Legend Chapter 26

「Ah, Rei, how was the request?」

Leaving the meeting room, the receptionist Lenora called out when he returned to the first floor of the guild. As there was no reason to ignore her as she had helped him several times, Rei stepped towards the counter.

「Ahh, no problems. I’ve successfully received the quest.」
「Is that so? But the enemy are Orcs, and I heard that there are a considerable number. Please be careful. It would be troubling if a promising rookie disappeared from the guild.」

As Lenora spoke, Rei saw worried eyes and an anxious look.

「That’s right. Because you’re still a rookie Rei, if it gets difficult, leave it to the higher ranked people and think of surviving first.」

The voice that was suddenly heard came from next to Lenora, it was a receptionist from the cat beast people. Because he had not talked with that person at all until now, Rei gave a questioning look.

「Ah, I’m sorry. I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Kenny. A close friend of Lenora. Nice to meet you, Rei.」
「A, Ah. I’ll be counting on you.」

Though it was certainly his first meeting with Kenny, she stretched out her hand with plain goodwill. Rei shook her hand while being slightly puzzled.

「Hey, Kenny.」
「What? The busy morning time has finished, isn’t this okay?」

Though Rei turned his view to the area around request boards at Kenny’s words, there certainly were few people around the request boards.

Though there were several adventurers eating breakfast before starting work, there weren’t any people drinking.

「Anyway Rei. Because this Orc subjugation request will be rather dangerous, please take care.」
「Ahh, I’ll make sure. Well, I’ll have to go soon as there are a lot of thing I have to prepare.」
「Ah, okay. Take care Rei.」
「Rei, if you don’t get hurt this big sister will praise you when you come back.」

Lenora waved her hand lightly as Kenny saw Rei off with a pose that boasted her big breasts.

Everyone who was still in the guild looked at him with jealous eyes while looking at the appearance of the receptionists who were their idols. Rei seemed not to notice it as he walked out of the guild.



「Ara, welcome back. That was fast. Is it a day off today?」

When he returned to the Dusk Wheat, he bumped into Lana at the entrance. With her stout build, she was holding a large amount of ingredients, possibly the ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

「Good timing. I’m going to be absent from here for a few days.」
「Yes, I understand. However, if your luggage is left in your room for longer than the time you payed for, it will be kept here. It will be disposed of if you don’t come back within 3 months, is that okay?」
「Ah, I don’t mind. Naturally, I’ll be taking Set of course.」
「I understand. When will you be departing?」
「About noon.」
「Then, please come to the dining room before leaving. A food box will be prepared.」

Shortly after saying that, Lana disappeared towards the dining room. Maybe she was busy with the preparation of lunch and dinner.

Rei, who saw her go, returned to his room, took off the Shoes of Sleipnir and the Dragon Robe and lay on the bed.

Because all his basic luggage was stored in the Misty Ring, the only personal belongings he had in the room were a change of clothes and some coins.

(Orc horde. It’s highly likely that its led by a rare species or higher species, is it.)

Rare species and higher species. The 2 are clearly different. For instance, the rare species goblin that Rei had defeated. That was a mutation of a goblin. However, for the higher species of goblin, a goblin that was born to the world as a greater existence, they were High Goblins.

(Anyway, with the Orc’s high rank, I expect it will be easier to acquire skills. However, I’d better not attract too much attention to the peculiarity of Set and the Death Scythe.)

Currently, Rei was already noticeable with his ability, evil looking weapon and the like. In addition, because the existence of the Misty Ring was announced in front of so many people, it would be impossible to avoid people with underlying motives, they would come sooner or later. In fact, there were several people who sent sharp glances when the Misty Ring was shown in the conference room. As well as that, a Griffon that could use Water Ball and Fire Breath and the Death Scythe that could corrode the enemies equipment, when these become public knowledge……

(No, wait. Though there’s no way to hide Set’s Water Ball and Fire Breath, I may be able to deceive them by saying the corrosion is my magi……maybe? No, well, anyway, it’s best if I can prevent the truth from being known.)

The skill of the Death Scythe that could corrode the enemies metallic equipment was, if anything, more effective against human opponents than monsters.

Though it’s natural if you think about it. Their claws and horns and parts of the body like their fangs and tails were the weapons of monster, for humans, it was the sword and shield, a human’s fighting power drops drastically without weapons or armour. And considering that most of those arms are made of metal, you could say that the corrosion skill was its natural enemy.

(Set can fight with only his basic ability as a griffon. And I can conceal the corrosion ability as much as possible……or something like that. But, according to Zepairu’s knowledge, their are a lot of Orcs that use weapons, I can’t do much but adapt to the situation.)

Adapting to the situation……something like that, Rei judged so and haphazardly stood up from the bed and started preparing for his departure.

Well, the things he needed to prepare was only the Dragon Robe and Shoes of Sleipnir that he had taken off before lying on the bed.

Although it was still early in the day, he judged that it was a good time to eat lunch in the dining room as he had promised Hobbes to go to the guild before noon.



「Ah, customer. Yes, this. Please eat it for dinner tonight.」

As soon as he entered the dining room, he was passed a food box containing plenty of sandwiches.

There was a large amount compared with a normal food box, it was heavy. Surprised by the unexpected weight, he instinctively asked.

「It seems like a lot more than usual?」
「That is so. Although you will only be absent for a few days, you can receive the 10 days worth you rented. Um, today’s lunch has been deducted from that. Please sit, food will be brought immediately.」

Thus, he ate lunch in the Dusk Wheat. Satisfied with the plentiful sandwiches for lunch, he went to the stables.


Set gave a joyful cry when he saw Rei come in.

The other horses in the stables began to fidget restlessly.

Set was a creature with an overwhelming status. However, though he was in the stable, they would feel safe when he was asleep, they remembered their fear again when Set woke up as Rei walked in.

Rei took Set out of the stables while smiling wryly at the situation.

「Set, we’ll be going for overnight expedition for the Orc subjugation.」

I understand, Set gave a short cry.

「However, this time it isn’t just Set and I. In total, there will be a few dozen people. Therefore, I don’t want any of your peculiarities known to anyone aside from me. It would be troublesome if you got mixed up with some strange people right? At any rate, outside the city, there will be various problems in the event you kill someone. Therefore, the use of Water Ball and Fire Breath is restricted while killing Orcs. Of course, you may use it if you judge it to be a life or death crisis.」

Reluctantly, Set agreed. Rei opened his mouth to speak while scratching and patting Set’s head.

「I’ll have to say this instead, there is likely to be a considerable number of Orcs. Because there seems to be a rare species or high ranking species like the one from the Goblin subjugation, magic stones are expected. Is Set interested in the meat from the Orcs?」

Maybe he recovered his mood with those words, Set gave a happy cry.

While smiling wryly at how the mood was easily restored by food, he went to the Adventurers Guild at once.

As always passers-by in the streets were surprised or scared by Set. Buying suitable food from stalls, they ate even though they just had lunch, the extra’s were stored into the Misty Ring.

While doing that, he walked along the road to the Adventurers Guild ahead. Without Rei saying anything, Set moved to the carriage waiting area and flopped down to resting.

After lightly patting Set’s head, Rei entered the guild.

Inside the guild, just before noon, there were a bit less than 10 adventurers sitting at the bar eating lunch. However, as Rei entered the guild and walked to the counter, a few of them observed Rei while eating their meal.

(……Is someone watching me?)

Rei felt people looking at him as he approached the counter. In this place, the reason for this attention was probably a member of the Orc subjugation force that saw the Misty Ring.

(Relaxedly travelling to the Orc settlement doesn’t seem to be possible after all. However, well……)

A faint smile floated onto his mouth.

(I’ll deal with it if they attack)


To Lenora at the counter, who caught sight of him and called out, Rei removed his smile.

「Ah, Rei. What’s wrong? Did you forget something?」

Kenny, who was next to Lenora, also asked.

Because it was a bit before noon, they had some spare time. There were only a few people around the request boards when he looked around briefly, most of the staff were also out, only a few were at the counters.

「Not at all, I was told by a guild staff called Hobbes to come before noon. There seems to be very few people though?」

For a moment, after saying so, he directed his eyes to behind the counters.

「That’s because a considerable number of people were pulled over for the preparation of goods and carriages for the Orc subjugation Rei is participating in.」
「About that, did you say Hobbes? Does that mean Rei is not going to the Orc subjugation quest?」

He shook his head to Kenny’s somewhat hopeful words.

「No, it’s about the transportation of goods.」
「Transportation of goods? Why were you called for that Rei?」
「Hey, Kenny! Stop rushing into things!」

Lenora chided Kenny when she asked Rei.

When the description of the Orc subjugation quest was explained, adventurers didn’t want to reveal their abilities to others. The other adventurers were still rivals although companions……So, a usual adventurer would have judged that. But, however.

「Ah, it’s because I have an item box.」

Without any common sense, Rei answered plainly.

That said, when he got into the dispute with the Claws of the Hawk, he had majestically shown the Misty Ring. Since the dispute with the Claws of the Hawk had happened right in front of the Adventurers Guild, he naturally thought they knew the information. He had also demonstrated it at the meeting for the Orc subjugation.

But what if by chance, the two, Lenora and Kenny, did not have the information that he had an item box? They looked at him with startled eyes.

「Eh? Rei san has an item box?」
「Uwa~, Rei kun is amazing. Hey, hey, let us take a quick look……」
「You came.」

A low voice interrupted Kenny’s excited voice. But, it wasn’t possible to miss his voice. It was a voice with a great presence.

「Ah, Hobbes.」
「Ah, thanks for your good work.」

Lenora and Kenny, quieted down and gave a small bow when they noticed him.

Hobbes turned his gaze from the two people to Rei without saying anything.

「Over here, follow me. The supplies are ready.」

After saying that, he went past the counter towards the back entrance of the guild.

「Then, see you soon.」
「I’ll take care to come back.」

Nodding after saying farewell to Lenora and Kenny, he went after Hobbes.
By the way, the glances from the bar that had persistently occurring during the conversation with Lenora vanished as soon as Hobbes appeared.


「These are the goods you need to carry.」

To Hobbes words, Rei turned his eyes to the mountain of goods in front of his eyes.

Aside from things like potions and mana potions, there were also medicines like antidotes and paralysis removal medications. There were also preserved food such as dried meat, dried fruit and biscuits. In addition to tents, there were also a large amount of various goods necessary for the subjugation. Though it was only a days distance from Gilm for the Orc subjugation, it was one day to travel and one day to subdue, they couldn’t return immediately. In total they needed 3 days to go and return. And when you thought of the extra amount needed for unexpected situations, the quantity came to a small mountain.

Still, this amount was possible to move as it was only a day’s distance, if it was a further place, the amount would have more than doubled. After all, you need enough food to serve 30 people.

「Can you carry it?」
「No Problem」

Giving a small nod to Hobbes’ words, Rei stored the goods one by one into the Misty Ring by touching the mountain of goods.

Hobbes looked at the situation impressed.

The goods were all stored within 10 minutes, according to Hobbes’ instructions, several goods were then repeatedly taken out of the Misty Ring and stored back.

「Right, I’ll leave the goods to you. Also, you were by yourself. Until we at least reach the Orc settlement, I would request that you act with the party Axe of the Thunder God. It won’t be funny if we can’t access the goods on the way to the Orc settlement if you die.」
「I understand.」
「So, it will soon be time for the members to gather at the main gate. Because I still have some business, you go ahead.」

Nodding to Hobbes’ words, he left.

(Finally it’s the Orc subjugation. Now then, what kind of magic stone will I get. Others likely have the same aim as me, it’s unlikely to be boring.)

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