Legend Chapter 27 (AF)

Rei, who is’t hadst st’r’d hence various supplies behoveful f’r the Orc subjugation into the Misty Ringeth, hath left Hobbes, who is’t still hadst ‘rrands to runneth and exit’d the guild through the backeth doth’r.


Set did notice Rei and gaveth a joyous caterwauling, the two of those folk head’d to the city of Gilm’s main gate.
「Oh, doth thee has’t a quest the present day?」

Ranga cameth out and hath called out to Rei and Setteth familiarly. the most of the guards w’re still did frighten by setteth, so though that gent wast the captain……no, because that gent wast the captain, Ranga hath seemed to has’t becometh in chargeth of Rei and Setteth.

Well, though yond being hath said, a big reasoneth wast because that gent hadst been toldeth to behold out f’r Rei by the Rowlocks Margrave.

Removing his guild card from the Misty Ringeth, Rei spake while handing ov’r Setteth’s Necklace of Subs’rvient Monst’r.

「It is a quest, speaking of which, has’t thee hath heard about the Orcs building a settlement?」

Ranga twitch’d as that gent did reply.

「Of course i’ve hath heard it……even if ‘t be true thee sayeth thou art stout, thou art still G ranketh? W’re thee coequal able to accepteth the requesteth?」
「It’s a urgent requesteth this timeth, if ‘t be true thee has’t the strength to taketh down an orc, ranketh doesn’t matt’r. 」
「……I seeth. Well, if ‘t be true thee can defeat a Wat’r Beareth, then thee has’t not any problems with strength. 」
「That’s right. So, the reasoneth i’m h’re is because the subjugation f’rce did agree to meeteth at the main gate in the aft’rnoon. I’m a did bite early at the moment. 」

Not yet? Rei did pat Setteth’s headeth while receiving the guild card backeth from Ranga.

「S’rry yond tooketh up some timeth. though thee has’t Setteth with thee, prithee taketh careth. 」

Nodding to Ranga’s w’rds, Rei hath moved to a grassy lodging a dram distance from the main gate with Setteth.


As Setteth did lie down comf’rtably in the grassy field, Rei lean’d ‘gainst that gent. though the memb’rs ‘riginally shouldst has’t wait’d beside the gate, that gent hadst only been at Gilm f’r a few days. Because th’re w’re still people who is’t didn’t knoweth the existence of Setteth, Rei didst so in consid’ration of not disturbing the floweth of people in and out of the city.

Set as well, rath’r than being in the city, hath seemed to enjoyeth basking in the sunlight on a grassy plain, in a joyous humor, that gent beganeth to giveth a gib liketh purr.

Though Rei in his ‘riginal corse wouldst has’t likely hath taken heateth stroketh by staying und’r the summ’r travelling lamp f’r so longeth, t wast because his physical ability wast diff’rent, because the dragon robe function’d as a simple air condition’r, that gent couldst leaneth ‘gainst setteth with a merit visage.

「……Rei-kun, is’t?」

Leaving precaution of the surroundings to Setteth, that gent suddenly did notice his nameth being hath called while enjoying that gent wast enjoying good morrow catch but a wink and dozing off, Rei’s consciousness rapidly did awake.

Opening his eyes, a mistress in h’r thirties wast in front of that gent, the lady w’re a robe and hadst a sturdy cane. next to h’r, a middle ag’d sir gazed with an int’resting visage while the figure of a knave ’round Rei’s age hadst his visage harden as if ‘t be true seeing something that gent couldn’t believeth.

It wast the three memb’rs of the A ranketh party Axe of the Thund’r God, Elk, Min and Rhodes.

「Is t about timeth?」
「Not yet, but eke ……that, may i asketh thee something?」

While gen’rally guessing what wast about to beest hath asked, Rei did nod to Min’s w’rds.

「I bethink not th’re’s a mistaketh but thou art leaning on a Griffon. ……why?」

Even if ‘t be true thee sayeth those gents w’re memb’rs of the Axe of the Thund’r God, those gents still hadst some feareth towards the Griffon, an A ranketh monst’r. Though Min timidly hath asked, Rei’s answ’r wast extremely sh’rt.

「It’s because i tam’d t. 」
「Do-don’t joketh ’round! you’re a G ranketh adventur’r but the Griffon……tsu~!?」

Although t wast Rhode who is’t ret’rt’d and did shout frankly at Rei’s w’rds, that gent becameth hath lost f’r w’rds at which hour Setteth did turn his headeth round and gaveth a deep caterwauling.

This couldn’t beest holp. Coequal if ‘t be true thee sayeth that gent did belong to an a rank’d party, Rhodes himself wast only an adventur’r of the C ranketh. taking noticeth of the A ranketh Griffon, that gent wast instinctively remind’d of the diff’rence in status between those folk.

「Hey, settleth down setteth. 」

While smiling wryly at rhodes compliment extern, Rei calm’d setteth down.


While scratching setteth’s headeth as usual with a k’ri~k’ri~ soundeth, that gent hath said to Rhodes.

「I’ll sayeth this f’r anon, Setteth isn’t hostile to oth’rs. Howev’r, if ‘t be true the oth’r party wanteth to harmeth me, yond’s diff’rent. 」

To those w’rds, Rhodes still hath felt yond Setteth might growl at that gent and wasn’t able to sayeth aught as his that from which we speak hath opened and did close with a paku~ paku~ soundeth.

「Gahahahahaha. this is most wondrous, knave. though i’ve seen monst’r tam’rs, this is the first timeth i’ve seen someone tameth a griffon. ho, may i toucheth t?」

This might beest the diff’rence between an a ranketh and C ranketh. Or, t couldst beest just the diff’rence in exp’rience.

「Set, what shall thee doth? that sir wouldst liketh to toucheth thee. 」
「Guru~. . . . . . 」

Set did stare at Rhodes, Elk and Min in ‘rd’r. aft’r a few seconds, that gent gaveth a sh’rt bark and gaveth his tail a sh’rt waft.

「He sayeth thee can. 」
「I seeth. s’rry about this. 」

Th’re wast a high grise of risketh in touching a A ranketh monst’r, howev’r, Elk didn’t has’t a did strain compliment extern and did smile as that gent hath reached out his handeth. His handeth did touch Setteth’s corse, which Rei wast leaning against……

「Oh! What, this smooth texture. this is the first timeth i’ve seen a Griffon, t’s fur hast such a smooth toucheth. 」

the most wondrous way to describeth Setteth’s fur wouldst beest yond t hadst a smooth texture liketh silk.

While patting the smooth fur, with a did satisfy mind, elk did nod.

「Hey, Rei. didst thee sayeth Setteth? it couldst beest possible with this quality to maketh robes with this fur f’r royalty thee knoweth?」
「Now then, what to doth about t. I mind not t as th’re wasn’t such an intention……」
「……Rei-kun, may i pateth t too?」

Unable to holdeth h’r curiosity at Elk’s w’rds, Min eke hath asked.

When Rei did look at Setteth, that gent shaked his tail in the same way as with Elk.

「He doesn’t mind. 」
「I seeth, then betimes. ……Elk, moveth hence a dram did bite. alloweth me feeleth the smooth toucheth. 」
「Mum! It’s dang’rous to approach a Griffon!」

Though Rhodes hath tried to stand ho h’r, of course, t wasn’t possible to stand ho Min, whose eyes w’re shining with curiosity.

「Hou~, Hou~, Hou~, Hou~……The toucheth is c’rtainly smooth. enow yond i wanteth to toucheth t f’rev’r. 」
「I knoweth right? Well, t’s our lucky day the present day to toucheth a Griffon without w’rrying about being did attack. 」
「That’s right, t’s as Elk hath said. A ranketh monst’r Griffon, t’s a priceless exp’rience to toucheth t’s corse. 」

While seeing two people patting his corse in such a way, aft’r turning and glancing at Rhodes with sharp eyes, Setteth did close his eyes.

「Kukuku~. T doesn’t liketh thee, Rhodes. 」

Elk did see the situation and hath called out to Rhodes while smiling as that gent and Min strok’d Setteth’s corse.

「Beh, i careth not coequal if ‘t be true i’m dislik’d by a Griffon. 」

No treatment, Elk alloweth out a sigheth. In yond state, Rei hath called out to Elk.

「I wast toldeth by Hobbes to act togeth’r with thee until we reacheth the orc settlement. Prithee taketh careth of me. 」
「Huh!? Why doth we needeth to taketh careth of a ranketh G all the way!?」

To Rei’s w’rds, Rhodes wast naturally the first to react, but t wast Elk rath’r than Rei who is’t int’rject’d.

「That’s a matt’r of course. Ah, of course i mind not. 」

To Rhodes who is’t did argue vehemently, Elk alloweth out an amaz’d sigheth.

「Listen up. Recall the meeting yond tooketh lodging this m’rning? Rei wast entrust’d with the transp’rt of goods f’r useth this timeth in the orc subjugation quest. 」
「Ah. I knoweth t because i hath heard t as well. 」
「Well then, what doth thee bethink shall befall if ‘t be true Rei gets taken out by a orc ‘r anoth’r monst’r?」
「That is……ah……」
「Have thee finally realised? Yond is right, all the supplies and equipment art gone if ‘t be true Rei dies. Well, h’re’s the problem. What art we?」
「……A ranketh party, Axe of the Thund’r God. 」
「That’s right. Furth’rm’re, we art the only A ranketh party participating in the Orc subjugation this timeth. 」

Rank A. Though t is one ranketh below the guild’s s ranketh, because only 3 S ranketh people did exist in the w’rld, ev’ry adventur’r knoweth yond a ranketh is only just below those folk. And as S ranks art scarce with only 3 in existence, to gen’ral adventur’rs, those gents consid’r people of a ranketh to beest substantially bett’r than themselves.

And the Axe of the Thund’r God wast a party with 2 such a ranketh adventur’rs. Their ability and track rec’rd in Gilm w’re consid’r’d top class talent by the guild, which wasn’t a mistaketh.

「We, who is’t art consid’r’d to beest the largest combat f’rce, art accompanying Rei, who is’t is carrying the subjugation f’rces’ supplies, as bodyguards. ……is th’re aught strange?」
「I c’rtainly und’rstand the imp’rtance of the supplies. Howev’r, isn’t t well enow coequal if ‘t be true we guardeth not this guy? Because coequal b ‘r C ranketh parties couldst act as esc’rts. 」

Rhodes becameth obstinate and object’d to Elk.

(Shit, mum and father shouldst taketh careth with a guy liketh yond. an item boxeth and a Griffon, that gent’s relying on his monst’r and charm item and not his owneth pow’r. As f’r the needeth to guardeth that gent in particular……)

While bethinking so in his mind, that gent did direct his gazeth to Elk.

His antipathy to rei, although the p’rson in questioneth didn’t knoweth, wast because of his moth’r, as Rei hadst hath said.

Of course, his fath’r, Elk, who is’t wast the leadeth’r of the Axe of the Thund’r God, naturally did notice this.

「Listen up. This is mine own decision as leadeth’r of Axe of the Thund’r God. Th’re shall beest nay objections, thou art not did allow to skimp on the esc’rt eith’r. 」
「……Okay. 」

To Elk’s unusually stout ‘rd’r, Rhodes reluctantly did nod in the endeth.

(S’riously, didst we spoileth this fellow too much? Even if ‘t be true his ability is C rank……he hast the charact’r of sticking to his moth’r. ‘Twill beest valorous if ‘t be true that gent can taketh some influenceth from Rei in this quest if ‘t be true possible. )

Unlike Min, Elk couldn’t detecteth charm pow’r. Howev’r, as an a ranketh adventur’r, that gent still vaguely did guess Rei’s ability and potential. By talking, Elk wast able to gen’rally grasp his charact’r. Though Rei did hide a vast pow’r in his corse, that gent wasn’t a lacking valor p’rson. ……m’reov’r, at which hour that gent hath heard what hath happened to the claws of the hawk, that gent couldn’t holp but has’t a wry smileth.

F’r elk, that gent didn’t liketh the way the claws of the hawk pick’d a square with a rookie to maketh that gent doth their ch’res. ……While knowing yond th’re is some effect on the development of a rookie, that gent couldst nev’r cometh to liketh t. Th’ref’re, at which hour that gent did collect inf’rmation on rei aft’r the orc subjugation meeting, that gent didn’t feeleth irk’d hearing about Rei’s ado with the claws of the hawk. Rath’r, that gent didst well! That gent che’r’d and did applaud.
While watching Elk w’rry about his son’s behavi’r, Rei did turn his gazeth tot that gent main gate while leaning on Setteth.

The people from the parties yond that gent hadst seen in the meeting in the m’rning w’re gath’r’d. While most of those folk w’re talking, the frequently did turn their eyes to Rei. Rath’r yond elk of Axe of the Thund’r God……most w’re looking at the Griffon, Setteth. T wasn’t unreasonable as while people hadst hath heard inf’rmation about Rei from inside the guild, t wast still the first timeth those gents hadst ev’r seen a genuine Griffon.

(But……the eyes obs’rving me and not setteth art the same as bef’re)

Those eyes hadst hath followed that gent ev’r since that gent hath shown off the misty ringeth in the meeting cubiculo. Those gents w’re eyes that gent hath felt all the timeth except at which hour that gent wast in the dusk wheat inn.

F’r the people sending glances, those gents likely pri’ritiz’d obtaining the misty ringeth ov’r the orc subjugation, Rei hadst a wry smileth as that gent hadst a humour in his mind yond a square wouldst cometh anon’r ‘r lat’r.

「Oh, that gent cameth. 」

At Elk’s murmur, rei did turn his gazeth to the main gate again.

From yond lodging, ’round 8 wagons cameth from the city. the figure of hobbes couldst beest seen in addition to the coachman of the first h’rse drawn wagon.

「People who is’t has’t hath taken the orc subjugation quest, each party might not but gath’r up and rideth on a wagon. in addition, Rei and Axe of the Thund’r God shall beest in the cent’r wagon with me. doth thee all und’rstand?」

To the adventur’rs gath’r’d who is’t beganeth to talketh, Elk then hath asked.

「Ah. The purpose is to reduceth the possibility of losing the goods?」

Elk hath said in replyeth to Hobbes’ w’rds.

Elk head’d to the h’rse drawn wagon. Min and Rhodes subsequently hath followed. Rei and setteth eke head’d f’r the wagon.

Adventur’rs who is’t hadst gath’r’d near the main gate beganeth boarding the wagons those gents hath decided on hastily as setteth cameth near. Elk and Hobbes hath continued their conv’rsation without minding at all. And……

「Okay, we’re setting off! it’s the Orc subjugation!」


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