Legend Chapter 12

The main street in the city of Gilm. It was currently buzzing with noise and voices.

No, that was the usual situation, there wasn’t anything strange about it. The difference was the man at the center of the buzz – although boy may be more correct – and the Griffon that was with him.


Worried glances could be seen from the surroundings. Set gave a small cry. The moment the cry was heard, the surroundings immediately became quiet, but soon the noise started up again.

However, it wasn’t unreasonable. A rank A monster, Griffon, was walking majestically through the city after all. One of the two necklaces worn around its neck clearly showed that it was a tamed or summoned monster. If it was a wild Griffon, all the commoners in the main street would have run and adventurers, knights and soldiers would be facing it with weapons drawn.

「Don’t worry about it. If you don’t do anything, they won’t do anything either.」

Rei said while scratching Set’s head. From the patterns, Rei was wearing an expensive high quality robe. He was also holding a scythe with a 2m long handle and a 1m long blade. Even if Set wasn’t there, there was no doubt he would still be the center of attraction.

In addition, although the robe he was wearing was a top class item called Dragon Robe, produced by the alchemist Esta Nord, most people wouldn’t see as a magic item. Because of that, it didn’t stand out as a magic item when people looked at it.

The noise continued for 10 minutes as they walked down the street. Finally, a building with big sign that said Adventurers Guild came into Rei’s sight, as told by Ranga.

「Set, because there’s a waiting place for animals and horse carriages, wait for me there. Make sure the necklace can be seen. If someone tries to do something to you, it’s okay if you injure them.」

Set nodded at Rei’s voice. The people in the surrounding area had cramped cheeks when they heard Rei’s words.

Sending Set to the specified location, Rei headed towards the Adventurers Guild.

「Now, where should I go.」

With a creaking sound, he opened the door to the building. Then, an unexpected view entered Rei’s eyes. Rowdy people gathered in great numbers, some drinking Sake and some arguing, sometimes a voice would raise vulgar laughter. ……Though Rei expected such a scene, it was different from his expectations. There were definitely places for food and drink in the Adventurers Guild, but there were only about 5 people who looked like adventurers, a few more people were drinking but most seats were vacant.

「Welcome. What business do you have here?」

While Rei curiously looked around the guild, a voice suddenly called out to him. When he turned his eyes in the direction of the voice, there were several receptionists, one of them had called out to Rei.

As expected of the receptionists, who are the face of the Adventurers Guild, they were all beautiful women with great figures. There were beast people with dog ears and cat ears, there was also a woman with sharp ears like an elf. Naturally of course, there were also humans. Among them, a human receptionist with brown hair tied up in a ponytail had called out to Rei.

「I would like to register with the guild……」

When Rei said that aloud, a voice abruptly came from the direction of the people that had been drinking.

「Gyahaha! This isn’t a place for a poor kid like you to come! Shouldn’t you be in mommy’s skirt?」
「Oi oi, Vargas. Don’t tease him. See, everyone is looking. You’ll surprise everyone if you put out that voice.」
「Boy, it might be a bit early for you to register at the age of 10……no, 15. Do you think you can be an adventurer with that frail body?」
「That’s right. That weapon is only large, there’s no meaning to try to bluff monsters.」
「Oi, Calum. Don’t cause an unnecessary commotion during the celebration.」

Although the sober one out of the 5 tried to stop the remaining 4, they were already very drunk. They didn’t care about their friend’s words and continued to jeer at Rei.

(This is a common development in novels. There weren’t any nobles or merchants attacked by bandits when I came to the city of Gilm but I wonder if events involving the Adventurers Guild can occur. Thinking back, there may have been a reward if I helped a party attacked by bandits, but if the other party are drunk men……no, wait? The last man said something about celebration. A celebration in a bar attached to the guild, there’s no mistake, they must have just finished a quest and came here to celebrate. In that case……)


Rei directed his line of sight to the jeering men as if they were rubbish before giving a scornful laugh and turning towards the receptionist.

「You there, did you just laugh at us just now!?」
「Little shit! You don’t know your position even though you’re a novice who just came to register with the guild? Aa!?」
「Oi oi, calm down Vargas, you too Zorito. Afterall, as Zorito said, isn’t he just a novice who came to register? Stop being so unreasonable.」
「However, advising the novices is the job of the seniors.」

With 4 people saying things like that while one person hung his head. Rei ignored the 5 people and spoke to the receptionist.

「So, is it possible to register with the guild?」
「E, eh. Sign your name, age and special skills that can be used in combat on the form here, do you need me to write for you?」
「No, it’s okay.」

In return to the receptionists words, he picked up the pen.

(Aside from the letters, I think the words are the same. This is thanks to the fusion with Zepairu.)

Thinking about that, he wrote, Name: Rei, Age: 15, Special Ability: fire magic, tamer, close combat, and handed the piece of paper back to the receptionist.

By the way, only nobles had a last name in the world of Elgin. It could also be awarded if some great achievement was accomplished. So of course, Rei, who just came to this world, only wrote Rei on the paper.

「Yes, thank you. Because there is some time before the guild card is ready, I’ll give an explanation of the guild.」

With a light bow, the receptionist started to give a description of the guild.

Adventurers registered with the Adventurers Guild are part of a ranking system, the ranks go from H to A. Though there tentatively is a S rank, it is very difficult to enter and there are only 3 S rank adventurers in Elgin. By the way, one of the S ranks in the kingdom of Mireana is from the city of Gilm.

H rank is the lowest rank and specializes in receiving requests that are needed in the city, you must have at least G rank before you can receive requests that are outside the city. Ranking up from H to G is possible on the first day if the guild’s combat examiner assess that you can fight.

Requests can be taken from the request board and can be handed to the receptionists when completed. Because the compensation written on the request paper already accounts for taxes and housing fees in the city, you will receive the full amount specified on the request. Also, if you do not complete the request within the given number of days, you will be penalized and will have to pay the Adventurers Guild 30% of the request reward.

In addition, it is possible to receive requests one rank higher than your current rank, there is no lower limit. For instance, a G rank adventurer can receive F, G, and H rank requests.

You rank can be improved after completing a set number of requests. However, when going up from E to D or C to B, it is necessary to take an exam issued by the guild.

You will understand if you see this guide, G to E are novices, D to C are experienced and B to A are masters.
When forming a party with more than one person, the average rank of the members becomes the party rank, this is clearly described on the guild card. Also, if you have formed a party, you can receive requests two ranks higher.

Registering as an adventurer is free but 5 gold coins are required to re-issue if you lose you guild card.

An adventurer may sell materials from monsters to customers out of his own judgement, in that case, if there is trouble, it does not concern the Adventurers Guild.

In addition, the Adventurer guild will purchase materials and weapon shops, armour shops and magic item shops in the city will sell things 1-2% cheaper. There are also advantages, the purchase assessment is quick and even if there is a large amount of the same material in the market, the payment will still be the same

Since the Adventurers Guild can contact other countries quickly by magic items, you can still rank up your guild card at a different Adventurers Guild branch.

If adventurers has trouble with a request or other adventurers, the Adventurers Guild is not concerned.

「That’s all.」

At the last part concerning disputes, the receptionist turned her gaze to Rei and the adventurers involved.

Tempted, Rei carefully turned his gaze, 4 figures where impatiently waiting for the guild registration to finish. In addition, the one person who tried to stop the 4 had declared his intention of having nothing to do with them and was drinking by himself further away.

As to what the 4 people were thinking, the only explanation that was needed was the receptionists explanation that any trouble did not concern the guild. At present, Rei was still a civilian before he registered with the guild. Though the guild imposes a penalty if and adventurer uses violence on a civilian, there was no problem if it was a registered adventurer.

「Do you have any questions?」

At the words of the receptionist, Rei opened his mouth after a few seconds.

「For example, what happens if an adventurer of rank H or G defeats a monster from a rank C or B subjugation request?」
「Though it is unfortunate, even if the monster is defeated, the achievement will not be recognized as they have not received the request. However, there are no problems regarding the sale of materials from the monster.」
「Gyahaha. This idiotic brat just registered and wants to defeat rank C and B monsters. Let’s put an end to this irresponsible nonsense.」
「Yeah, yeah, he must be sleep talking to say such nonsense in this place.」

When the group with the adventurers called Vargas and Zorito heard Rei’s question, they tried to pick a fight again. However, Rei disregarded it and continued talking to the receptionist.

「I understand. There are no other questions in particular. How long before the guild card is ready?」
「Um……yes, it’s ready. Here’s the card. Please confirm if the details are correct.」

In accordance with the receptionist’s words, Rei verified the guild card. Guild registration location: Gilm branch, Name: Rei, Rank: H, Age: 15. Finally, the combat skills listed were fire magic, tamer and close combat.

「There are no problems. By the way, can I ask one last question?」

He asked the receptionist while putting the guild card at his chest.

「Yes, what is it?」

At that question, a smile floated on to his face and turned into a grin. He asked louder on purpose so that the adventurers before could hear it.

「The group over there that are trying to pick a fight are ungraceful, ugly and noisy, what’s the guild rank of those drunkards?」

Maybe being drunk influenced them. The provocation Rei disguised as a question immediately made them furious

「……That, the people over there are a rank D party called Claws of the Hawk.」
「Hou~. Claws of the Hawk……hey. With the way they looked, I thought their name must have been Goblin Drool for sure.」

As soon as Rei said that, there was a Bakii~ sound from where the Claws of the Hawk were sitting. The sound of something breaking was heard. When Rei turned his gaze to the sound, he saw that the man who was called Vargas had made the noise by swinging a large axe and breaking the table.

「For a kid who just registered you have courage. I’ll come over in a moment. I’ll teach you what your limitations are.」
「Okay. It’s an opportunity anyway. All of Goblin Drool can be my opponent.」
「Aah?! The boy said it!」
「I’ll teach him some manners!」

They started following Rei out of the guild while holding their weapons.

As they were about to leave the guild, Rei stopped and called out to the receptionist from before.

「Oh yeah, did you say you can get to rank G on the first day of registration if you have combat knowledge?」
「Eh? Ah, yes. That is right.」
「Then, please send a person with authority just outside the guild. I’m applying for rank G.」
「Y-yes. I understand.」

After leaving that message with the receptionist, Rei left the guild.

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