Legend Chapter 14

A 1 vs 4 fight. Aside from that, it was 4 D rank adventurers against a rookie that just registered at the Adventurers Guild today.

If you thought about it normally, the winner of the fight was obvious. However, the actual conclusion was the rookie shutting out the 4 D rank adventurers in a clean sweep.

Of course, there were various reasons why Rei won, half the watchers were convinced while the other half were unbelieving. In their vision, an adventurers rank was absolute.

Some people understood, for Rei to be accompanied by a rank A monster Griffon, he must have some ability. As for the unbelieving people, he was only a 165cm tall person who was neither big or muscular.

While being watched by the onlookers, Rei called to Set.


With a joyful cry, he left the spot and passed the items he was protecting to Rei as the prize for the fight..

Firstly, he re-quipped the Misty Ring on his right arm, then he returned the mirthril knife to his waist. Putting his money bag back to his chest, he took the bag of gold that Vargas had bet and stored it into the Misty Ring.

(I will invite unnecessary people if I count the money in front of so many people, I’ll confirm how much there is when I get to the inn later.)

A person in the crowd clicked their tongue. When Rei heard it, he saw the person who had clicked their tongue and recalled who he was..

「Well, is that okay?」

The voice that called out was from the man that came out of the guild and indicated the fight area. He had watched and spoke out at a suitable time, Rei shook his head at his words.

「No, give me a little bit longer.」

He replied shortly to the man. Sequentially, he took the long sword, two daggers, a bow, arrows and the battle axe that was lying on the ground and stored them into the Misty Ring.

「……I thought it wasn’t necessary to take their weapons.」

The man that was watching called out reprovingly, but Rei shook his head in silence.

「In the first place these people picked a fight and the contents of the bet was all their property. They should be grateful and thank me for not stripping their clothes.」

There were also other reasons why he didn’t want to strip the men’s clothes.

「……Well, okay. The guild policy is not to interfere between adventurer conflicts. Though I don’t think I need to confirm it again, the rules mean that I have to check. Are you Rei?」
「You’re hoping for a rank up from H to G?」
「That’s right. If you have combat knowledge, I heard you can rank up from H to G on the first day?」
「So, I think I was able to show my combat ability from the battle before……is the rank up possible?」
「There are no complaints. A rookie who just just registered with the guild knocking down a D rank adventurer party alone……although I saw it with my own eyes it’s unbelievable. However, since I saw it, I’ll believe it.」

Interested in the words of the man, who was smiling wryly, Rei observed him. He was in his late thirties to forties, from the scar that could be seen his cheek, he was probably a former adventurer. His height was about the same as Vargas, 190cm, and seemed to have a muscular body.

Urged by the man to re-enter the guild, Rei faced the guild, disregarding the curious gazes of the spectators.

By the way, Set returned to the place he was at before and lay down again after he saw Rei go back into the guild.

Also, the residents of Gilm were of course happy that even though the spectators were curious, none of them were reckless enough to meddle with Set.
「We’ve already entered the guild, but what about those guys lying outside?」
「As I said earlier, it has been ruled that the guild will not intervene in problems between adventurers. So, your guild card.」

Following the man’s words, the man walked further inside after Rei gave his guild card. As the man walked away, Rei looked around the guild. The people who had saw the commotion earlier wore expressions of astonishment and assent as they looked at Rei.

Among the people who were looking, one man approached Rei.

Rei remembered the man. At the beginning, he was one of the people drinking with Vargas, he had left to drink by himself when Vargas picked a fight with the rookie Rei.

「That was surprising, after all, what to say……well, it feels like everything fell into place.」
「……You are?」
「Runo. Though I think you know, I’m a person who formed a temporary party with the fools who picked a fight with you.」
「Yes. Those guys said that the request this time was tough. That’s the reason I temporarily joined their party as an assistant. I wonder what they were thinking, getting involved with a monster like you. With that party, I’ll receive damage if I stayed with them.」

Monster. Hearing that word, Rei’s cheeks twitched.

It didn’t hurt his feeling that he was called a monster. In the first place, Rei thought that about half his body was like a monster. However, that was true because Rei knew the performance of his body. The existence of Set probably wasn’t even noticed by those inside the guild.

「Monster, eh. Why would you call me that? It can’t be……by appearance?」

He watched Runo closely so as to not miss any suspicious movements.

However, Runo quickly shook his head, showing that he had no hostility.

「Oi oi, don’t look at me like that. When I said that, I was honest.」

Prompted by Rei, Runo continued with cold sweat.

「To begin with, the reason why I partnered up with Vargas was because I have an extraordinary type of eyes called magic eyes.」
「Magic eyes?」
「Ah. ……Even I say that, its not a powerful magic eye where I can enchant or petrify things by looking at them. My magic eyes only have one ability. I can see magic power.」
「Seeing magic power……eh.」
「Ah. As for working with Vargas this time, there is a dungeon a few days from here, one of the levels has magic traps. For the purposes of clearing it, my eye was necessary. So, when I looked at you with my magic eyes……you magic power has a quantity and concentration that honestly can’t be explained in any words other than monster.」
「……I see. You’ve convinced me for now.」

As he nodded, Rei’s interest turned towards the dungeon.

Dungeon. For some reason, when magic power gathers, an existence can form with the materialization of a nucleus. The monster that gains power due to the nucleus becomes the boss monster of the dungeon, the scale of the dungeon gradually increases unless the boss monster is defeated.

Once the boss monster has been defeated at least once, the scale of the dungeon will become fixed.

Furthermore, because of the dungeon’s nature to accumulate magic power, common beasts entering and turning into monsters was a common story. In addition, whenever the number of monsters in the dungeon dropped below a certain number, the nucleus would either transfer monsters to it or create new monsters.

Though the dungeon disappears if the nucleus is destroyed, the material and monsters that the dungeon created will not disappear, adventurers who aim to get money gather the drops. There will be a profit exceeding the disadvantages as merchants will come to purchase the materials.

(Dungeon……saying that there are a lot of monsters, going there sooner or later with Set is not a bad idea. Getting some decent skills is also good. The problem is with the Death Scythe and fire magic, I can only afford to do combat maneuvers with Set if there is enough space.)

As Rei thought this in his head, the man who took his guild card came back.

「What, you seem to get along with Runo even though he formed a temporary party with Vargas and that rowdy bunch.」
「Gran, don’t say unnecessary things. Because I was friends with Vargas I had a lot of trouble clearing the misunderstanding.」
「Runo is the same as usual. Rei, I’ll tentatively introduce Runo as an able adventurer. Basically, he is a fighter, can use some attack magic, can use some healing magic and is a convenient fellow who also has some thievery skills.」

The man, Gran, explained Runo’s capabilities as he passed the guild card. While listening to him talk, Rei muttered.

「In other words, Jack of all trades, master of none.」
「……No, well, it’s not entirely true. I wonder if it was a little bit unclear.」
「There’s no doubt this guy is convenient to have in a party. Hey, why don’t you form a party with Runo?」

Gran recommend that Rei should form a party with Runo.

Actually, Gran had expectations for the new guy Rei……his abilities were outstanding – normally, a rookie wouldn’t be able to take 4 D rank adventurers in a one sided fight – anyway, he had high expectations for Rei’s talent. However, he seemed to have problems with interpersonal relationships as he immediately got into trouble with a D rank adventurer party right after registering. Therefore, although Rei’s abilities were powerful, he hoped that Runo would be able to help improve his interpersonal relations if they were in the same party.

「Sorry. I intend to work solo for now. I have a companion already.」

Rei refused frankly. In the first place, the material of a monster that sells the most is the magic stone. However, Rei’s purpose was to let the magic stones be absorbed by Set and the Death Scythe, also, there was definitely going to be disagreements when in a party.

「……Well, certainly it would be leisurely if you have a Griffon for a companion.」

Because Runo was in the guild the entire time, naturally, he never heard any news about Set.

Gran noticed that and and his mouth turned into a grin.

「I see, you don’t know since you were drinking alone when Vargas went out. Rei over there tamed a Griffon.」

Runo asked disbelievingly, Rei answered with a nod as he placed the guild card into the Misty Ring.

TLN: There’s three people talking to each other now so I’ll put a note he for who’s talking to who.

「Now then. The the rank improvement has been updated, I must get going soon. You should find him an inn.」 (Runo to Gran)
「I see. It’s a pity……by the way, have you decided on an inn?」(Gran to Runo then Gran to Rei)
「Ah. I was told by a guard called Ranga to go to the Dusk Wheat Pavilion. I mean, I heard that it was the only inn that has the facilities to take care of Set.」(Rei to Gran)

Gran nodded at Rei’s explanation. Gran knew that the Dusk Wheat Pavilion was the only inn that could take care of a Griffon. If he hadn’t decided on an inn, he was going to introduce that place.

「I see. You seem to already know. After going out of the guild go straight to the right until you see a sign saying Dusk Wheat. You’ll know immediately when you see a sunset and wheat symbol.」
「Ah, thank you.」

Thanking Gran, Rei left the guild. While seeing Rei’s back as he left, Gran had a premonition that the future would become becoming noisy in various ways.


When Rei approached, Set opened his eyes and gave a happy cry.

「I kept you waiting. Since the only accommodation seems to be the Dusk Wheat Pavilion, lets get going quickly.」

Rei talked while stroking the smooth hair on Set’s back……


Having never been separated from Rei since he was born, Set was quite dependent and rubbed his head against Rei.

After caring for Set for about 10 minutes, they left the guild.

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