Legend Chapter 19

The corpse of the red skinned Goblin lay in front of Rei and Set’s eyes. It was a rare species of Goblin. Because Set killed it in a single blow by breaking it’s neck, you could hardly see any injuries on it. In front of the corpse, Rei was thinking as he patted Set.

(A rare species. In other words it appears rarely. There basically isn’t much material to strip off a Goblin, but what if it’s a rare species? There may be usable parts. Fortunately, if I store it in the Misty Ring, time doesn’t flow and it won’t rot, I’ll store it in there for now. I’ll check if it can be used by listening around at the Adventurers Guild or searching at the library.)

Arriving at a conclusion, he touched the corpse to store it into the Misty Ring.

(Also, the right ear proof of subjugation, I’d better not submit it. If it gets known that I defeated a Goblin rare species I’ll be asked about the magic stone. Though I could make a temporary excuse and say the magic stone was destroyed when I defeated it, if the same excuse keeps getting used, it will become suspicious. In that case, I think it would be better if I just didn’t say I fought a rare species.)


As Rei was lost in thought, he looked at the surroundings while patting Set’s head.

The purpose of the request was to subjugate a minimum of 5 Goblins. Although he didn’t cut off the right ear of the rare species as proof of subjugation, the request had already been completed as he had secured 9 ears.

「And there’s still time left.」

He muttered as he looked at the sky, dimmed by the trees. The battle with the Goblins had taken a few minutes, the battle with the rare species had also taken a few minutes, Rei judged that there was still time before noon.

Though, for the time being, Rei had payed the inn for lunch, it was naturally only Rei’s share. Also, the amount of food was insufficient for Rei. Although he had a small body, it didn’t have a good energy efficiency.

「In that case, it’s necessary for me to hunt monsters for Set and my meals.」

Rei’s mutter might have been heard. That’s right, Set seemed to say as he gave a small cry.

「Right, then let’s search for monsters.」

「……Can’t find anything.」

To Rei’s words, Set gave a small, sad cry.

Though they had hunted for prey for about an hour after defeating the Goblin rare species, they had found nothing at all.

However, in a sense, that was natural. This forest was a forest next to the highway to Gilm, the guild regularly sent out subjugation quests to kill monsters so as to not hurt the travelers and merchants that pass through. The Goblins that Rei and Set defeated should originally have been defeated by those quests. However, the Goblins got a rare species leader and took shelter in the depths of the forest. According to the instructions of the leader, they concealed themselves attacked people passing through the highway before escaping.

(Come to think of it, I heard a story in the guild where a group of merchants and travelers were attacked……but isn’t it a bit strange that there was a rusty long sword?  From the guild, only the rare species had a proper sword. ……Were they able to steal weapons? Did they gather them somewhere and keep them or did they take weapons from the baggage?)

Though Rei though about it in his mind, he had no intention of looking for Goblin treasure as he had no money troubles.

As for Rei and Set right now, they would rather find a monster to eat than to find a silver coin.

Maybe their wish was heard, Set went in front of Rei, stopped and looked at the surroundings.


From that appearance, Rei judged that it was a monster, set up the Death Scythe to attack and waited for it.

And the next moment.


Something small flew sharply out from the bushes nearby.

Rei reflexively cut at the flying object with the Death Scythe. The object that was cut flew through the sky and slammed into a tree trunk with a bichari~ sound.

Rei looked at the tree trunk in an instant to see what it was that attacked him, there was a long strip of flesh with a dark red colour.

「It is a kind of snake?」

Rei gave a small mutter, his doubt was settled by the existence that sprung out of a bush the next moment. A huge frog, up to Rei’s knees, appeared. It’s skin was covered in a dark red viscous liquid similar to the tongue Rei had cut, it looked at Rei and Set with an emotionless gaze.

(A frog in this forest……there was a F rank subjugation quest for Poison Frogs……is it this fellow?)

Rei didn’t sense it as he muttered in his mind, the next moment, the frog kicked against the ground and used its jumping ability to silently attack Rei.



Even if you said that the frog had a special jumping ability, it was still only a F rank monster. Rei calmly read the enemy’s attack path and moved the Death Scythe into the path, adding a little bit of magic power.


Once it jumped into the air, the Poison Frog couldn’t change its trajectory. One strike and it landed in two halves. The upper half and lower half were split by the impact as they fell to the ground.


Set barked sharply and tried to eat the corpse……


Set’s movement was stopped by the stationary Rei.


Why? Set seemed to say as Rei took out the book Dismantling Monsters for Beginners that he had bought yesterday from the Misty Ring.

「Perhaps this is the Poison Frog, in other words, it probably has poison like its name says. You should be calm, it’s not good to eat the meat of a monster that has poison.」

Though he accepted Rei’s explanation, Set still looked at the Poison Frog regretfully.

The skin was covered in a dark red liquid, it was obviously poison. It seemed to be a strong one as well. Asking Set to watch the surroundings, he looked up the poison toad in the book.

(The material that can be taken are the tongue, a poison sac in the body and the two hind legs. But……)

He turned is eyes to the ground while comparing it to the book. The tongue had been cut my by the Death Scythe, the corpse of the Poison Frog was also split in 2. About the tongue, it wasn’t cut at the base since it hadn’t fully extended, however, it was still possible for Rei to collect it. The hind legs were good as they were completely untouched. However, the most valuable part, the poison sac, had been torn in two, it was impossible to collect. The poison from the torn sac had already overflowed into the internal organs of the Poison Frog.

「The tongue can be recovered later, first is the magic stone.」

Muttering, he took out the magic stone from the heart using the iron dagger, taking care not to touch the poison that had leaked out. It was somewhat larger than the ones from the normal Goblins. Similarly, he cut off the two rear legs.

To be accurate, it should be noted that the purchasing of the rear legs was for food rather than materials. The poison is removed by butchers who deal with monster meat and sold over the counter. It is possible to sell it at a surprisingly high price as it a expensive ingredient.

Although it was impossible to strip the poison sac, it could be used by pharmacists to create an antidote for the monster’s poison. The tongue is generally used as part of a bow.

Storing the magic stone and rear legs in the Misty Ring, he recovered the tongue that had fallen to the base of the tree.

In addition, the proof of subjugation was the webbed right fore foot. However, seeing the venom rotting it, Rei furrowed his eyes and gave up.

「So, the remaining corpse……what to do with it.」

In the case of the corpses of the Goblins they fought before, they could keep it as food as there was no poison. However, it was a Poison Toad that was in front of Rei. That is, it’s the corpse of a poisonous toad. Moreover, the poison sac had been torn and the poison spilled.

「I wonder if I should burn it just in case but……」

To Rei’s muttering, Set gave a small cry against it.

Set was worried about poisonous smoke if they burned it. Rei understood somehow and nodded while stroking Set’s back.

「That’s right, there will be more damage if I burn it. Should we leave it as it is? Well, I’ve stripped the material off, let’s hope the next monster is delicious.」

Set gave a short cry and continued to walk through the forest.

While walking through, Set discovered a fruit from a tree, pecked at it and found it was tasty. They advanced through the forest while being cautious about the quest.


After advancing through the forest for a while after killing the Poison Toad, they abruptly came to a clearing.

There was a large lake in the space that spread before Rei and Set’s eyes, it seemed to be used as a watering hole by monsters and beasts. As for evidence, there was beast that resembled a Fanged Boar at the edge of the lake.


Set pressed his face against Rei as if pleading for something. Rei understood what Set wanted to say to him. He likely wanted to kill the boar for his meal.

While scratching his head, Rei examined the boar’s appearence.

The wild boar had huge tusks growing from its mouth, with it’s sturdy build, it was probably heavier than Rei. Such a wild boar had its mouth to the water’s surface and was hungrily drinking water from the lake.

(It hasn’t noticed us yet because we’re about 100m away. In other words, the conditions are set for a surprise attack. A wild boar with tusks……perhaps its the Fanged Boar that I ate in the stew at the Dusk Wheat?)


Rei nodded at Set, who wanted to rush in early, and whispered to him.

「Ready Set? I’ll draw the Fang Boar’s attention with fire magic, you take the chance to attack it from the sky.」

Leave it to me, Set seemed to say as he gave a small cry and moved away from Rei. He determined that he wouldn’t be found by the Fang Boar if he flew into the sky.

While watching Set move away, Rei considered what kind of magic to use.

(The first objective is to not let the Fang Boar escape. In other words, it’s necessary to stop it from moving. In that case……I see, it’s easiest to cover the area in flames.)

Rei watched Set flap his wings and rise up to the sky in the distance and raised his magic power and started an incantation.

『Flame, form a burning wall that scorches all that touches it with fire.』

According to the incantation Rei spoke, magic power was emitted, a crimson line drew a circle centering around the Fang Boar.

The crimson line was even drawn on the surface of the lake that would normally put fires out. The moment the Fang Boar noticed, it kicked the ground in an attempt to escape.

『Ultra Flame Wall』

TLN: No joke, that’s what he called it.

As Rei completed the incantation, flames raced across the lines that lay on the ground, it formed a wall that divided the Fang Boar from the world outside.


The Fang Boar saw the huge wall of flames appear in front of its eyes and stopped its dash. The cry that leaked from its mouth sounded closer to a horse than a wild boar.


Though the Fang Boar was running about in confusion in front of the wall of flame, the temperature of the flame was enough to lightly burn the fur on its skin every time it went near. With this, it kept trying to approach before retreating.

How much damage would it receive if it tried breaking through the wall of flame in front of its eyes……no, because it was a wild animal, it likely understood by instinct. However, its hesitation was the Fang Boar’s greatest mistake. If it had broken through the wall of flame at this time, it would receive considerable damage from burns, still, there would be the possibility of surviving. However, by hesitating, the existence leading to its death came from the sky.


Set swooped from the sky while raising a cry. By the time the Fang Boar noticed his presence, it was already too late. The next moment, the forefeet of the Griffon swung down and slashed off the head.


While raising a cry of victory, Set started pecking at the raw meat. The Fang Boar was over 100kg but it slowly went into Set’s stomach.

Rei canceled the flame wall while smiling wryly at the scene.

Afterwards, they ate lunch while watching the scenery of the lake. Although Rei felt something was lacking, he waited for Set to slowly finish his meal.

「Right ear proofs of subjugation, there are 9. I would like them to be confirmed.」

In the guild in the city of Gilm, the right ears of the Goblins were taken from the Misty Ring and handed to the receptionist.

As the request for the day had been completed, after Set was satisfied with eating the Fang Boar, they decided to return to the city.

「Ah, yes. Um, because 1 ear is 3 copper coins, it comes to a total of 2 silver and 7 copper coins. So, how was your first quest?」

He shook his head at those words as the receptionist passed the reward.

「There were Goblins but I didn’t see a rare species. Perhaps that fellow is good at hiding itself.」
「Really……I understand. Please mark the area here.」
「I say, I didn’t actually see it though. It’s only going to be my guess?」
「Yes. But it’s still the opinion of a person who was on site.」
「……Even if I was on site, today is the first time I’ve acted as an adventurer.」
「I won’t believe that a person who is followed by a Griffon is a normal G rank. Other than that, thank you for your work today.」

Nodding to the receptionist who bowed her head, Rei’s first day as an adventurer was finished.

In addition, because tongue of the Poison Toad had been cut in the middle, he only got 5 copper coins for it. 2 silver coins were given for both rear legs while the Goblin magic stones were sold for 9 copper coins.

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