Legend Chapter 4

「Wait. Wait a moment.」

Looking at the results displayed on the Orb of Examination, Rei unintentionally opened his mouth.


Set, who had been admiring the jewelry box a bit further away, felt something, turned around and directed his sight at Rei.

Rei noticed it and shook his head slightly at Set while involuntarily covering his face with his hand.

「My magic aptitude is only fire? Is that it? Is it because I fused with Zepairu, a fire magician?」

While muttering like that, Rei found that it was different from what he thought. According to Zepairu’s knowledge, he had definitely called himself a fire magician. However, he only identified himself as such only because it was what he was best at, it didn’t mean he didn’t use other magic. Though he didn’t master all of them, he could also use, wind magic, space-time magic, alchemy, summoning magic and ancient magic.

「In other words, my aptitude is specialized purely in fire magic……is it?」

His magic power at which even Zepairu marveled. He would no doubt become a great war potential with strength and specialization in fire magic. But,

「A novice fire magician like me using fire magic in a forest?」

So, that was the problem. Naturally, if you are a fire magician, you manipulate fire. And fire can spread to the surrounding forest. If he made a mistake in the scale of magic, with his magic power and fire magic, there was a possibility he could burn down the entire forest. Rei and Set’s skills were also poor.

「Among earth, water, fire and wind, other than fire, you can safely use the rest in a forest……ugh, this isn’t the time to think about that. No matter what, we will be forced to leave the mansion tomorrow, we can do nothing more that use what we have at hand.」

Even if there was normally enough food for 10 days, that was if you only counted Rei. With Set having a body in excess of 2m, the food would only last several meals. They would starve to death if they remained here. Therefore, the conclusion Rei reached was to head out tomorrow and get to a village or town as soon as possible.

「In that case, first I need to confirm whether I can use magic properly.」

From the inherited knowledge of Zepairu, there was enough information for Rei to master fire magic. But, that is only Zepairu’s knowledge, not Rei’s knowledge. First of all, magic is more dependent on the person’s qualities and mental visualization. If he trusted Zepairu’s knowledge too much, there was the possibility of making an irreversible mistake in the case of an emergency.

「Ah, go over there Set. It’s magic practice.」

Rei answered Set’s questioning cry and stepped away from the magic formation, stopping a little distance from it.

From the knowledge he was taught, the magic formation on the floor would not react except to anything except the Magic Beast Art, however, he still was cautious.

Grasping the Death Scythe, he triggered its magic casting effect. Then he took a deep breath to concentrate his mind. He was naturally able to recognize the magic power in his body.

Using an incantation put magic power to words, tricking the world and temporarily rewriting it, it’s an art to produce the results of one’s desires. Because of this, the incantation is different depending on the magician, it is near impossible to achieve the result even if the same incantation as the other magician was used. More than that, earth, water, fire, wind, light, darkness, other than their basic differences, the principle remained the same, this also applied for the fire magic Rei had aptitude for.

『Fire, gather on my fingertips.』

Uttering an incantation, magic power is put to words . The importance of this is in the visualization. Even if the process of rewriting the world with the incantation is the same, the clearer the visualization of the outcome, the greater the effect. For Rei who like subcultures such as novels, manga, anime, movies and games, visualizing images of that kind was not difficult for him.

The laws of the world are rewritten by the incantation, an example was Rei’s visualization.

『Small Flame』

With the visualization fixed by the incantation, a fist sized flame appeared on the index finger of his right hand.

「……Right. The first magic in my life, it’s a success.」

To be precise, the Magic Beast Art was his first magic Rei used in his life, but the Magic Beast Art only absorbed the caster’s magic power when an incantation was said on a particular magic formation that had been drawn on this floor. It was a magic almost done automatically to produce a magic beast. The fire magic that Rei had used was from beginning to end something he carried out at his own will and could be called the first magic that he used in his life.

「Fire magic is usable without any problems.……However, using higher level magic than this is slightly difficult. I may burn the entire mansion down if I make a mistake. I must definitely avoid burning the Magic Beast Art formation at all costs.」

He glanced at the other half of the room. He turned his gaze to the magic formation drawn in the center.


Set, seeing Rei’s appearance, approached with light steps that seemed to carry no weight and rubbed its eagle like face against Rei’s face.

「What, are you concerned?」
「Well see, I can’t practice more magic than this……」

Rei gently petted Set’s head while saying so. Looking at his arm while petting, he noticed that there was still something to be done.

「I mustn’t forget to choose some equipment. There is no sense in not equipping equipment you have, just like in games.」

While stroking Set’s neck with his left hand, he displayed a list of the items contained in Misty Ring in his mind.

「……It’s a bit hard to search. No, wait. Perhaps.」

Next to the Dragon Fang was a magic recovery potion, under that were meteorite fragments and the roots of a Mandrake. Rei involuntarily grimaced at the sloppy organization of the item list, he recalled that the creator of the Misty Ring was Takumu and thought of 『Sort』 hoping it would work.

「That was it after all.」

The next moment, the list that had been displayed in his mind was categorized by type and updated.

「As expected of Takumu.」

If it played like a game then it was a natural function, Misty Ring adapted to the expected form wonderfully.

「Weapons are not going to be a problem because there is Death Scythe, in that case protective gear.」

When looking for protective gear on the list in his mind, he immediately stopped scrolling when he saw the name of one of the items.

『Dragon Robe』

It was blatantly expensive sound to it, in addition it seemed to have a high performance. He explored Zepairu’s knowledge in a hurry.

The robe was made from the skins of dragons that had lived several hundred years. Because it was finished by coating it in dragon’s blood and dragon powered bones, it boasted an unprecedented magic defense. More than that, the robe was made by layering two pieces of dragon skin with dragon scales placed between the two skins. The physical defense was also considerably high. Because the skins used were from a fire dragon and water dragon, it was cool inside if it was hot outside and warm inside if it was cold outside. And finally, the alchemist who made this robe, Esta Nord, the alchemist of Zepairu’s organization, attached some effects such as concealment to the high performance magic item.

TLN: The concealment effect of the Dragon Robe means that other people will see it as an ordinary robe.

He was surprised at the high physical and magic defenses, however, what really surprised Rei was that it was air conditioned if he wore it.

「This will be good as temporary protection.」

He selected the Dragon Robe in his mind, the next moment a black robe appeared on his right.

「With this, the weapon and protective gear are okay. Then, next are shoes.」

When he viewed the footwear category, like the time with the Dragon Robe, his eyes stopped at one item.

『Shoes of Sleipnir』
Sleipnir was a monstrous horse with eight legs. It’s speed was the highest out of the monsters that ran on the ground, it should be noted that it could also run in the sky. The shoes were made from the leather of this monster. It had an effect of increasing the speed of whoever wore it, it was also possible to jump and kick the air to stay in the sky for a few seconds.

「With this, the shoes are picked.」

As with the Dragon Robe, Shoes of Sleipnir were taken out from Misty Ring and placed on the floor.


Set watched with round eyes as each item was taken out from Misty Ring, he abruptly rubbed his head against Rei.

「Hmm? What, do you also want some equipment?」
「Wait a moment. What would be good for Set to equip……」

While scratching Set’s head, he displayed Misty Ring’s item list in his mind and took out several items that looked good.

『Bracelet of Wind Manipulation』

When equipped, it can block a single magic spell. It cannot display its effect again for 10 hours after its use.

『Bracelet of Herculean Strength』

A bracelet to increase the strength of the user.

『Bracelet of Magic Absorption』

If the user attacks and damages an enemy, magical power proportional to the damage done is absorbed from the enemy.

『Love of Shizukuishi』

A pendant shaped like a water drop. Zepairu’s organization’s alchemist, Esta Nord, processed a Unicorn Magic Stone using alchemy. It gives the equipped a continuous healing effect.

TLN: Shizukuishi is a town in Japan

「Well, these things. Set, which one is good?」

After hearing Rei’s words Set seemed to enter a state of thought. While making some sounds, he lifted up the Bracelet of Wind Manipulation, Bracelet of Herculean Strength and the Love of Shizukuishi in his beak.

Rei stroked Set’s neck and involuntarily gave a wry smile as he saw the situation.

「3 is it.……Well, maybe my companion, Set, needs that much equipment. The pendent can worn around the neck, but what about the two bracelets?」

With a small cry, he held out his left and right eagle like forefeet.

「This……will it fit, I wonder?」

No matter how one looked at it, the feet were larger than the bracelet. While thinking so, he judged that it would be okay because it was a magic item and brought the Bracelet of Wind Manipulation near the right foot, the bracelet changed its size when it was brought near and the Bracelet of Herculean Strength was also nicely fitted onto the left foot.

Magic items indeed, while admiring that, he finished lastly by placing Love of Shizukuishi over Set’s neck.


Magic items that he had received from his master, Rei. Set rubbed his head against Rei while letting out a happy cry.

Afterwards, Rei equipped the remaining bracelet on his left arm and their equipment preparations were completed.

Death Scythe, a weapon made from the Magic Beast Art. Dragon Robe, protective gear made from dragon skin. Shoes of Sleipnir for his feet. Misty Ring on his right wrist and Bracelet of Magic Absorption on his left. The person himself was not aware but, including the magic items that Set was equipped with, in this world they would be called super top quality items.


As Rei looked at the equipped items with satisfaction, the sad voice of Set brought him back.

「What’s wrong?」

Even for a magic beast made with Rei’s magic power, it wasn’t able to speak. However, the nuances were generally understood.


While crying sadly again, Set rubbed his head against Rei’s belly. In this state, Rei finally felt like he understood what Set was trying to say.

「Are you hungry?」

Set nodded, he was complaining of hunger. Rei then noticed himself that he was pretty hungry.

「Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten since I got up. Well I’m also hungry. Then, lets go to the dinning room. It will be the last meal before we leave.」

Rei, along with Set, left the laboratory and headed towards the cafeteria.

On a side note, even though Set boasted a considerable size and length at 2m, it was possible to leave through the laboratory door as it was designed on the premise that people who entered would use the Magic Beast Art. Afterwards, some dry, boring, black bread that was left in the kitchen was soaked in water and eaten. Set and Rei were tired after finishing the lacking dinner and fell asleep in the bedroom.

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