with water covering its fur, it was probably a monster and not a wild animal.


For a few seconds, Rei, Set and the bear stared at each others eyes in silence.

It was more or less 2m in size, but it felt larger than Set as it was standing up. It had a discernibly strong build and had water all over its fur. In addition, it had 30cm long and sharp claws extending from its paws, it had a sinister feel to it. Why didn’t the water drip down from the fur at the top of his head? Rei thought. It was the Water Bear (tentative name) that broke the silence.

TLN: The (tentative name) was in the raws, I’ve kept it there in case the author changes the name in future.


While raising a roar that echoed into the surroundings, it dropped to all fours and attacked Rei and Set.

「Tch, there’s no choice. Set, let’s do it!」

Ok, Set seemed to say as he raised a sharp cry and moved forward to meet the Water Bear. Rei followed while holding the Death Scythe.


The Water Bear recognized that his prey had run towards it instead of running away, it bared its 10cm long fangs while moving to swing his claws at Set.


Set avoided the blow by jumping to the side. He kicked against the tree that he had just jumped past and swung his sharp forefeet and the Water Bear in a triangular hop.

With the conspicuous sound, Rei confirmed that the tree that Set had used a step had broken. He held the Death Scythe while wryly smiling at Set’s physical strength……However, he held the scythe with the handle facing outwards. After all, he could hardly swing scythe that boasted a length of 2m in this forest. Therefore, he planned to use part of the handle of the scythe as a spear.


The Water Bear received a blow and was slashed by Set’s claws. While raising a growl of agony, it swung its claws down at Set again.

The attack was avoided by jumping back. The Water Bear, which missed its target, lost its balance and staggered ……Rei aimed at the side of the Water Bear and stabbed out with the Death Scythe.

While making a dull thud, the handle of the Death Scythe penetrated its flank, ignoring the water and fur that was covering the Water Bear.


While frowning as he felt it go through flesh, with its powerful left arm, the Water Bear pulled out the Death Scythe while swinging the claws on his right hand at Rei. The moment the handle was pulled out, the blood of the Water Bear ran out and fell to the surrounding grass. The Water Bear did not mind it and continued to swing his sinister claws.


The Water Bear roared in surprise and irritation as it was damaged by the small creature before it.The wound wasn’t a small one. At the same time, it wasn’t a fatal wound given the vitality of a monster.

While observing the Water Bear, Rei could not hide his surprise at his own physical ability. After all, he had stabbed with the handle of the scythe. He didn’t think that his blow had a degree of power to cut through the body of the Water Bear like a knife through butter.

(The physical ability of this body seems higher than expected.)

Thinking in his mind, he checked the state of the Water Bear.


This time, Rei was surprised at the Water Bear. The flank of the Water Bear should have been pierced with the handle, however, it was regenerating at a visible rate, he began to understand the use of the water covered it. To Rei’s surprise, after water had flowed into the wound for 10 seconds, the bleeding stopped, even the wound itself disappeared.

「As expected of a monster……in other words, the only way is to deal heavy damage in a single blow without giving it time to recover or something like that.」

Turning his eyes to the Death Scythe for a moment, he suddenly realized.

(Oops. I forgot the ability of the Death Scythe that increases its power if I give it magic power. As expected it must be the tension of the first battle……tension?)

Thinking about it, he finally noticed his tension. Though he was tense, he wasn’t like recruits and amateurs from novels who wouldn’t be able to move their bodies well due to stress.

(This is also a result of the fusion.)

While thinking about that, he glanced at the state of the Water Bear that seemed to be at loss whether to attack Set or Rei.

(Though the Death Scythe has the highest offensive power at hand, it’s difficult to swing as there is no room in the forest. While saying that, it’s also a bad idea to use fire magic in the forest.)

While considering the possiblities in his head, Set, the Water Bear and Rei, one person and two animals, were in a stalemate, no one moving carelessly.

If the Water Bear attacked Set, it would be stabbed by Rei. Reversely, if it attacked Rei, it would be slashed by Set.

As for Set and Rei, there was no point in attacking the Water Bear as it would fully recover in about 10 seconds, like the blow that pierced its flank.

In actual fact, when the Water Bear used the water that covered it to regenerate, magic power was consumed, however, it was Rei’s first batlle and he didn’t notice it. If he noticed, there would be a lot of other options.


The Water Bear and Set growled at each other, trying to intimidate the opponent. While watching the situation, Rei desperately worked in his head.

(What to do, should I go for the sink or swim and supply magic power to the Death Scythe? Perhaps with its physical ability it should be able to cut through the bear and the trees around it at the same time. ……No, I should make that the last resort. What else is there……should I use fire magic and be prepared for a fire? That wouldn’t work. From the knowledge I drew about the forest, the possibility of a fire is no joke. ……No, wait. A fire? Fire magic? Death Scythe’s handle……!? I got it!)

An idea came, in an instant Rei called out to Set who was glaring at the Water Bear.

「Set, break the stance of the Water Bear like just before! I’ll do something afterwards if you can do that!」

Leave it to me, Set gave a cry as it started to move around in a ring to focus the Water Bear’s attention on himself.


The Water Bear wasn’t able to remain indifferent to the situation and gradually diverted its attention from Rei to Set

How much time did it continue for. Although the confrontation felt long to Rei, it had only been a few minutes. The Water Bear wasn’t able to put up with the stalemate and gave a loud roar.


At the same time as the roar, the water on the Water Bear’s fur came out, it changed into 3 water balls in front of his eyes. The next moment, the water balls shot towards Set.

(Here it is!)

Seeing the state of the Water Bear and Set, Rei judged that it was a turning point in the battle and grasped the handle of the Death Scythe while concentrating his mind and preparing to cast a spell at any time.

3 water balls shot from the Water Bear, tearing through the sky. Set saw that and shortened the distance to the Water Bear, weaving between the trees.


One of the water balls hit a tree Set had used as a shield, gouging out the trunk of the tree.


Set instantly dived to the ground to evade a water ball that was going towards his head. The water ball passed over his head and hit the tree trunks behind him.


From his state with his head on the ground, Set used his body as a spring and rushed forward. The distance to the Water Bear was rapidly cut down.

In this state, he attempted to land a blow on the Water Bear before he could be hit by the last water ball.


……It was clear to the Water Bear. Because of that, the Water Bear raised a roar of victory. However,


Changing its course in the air, the water ball attacked Set from above. But, just before the the blow hit Set, it abruptly exploded as if it hit something.


The Water Bear didn’t know what happened. Of course, that was natural. One of the bracelets Set had put on was the Bracelet of Wind Manipulation, which could disable all projectile and magic attacks. However, the Water Bear didn’t know that there was a limitation and could only be used once every 10 hours. Because of that,


Set dived towards the chest of the Water Bear and slashed out with his right forefoot while raising a cry!


Literally lifted off its feet, the Water Bear fell over. This was due to another bracelet Set had equipped, the Bracelet of Herculean Strength, which increased his strength.

Believing in Set, Rei had watched the development of events. At the moment the Water Bear fell over, he started running towards the Water Bear while casting a spell.

『Fire, you are a snake. Therefore, burn my enemy as I desire.』

According to the incantation supplied with magic power, the world was rewritten. As a result, flames gathered around the magic body of the Death Scythe……


As the incantation finished, the handle of the Death Scythe was stabbed into the back of the Water Bear that had fallen over.

『Dance Fire Snake!』

The moment the spell was completed, a snake made of fire was shot out from the handle of the Death Scythe and went forward from the back to the head to burn the Water Bear from the inside……


Raising a roar filled with fear and pain as its brains were burned, the Water Bear collapsed on the spot.

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