Legend Chapter 13

The front of the Adventurers Guild building. Currently, Rei was facing the 4 adventurers that had picked a fight with him. ……To be accurate it he was in a confrontation.

「Heh, it’s too late now. Even if you have some skills, we won’t forgive you even if you start crying.」
「I’ll repay the insult that Claws of the Hawk received.」

Vargas held a battle axe and Zorito held a long sword in his hand while threatening Rei.

The two adventurers at the back held a bow and dagger respectively as they looked at Rei and grinned.

The 4 people didn’t have any armour equipped and were wearing ordinary clothes.

The residents of the city gathered at a distance while curiously looking at Rei and the other 4.

At this time, Vargas and the other 3 were still drunk. They were curious voices from the people who had seen Rei and Set walking down the main street, but they didn’t hear.

By the way, as for Set, he had noticed the sign of magic power when Rei came out of the Adventurers Guild. When he lifted his head, he saw Rei wink and closed his eyes before lying back down again.

Although Set was always pampered by Rei, he instinctively guessed the ability of the adventurers standing in front of Rei and judged that there was no problem.

In addition, because Vargas was drunk, he had the thought that Griffons would never be found in downtown and didn’t even notice the existence of Set.

No, it would be funny if one expected a Griffon in the city.

「Well, good for nothing Goblin Drool. Why don’t we make a bet?」
「……A bet?」

Goblin Drool, he urged Rei to continue while blue veins appeared on his forehead at the disgraceful party name.

By the way, even the onlookers who heard the name were trying not to smile and laugh at it. Everyone shut up when the man with the bow glared at the surroundings.

「Ah. A bet. I heard a story a little while ago, miraculously, maybe because you used up a lifetimes worth of luck, you succeeded a request at last? So, during your celebration, you picked a fight with me who was just registering. Pride is pointless, that’s the truth……」
「Shut up! Stop talking freely like just before! Used a lifetimes amount of luck? Fortunately? Finally? You’re looking down on us even though you’re a novice that just registered!」

To Rei’s provocation, Vargas yelled threateningly while waving his battle axe.

The sound of the air as he waved his axe showed that Vargas wasn’t just all talk.

「Well, that’s difficult to say. So, the contents of the bet. I’ll fight the 4 of you from Goblins Drool one at a time. And if you win……that’s right.」

He took a bag of gold coins from his chest and removed the mithril knife and the Misty Ring from his right arm.

「7 gold coins, a knife made from superior mithril and a magic item with an item box function. I’ll give these to you.」

It became noisy when Rei held out the items for Vargas to see. Not only that, there were some onlookers who had knowledge on magic items to some extent, they started to explain the value of the goods such as the Misty Ring that Rei had displayed.

「Don’t joke! You’re just a kid and you only registered with the guild today! Don’t try to cheat us with fake things!」

Vargas said angrily. It wasn’t for no reason. Aside from the gold coins, there was the mithril knife and item box. If you bought them, it would be worth dozens of light gold coins, hundreds might be necessary. Mithril knife aside, item boxes were a very rare product.

Knowing this, Rei looked haughtily at the 4 people in front of him.

「Whether or not it is the real thing, feel free to judge if you beat me. Well, since I took out articles of this level, you guys have to put out something of equal value.」

The 4 people were silent after Rei’s words, this was natural. Afterall, Vargas was only a D rank adventurer. This was the first time he had seen a magic box, there was no way he had goods of equal value. However, even though he was made into a fool in front of the crowd, he could only glare at Rei with murderous eyes.

「What’s wrong? Display the goods you bet. ……That said, it’s probably impossible, as expected of Goblin Drool. Therefore, I’ll allow you to bet everything you have right now. You should have something if you came to celebrate the achievement of a request?」

Hearing Rei’s words, Vargas’s eyes became more murderous.

In fact, Rei had misunderstood. To Rei, he thought that the 4 people wouldn’t have taken their entire fortunes with them and would have left some savings at their inn. However, because of the possibility of it getting stolen, Vargas hadn’t left any money at their inn and had brought all of it with them. However, his judgement wasn’t that strange. As a frontier city, Gilm had good security. But, this didn’t mean there were no thieves.

「……All right.」

Zorito and the remaining two men looked at Vargas with criticizing eyes when he nodded.

「You must prepare yourselves. We would make a fool of ourselves if we ran now, we would become laughingstock from tomorrow on! We only have to win. If we win, then the mithril knife and the item box will be ours.」

Whether the Vargas’s words stimulated their greed, or maybe they understood that they couldn’t retreat from the situation, the 3 men stared daggers at Rei.

「 If you have decided. Then take out your entire fortune.」

At Rei’s words, the 4 men each took a bag of money from their chests and tossed to where the Misty Ring was.

Seeing that situation, Rei opened his mouth as a grin floated onto his face. As if to match the timing, a man walked out the guild door,

「Now then, we’ll leave the items here in this place while we fight, it’s no fun if someone steals them. ……Set!」

Though Vargas was suspicious about who Rei called out to, he understood at once. ……They were forcibly made to understand.


While raising a cry, a Griffon over 2m in length that had been lying down instantly leaped up. As half the crowd started running away screaming. Set stood as if guarding the mithril knife and Misty Ring. Still, although half the crowd ran away, half stayed. The information that Rei was accompanied by a Griffon was whispered among the crowd. This was probably because the the necklace that Set wore was evidence that he was a tamed or summoned monster.

……Of course, the average person would normally be scared if they saw a Griffon in public.

「Hii, Hiii~!」

The person with the long sword, Zorito, fell backwards screaming. He wasn’t in a state were he could stand up.

Starting with Vargas, all the others that saw Set were stunned.

To the 4 people in the other party, Rei opened his mouth to speak while smiling in ridicule.

「Don’t worry, I don’t need to borrow Set’s claws for Goblin Drool. I’m the only opponent. Set, I’ll fight against these 4 one by one now. The prize at your feet goes to the victor. Although these fellows becoming the winner is an impossible possibility.」

Set gave a small cry of approval at Rei’s words. After confirming the state of the Death Scythe in his hands, Rei called out to Vargas.

「No need to worry, I’ll knock you down safely. Hey, let’s start at once. Who’s first?」

When Rei asked, the power that Vargas displayed previously seemed to have vanished, he was silent as his face turned blue. The colour of intoxication on his face a few minutes before had completely vanished.

「Haa, silence is it. ……Well, okay. Then we’ll start from the guy that can’t stand up, Zorito. Hey, here I come.」

Declaring that without asking, Rei stepped toward Zorito, who couldn’t stand up, with the Death Scythe.

「Hii, Hiii~! Don’t come……don’t cooommmmeee!」

Feeling fear as Rei gradually approached, Zorito desperately grabbed his longsword that was lying on the ground and tried to cut Rei in a panic.

The attack had neither the skill or experience of a D rank adventurer, he just wanted to cut Rei somehow.

「Small fry.」

Naturally, such a blow couldn’t hit Rei. In his eyes, the sword was swung recklessly. Moving his body little by little to evade all the attacks, he went into motion with the handle of the Death Scythe.

(Because even the body of the Water Bear was pierced easily, I shouldn’t use the stab first.)

As expected, even if he said that they picked a fight, he didn’t know what the guild penalty was for killing the other party. So, the aim was to make all of them faint. As Rei judged the length of the sword, he crouched down and dived towards Zorito’s body. In return he gave a single blow and hammered the handle of the Death Scythe into Zorito’s side at about 30% power.

With a baki~ sound, his hands felt the sense of Zorito’s ribs breaking. Even though Zorito was 30cm taller than Rei, his body was still blown to the side.

With crushed ribs, Zorito was blown away and slammed into the wall of the Adventurers Guild……


Besha~, a sound like that was heard as he fell to the ground.

「That’s one person. Next, the dagger user over there. Come.」

Not even looking at the unconscious Zorito, he beckoned to the man with the dagger, who was standing there frozen.


However, the man couldn’t keep up with the development of the situation and remained motionless.

「Haa. Is this really D rank?」

While letting out a sigh, with one strike of the handle, Rei blew him away like Zorito. The man with the bow and arrow was similarly blown away, each of them ended up with broken arms and ribs.

Glancing at the 3 people that had fainted ungracefully, he then turned towards Vargas, the only remaining person……


Looking at the face of Vargas before him, he waited for the moment battle axe swung down to strike with the Death Scythe.

Gyin~! While making a shrill sound, the Death Scythe repelled the battle axe.

Even though he held back so as to not kill, after exchanging blows between the handle of the Death Scythe and battle axe, Rei had an interesting look in his eyes.

Needless to say, the Death Scythe was materialized with Rei enormous magic power……no, to be accurate, it was a magic item. When thinking about how the characteristics and performance would increase as it absorbed magic stones, in fact, it was a rarer item than the Misty Ring.

「The axe, is it a magic item?」
「Shut up! Shit, shit, daaamn iiit!」

While scowling at Rei with hateful eyes, he swung the battle axe down, raised it back up and struck again.

The speed and technique were reasonably high, if someone saw it, they would say that he had a combat ability higher than a rank D adventurer. It was better than Zorito by a large extent, who had blindly swung his sword around with his strength.

In fact, because some time had passed since Rei showed his true power, Vargas had somewhat pulled himself together.

However, Vargas’s desperate onslaught wasn’t that hard to defend given Rei’s physical ability and five senses. Inclining his and turning his body, the blow was evaded and repelled with the handle of the Death Scythe. Swinging it up after scraping the ground, the attack was diverted as it slid across the handle of the Death Scythe.

Such exchange of offense and defense continued for a few minutes. As expected, Vargas continued swinging his axe with full force, Rei forcibly swept it to the side as he took some distance.

「Haa, haa, haa……」

Vargas took up a distance between Rei, he ascertained the state of his numb arm as he regained his breath

Weight reduction is one of the Death Scythe’s characteristics. However only Rei felt the weight as a pair of disposable chopsticks, a person who received a blow would feel that they were hit by a 100kg mass of metal. With that in mind, Vargas was holding up well after exchanging several blows.

「Well, are your arms tired? Then allow me to continue.」
「Shut uppp!」

To the light provocation, Vargas attacked again even though he hadn’t fully recovered his breath. This might be reason he was still stuck in D rank despite his combat ability.

The battle axe was swung down with a cry. As Rei saw it, he moved diagonally. In other words, he moved beside Vargas……with the Shoes of Sleipnir, he kicked the air! Jumping towards Vargas’s body in a triangle hop……he held the arm that was holding the battle axe. Before it had swung down, he hit the elbow, side and knee joint consecutively with the handle of Death Scythe.

His elbow was broken and the battle axe fell to the ground, his side was hit and his ribs broken, with a broken knee joint, he fell to the ground,

The attacks were carried out in a blink of an eye, Vargas fainted due to the pain and toppled to the ground.

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