Legend Chapter 15

「Here it is.」

Rei muttered as he stopped on the road with Set. Though people passing by avoided Rei and Set, they ignored them and looked up at the signboard.

Drawn on the signboard was a sun setting on the horizon, a sheaf of wheat was dyed red by the evening sun. 『Dusk Wheat』 It could be said that the name of the inn was expressed on the signboard.

The size of the inn was about the same as the other inns Rei saw on the way from the guild. Traditionally, the first floor has a bar and dinning room, the second and third floors were inn rooms. The difference was the size of the stables that was built at the back of the inn. It was the same size as other inns combined. Originally, large caravans with mercenaries or visiting nobles with attendants would frequently stay at the Dusk Wheat. By the way, in the previous example, it was common for a noble to spend a few White Gold coins to stay a night at the inn.

The door made a gyi~ sound as he opened it. Because it was not past the afternoon, there weren’t many people. A few people were dinning in the bar on the first floor.

「Welcome. Are you here for a meal? Or are you staying for the night?」

A stout middle-aged woman called out to Rei when she saw him enter.

「I would like a room. Also, I would like to leave a monster I tamed in the stables.」

The woman nodded with a pleased smile when she heard Rei’s words.

「Yes, thank you very much. The inn charges payment in advance, it’s 3 silver coins a night with morning and evening meals. However, in the case of staying for 10 days it’s 2 gold coins and 7 silver coins. With that, what is the tamed monster?」
「It’s a Griffon.」
「……I see.」

Although she stopped moving for an instant after hearing Griffon, she immediately pulled herself together, showing more guts than the men in the neighbourhood, and returned her eyes to Rei,

She had interacted with adventurers and mercenaries on a daily basis.

「A Griffon is big……including the fees for feed and space in the stables it is 2 silver coins a night. For 10 days it’s 1 gold and 8 silver coins.」
「Ah, thanks.」

He nodded and took out 5 gold coins from the bag in his chest without any problems.

In the first place, he heard that this was the only inn that he and Set could stay in, since there wasn’t a choice, he didn’t mind it.

「Thank you, here are 5 silver coins change. Someone from the inn will guide you to the stables immediately, can you take the Griffon with you?」
「Okay. The first floor seems to be a bar, but can you eat here as well?」
「Yes. However, it costs extra to the morning and evening meals.」

Listening to the woman’s words, he gave one of the silver coins he received.

「Please prepare lunch, I would like to have it after going to the stables and dropping off my luggage. Some for the Griffon as well.」
「I understand. ……It’s a bit late to say it but I’m Lana, the proprietress of the Dusk Wheat.」
「I see, I’ll be in your care for a while. I’m Rei. The Griffon in the stable is called Set.」
「Yes, nice to meet you. ……Ah, he seems to have come. That kid will guide you to the stables.」

A young man who looked about 20 was called by Lana. It could be Lana’s son, their features were very similar.

「This kid called Dram is my son. You can talk with this kid about the monster since he’s in charge of the stables. Dram.」

Prompted by Lana, Dram bowed his head. Similar to his mother, he wore a honest smile on his face.

「Nice to meet you, I’m Dram. Going to the point, I’ll guide you to the stables at once.」
「Ah. The monster is in the stable.」
「Yes, then please come with me first. We must be cautious around monsters.」

Nodding to Dram’s words, the two people headed to the stables. By the way, after seeing Dram off, Lana headed to the kitchen to ask them to prepare the meal that was asked for.

「Uwaa~……it’s a splendid Griffon.」

Was the first thing Dram said when he saw Set. Rei heard it and looked at Dram with a surprised face.

Since coming to the city of Gilm, Dram was the first to raise his voice with pure admiration on his face, others who saw Set were all frightened with fear on their faces.

「Guest, um, is it safe to stroke it?」

On the contrary, he even asked if he could touch it. In this situation, Set, and not just Rei, gave a favourable response, giving a happy cry.

Rei nodded while having a strange smile on his face.

「Ah. It seems like Set likes you.」
「In that case, pardon me……」

He stretched out his hand to stroke the smooth silky hair that had grown on Set’s back.

「It’s great……this is the first time I’ve touched a Griffon, it has a smooth feel.」

Dram was impressed as he said that, of course, the smooth touch of the Griffon was specific to Set, normal Griffons had coarser feel.

「Well, could you guide him to a satisfactory place in the stables?」
「Ah, yes! I’m sorry. I’ll guide you there immediately.」

Following Dram’s guidance, they went through a side road close to the entrance of the inn, soon, the stables came into view.

As expected, it was suitable to accommodate large caravans and mercenary parties, it was almost the same size as the first floor of the Dusk Wheat.

「Here, please.」

Although there was a peculiar smell of animals and monsters as they entered the stables, according to Dram’s words, it was kept clean. In addition, the figures of the horses of customers staying as the Dusk Wheat could be seen.

However, most of the horses wouldn’t calm down and looked around restlessly when they saw the appearance of Set, moving their bodies little by little.

The difference in status may have been felt instinctively.

「Ah, I’m sorry. You can see the state of some of the other customer’s horses, I’ll let this child rest in a separated place.」

As Dram apologized, he took Set to the place furthest from the horses.

「So then, I wonder if it is okay for Set to stay here.」

When Dram called his name, Set gave a cry of approval.

「……Rei, does Set……understand people’s words?」

Seeing Dram notice Set nod, Rei gave a wry smile.

「Because it’s an A rank monster, it can understand the words of most people.」

At most, a usual A rank monster can only understand human words to a certain degree and it is not possible to understand perfectly like Set, however, Dram didn’t seem to know and gave an impressed nod.

While watching the situation, Rei called out to Set, who was behind Dram.

「Dram, I’ll leave Set’s care to you. Please give him some food after settling him, he hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Money has been passed to the proprietress.」
「Ah, yes. I understand.」
「Then, Set. behave yourself here.」

After Rei scratched his head and left, Set gave a lonely cry.

「Guest, your meal is ready.」

When he re entered the inn, Lana’s voice called out from a seat at the bar.

「As expected, because it was prepared before dinner, it’s made with what was on hand……」

Saying so, there was a meat stew and plenty of bread. There was also, cheese, wine and a vegetable salad.

Losing to the sound of his stomach, he took a bite of the meat stew. As soon as he savoured it, the flavour of meat spread through his mouth.

「Thank you very much.」

The words involuntarily cam from his mouth, Lana bowed her head while smiling.

「Because the price of our inn is higher than others, we have put an emphasis on the food.」

Expensive, Rei reacted when he heard that word.

(3 silver per night. In other words, breakfast and dinner for 3,000 yen. Though I though it was cheap……well, I guess it’s natural that price differences exist between Japan and a fantasy world’s frontier city.)

「By the way, what is the meat in this stew?」

Rei tried asking out of curiosity as it had a similar taste to the wild boar meat that he had eaten in Japan when a hunter in the neighbourhood shared some.

However, Lana returned the question with a strange look.

「What meat……it’s the meat of a Fang Boar? Haven’t you eaten it? It’s a common meat around here.」

Rei stopped moving the spoon to his mouth for an instant, but then immediately continued talking without changing his face.

「No, my master told me to train and forcibly teleported me here using space magic. I just became an adventurer today, I don’t know anything about the area.」
「Ah, he was a magician. That’s very dreadful. Do your best to eat our cooking.」

Tricking Lana, he searched Zepairu’s knowledge.

(Information on a Fang Boar……doesn’t exist. It’s become completely useless. In that case, the first thing tomorrow is gathering information at a guild or library somewhere.)

While thinking so, he ate the bread and vegetable salad, tasted the cheese and drank the wine last.

By the way, although it was the body of a 15 year old, he finished the meal without getting drunk, it seems Zepairu’s organization had given it some alcohol tolerance.

「Phew……lots of things happened today.」

A corner room on the second floor. Rei’s room was there. It can be said that the price was high for a frontier city, however, there were no complaints as it was a neat room with a a bed a futon. Particularly, the futon had been sun dried as he could smell the air. The Dragon Robe was taken off and he muttered to himself as he lay on the bed.

「Come to think of it, when I find more information about the world tomorrow, I should also look at the calendar. Zepairu’s knowledge is confusing. 」

Zepairu’s knowledge in Rei, could only be used as a reference in this world, especially about common sense. No, he judged that he should search the contents as his preconception may be different from the present common sense.

「Of course, magic……no, I wonder what use there is for magic.」

As he muttered, the Misty Ring on his right arm suddenly came into view. When he saw it, he remembered the money and items that he had taken from Vargas a few hours ago.

Getting up from his prone state, he took out 4 money bags from the list in his mind and spread the contents on the bed. Counting the money, there were 4 White gold coins, 8 gold coins, 15 silver coins and 9 copper coins.

「Including what they would have in their room, this amount of money.」

Rei muttered, however, he didn’t know that this was literally the total assets Vargas had.

「Dungeon searching seems to be quite lucrative……to some extent.」

There were various monsters and the magic stones and materials could be taken from them. If there are a lot of monsters, Rei could earn a lot of money……in addition, it was an attractive place for adventurers. However, you couldn’t call it low risk high return, a certain amount of strength was required. What was most painful for Rei was that the dungeon was narrow. Though there was no combat problems for normal adventurers, for the long Death Scythe and the 2m large Set, it would be difficult.

「We will go to the dungeon, after improving our combat power.」

Rei concluded that for the time being, put the money back into the Misty Ring and looked at the weapons he took from Vargas.

One long sword. Two daggers, a quiver and a bow. And a battle axe, which was the main magic item.

By the way, the long sword was called iron sword, both daggers were called iron daggers, the bow was just a bow. The name of the battle axe was Power Axe.

Knowing the name was an effect of the Misty Ring. The name of the weapon was neatly displayed in the list in his mind. As a result, Rei understood that he could put in unknown items into the Misty Ring to see the name.

Looking at them, he returned them to the Misty Ring while letting out a sigh.

The long sword and battle axe could be used if the Death Scythe got in the way. The high performance mithril knife could be used as a dagger. Though he could barely use it, there was a bow. However, in that case, he could attack an approaching enemy at a long distance with the bow and swap to the Death Scythe when it got close.

「Well, I can leave the long sword for emergencies. The daggers can probably be thrown. As for the remaining bow, arrows and battle axe……well, there’s no need to decide so soon.」

In the first place, he had a considerable buffer in his pockets because of the money he took from Vargas, Rei judged it was necessary and bought some hot water for 3 copper coins, he then slept until supper after cleaning his body.
By the way, dinner was a steak of a monster called Kelpie and a stew made from it’s offal.

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