This is a translation of the Legend webnovel.

Title: Legend [レジェンド]

Author: Kannazuki Kou [神無月 紅]

Source: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3726bt/

Status: On-Going


Living in the Tohoku countryside, Saeki Reiji lost his life in an accident during summer vacation……However, he found himself in a white world with a strange glowing orb in front of his eyes. The orb claimed to be a magician of a different world, and he was looking for a person who would inherit the magic he had perfected in order to prevent the knowledge from disappearing. With that, Reiji, equipped with a new body and powerful magic, went to live in the world of Elgin

Table of Contents

Arc 1 – Orc Settlement Raid            

Chapter 1          Chapter 2          Chapter 3          Chapter 4          Chapter 5          Chapter 6

Chapter 7          Chapter 8          Chapter 9          Chapter 10        Chapter 11        Chapter 12

Chapter 13        Chapter 14        Chapter 15        Chapter 16        Chapter 17        Chapter 18

Chapter 19        Chapter 20        Chapter 21        Chapter 22        Chapter 23        Chapter 24

Chapter 25        Chapter 26        Chapter 27 AF   Chapter 28        Chapter 29        Chapter 30

Chapter 31        Chapter 32        Chapter 33        Chapter 34        Chapter 35        Chapter 36

Chapter 37        Chapter 38        Chapter 39        Chapter 40        Chapter 41        Chapter 42

Arc 2 – Rank Up Test

Chapter 43        Chapter 44        Chapter 45        Chapter 46        Chapter 47        Chapter 48

Chapter 49        Chapter 50        Chapter 51        Chapter 52        Chapter 53        Chapter 54

Chapter 55        Chapter 56        Chapter 57        Chapter 58        Chapter 59

Arc 3 – Altar of Inheritance

Chapter 60        Chapter 61        Chapter 62        Chapter 63        Chapter 64        Chapter 65

Chapter 66        Chapter 67        Chapter 68        Chapter 69        Chapter 70        Chapter 71

Chapter 72        Chapter 73        Chapter 74        Chapter 75        Chapter 76        Chapter 77

Chapter 78        Chapter 79        Chapter 80        Chapter 81        Chapter 82         Chapter 83

Chapter 84        Chapter 85        Chapter 86        Chapter 87        Chapter 88         Chapter 89

Chapter 90        Chapter 91 AF  Chapter 92        Chapter 93         Chapter 94         Chapter 95

Chapter 96        Chapter 97        Chapter 98        Chapter 99         Chapter 100      Chapter 101

Chapter 102      Chapter 103      Chapter 104      Chapter 105       Chapter 106      Chapter 107

Chapter 108      Chapter 109

Arc 4 – Azoth Firm

Chapter 110      Chapter 111      Chapter 112       Chapter 113       Chapter 114      Chapter 115

Chapter 116      Chapter 117      Chapter 118       Chapter 119       Chapter 120      Chapter 121

Chapter 122     Chapter 123      Chapter 124      Chapter 125       Chapter 126      Chapter 127

Chapter 128     Chapter 129      Chapter 130      Chapter 131       Chapter 132      Chapter 133

Chapter 134      Chapter 135      Chapter 136      Chapter 137       Chapter 138      Chapter 139

Chapter 140      Chapter 141      Chapter 142      Chapter 143       Chapter 144 AF Chapter 145

Chapter 146      Chapter 147      Chapter 148      Chapter 149       Chapter 150      Chapter 151

Chapter 152      Chapter 153      Chapter 154      Chapter 155       Chapter 156      Chapter 157

Chapter 158      Chapter 159      Chapter 160      Chapter 161       Chapter 162      Chapter 163

Chapter 164      Chapter 165      Chapter 166      Chapter 167

Arc 5 – Gamelion

Chapter 168      Chapter 169      Chapter 170      Chapter 171      Chapter 172      Chapter 173

Chapter 174      Chapter 175      Chapter 176      Chapter 177      Chapter 178      Chapter 179

Chapter 180

Arc 6 – Magic Fever

Chapter 181      Chapter 182      Chapter 183      Chapter 184      Chapter 185      Chapter 186

Chapter 187      Chapter 188      Chapter 189      Chapter 190      Chapter 191      Chapter 192

Chapter 193      Chapter 194      Chapter 195      Chapter 196      Chapter 197      Chapter 198

Chapter 199      Chapter 200      Chapter 201 AF

Arc 7 – Together with Rhodes

Chapter 202      Chapter 203      Chapter 204      Chapter 205      Chapter 206      Chapter 207

Chapter 208      Chapter 209      Chapter 210      Chapter 211      Chapter 212      Chapter 213

Arc 8 – Combat Instruction

Chapter 214      Chapter 215      Chapter 216      Chapter 217      Chapter 218      Chapter 219

Chapter 220      Chapter 221      Chapter 222      Chapter 223      Chapter 224      Chapter 225

Chapter 226      Chapter 227      Chapter 228      Chapter 229      Chapter 230

Arc 9 – Merchant Escort

Chapter 231      Chapter 232      Chapter 233      Chapter 234      Chapter 235      Chapter 236

Chapter 237      Chapter 238      Chapter 239      Chapter 240      Chapter 241      Chapter 242

Chapter 243      Chapter 244

Arc 10 – Axe of the Thunder God

Chapter 245      Chapter 246      Chapter 247      Chapter 248      Chapter 249      Chapter 250

Chapter 251      Chapter 252      Chapter 253      Chapter 254      Chapter 255      Chapter 256

Chapter 257


  1. Piqued my interest(oh it’s a quite long WN). Bookmarked, thx for translating.


  2. How will your schedule be?

    Liked by 1 person

    • SilentNumber

      Check the post on the main page, basically it will be one per weekend with additional chapters coming out during the week if I have enough chapters stored up to post on the weeks I can’t translate.


  3. Sabergod

    Did you make the chapters look like that on purpose? Ty for tl 😀


    • SilentNumber

      Whoops, thanks for letting me know, I’ve been trying to format the chapters so they take up less space but it seems that it didn’t format as nicely as the preview showed it.


  4. Rza

    Thx for TL ing this story.


  5. cookies!

    I feel sorry for you the author is pumping out those chapters. Looks like you’ll be tl’ing this story for 3+ years or until you quit….looking at syosetu (briefly) I’ve seen releases on the 18-28th at 800+ chapters rip. You need allies

    Liked by 1 person

    • SilentNumber

      Haha yeah, even if I tled at Ren’s place for a year I’d still be ~300 chapters behind, well I guess I’m in for a long haul. Allies would be nice but I’ve only just started so I might hold off that for a bit longer.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank for ur great work…


  7. His consquetly of using ‘Hah’ when he fights shows how amateur he is. Shouting may help strengthen your blows with the boost of Will, but its not, you’re giving out too much excess of power instead. Typical japanese novels. It sometimes annoy you to the point of just stopping thinking its a waste of time.

    The translation is great but if somehow, you change that expression and the ‘Tch’? Scratch that its also annoying.

    Theres a lot that id like to change or remove actually but i dont to trash the authors work if thats what is really written.


    • SilentNumber

      You mean the Hah and Tch? Yeah, they’re in the raws. They’re actually my anglicization of the Japanese sounds, the Hah’s are basically the same in the raws but the Tch is supposed to be sound made when someone clicks their tongue. I don’t know any other way to translate it atm but thanks for giving your opinion.


      • Yeah I knew it’s japanese. But although it’s annoying, the element and setting of this story is phenomenal that I coudn’t just drop it. It has this thing that made me want to keep going. Thanks for the great job done translating.


  8. Reyfista Pangestu

    Thanks for the translations!


  9. thank god. I dont know how long ago,
    (it feels like ages though)
    I first saw this novel. It had no translator back then and i only knew the synopsis and the name. I saw how many chapters it had on syosetu and was already burning with anticipation. Alas, no one picked it up.
    I waited and waited but nothing changed. I forgot about it, came back again a few months later and still NO ONE HAD PICKED IT UP, so i gave up.
    I checked again once in a while but every time i did, I was disappointed yet again. Untill someone had picked it up, but almost a year ago he said the next chapter will be up in 2 weeks or so and thats the last i heard of him.
    I place my hopes on you now Thank you very much.

    Im used to wuxia novel translation speed which is why the wait will probably kill me, but at least i can finally read this 😀


  10. zero

    good story!!!!


  11. LightingBoltFlame

    this is just a good series, i would love to see it more often =3 a bit more chapters per week maybe 2 at least XD. Anyways thanks for the awesome work of the translation.


  12. Thanks for the update

    And just to be clear

    Do you have the intention to mantain this release speed (a chapter every week)?


    • SilentNumber

      Yes, that is the release speed I can guarantee with my RL workload. This may potentially increase when I enter summer break.


  13. good story from what I read so far, just a heads up a large number of your next chapter links are broke or have not been done. It’s really distracting to run in to when your reading this from the beginning, like I did today. And don’t compare yourself to Ren, he’s just a translation monster … I mean what else can you say about the man …


    • SilentNumber

      I’ll go back and double check the links then, I have had issues with missing links to chapters so I’ll see if I can fix the broken ones.

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  14. waaa u tl this .hope u can keep tl for long because it 900+ chap and will be more .Anyway thk for tl this novel


  15. I made an EPUB/Dark PDF of Chapter 1 -59


    The Translator had properly credited in the post and page of the site. they were also properly credited inside and outside the epub/pdf and links to their respective sites has been added.. Kudos to the translator..


    • SilentNumber

      Thanks for that.


    • SilentNumber

      Oh yea, I took a quick look at your pdf and you might want to changed the cover page to the volume 1 cover. Chapters 1-59 cover events that can be found in volume 1 of the lightnovel. Volume covers 1-6 can be found on the gallery page on this site if you need it.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. good

    i manage read all chapther in a day, good story so far…. thanks for translating it


  17. So…. Is it a harem?…… Sigh…. Its not right? Right?


    • SilentNumber

      Eh…probably not? Well not as far as I’ve translated at least. First female MC to stick around only appears around chapter 60. Take that as you will.


      • Doom

        I like it because it’s not a Harem. Plus it doesn’t feel like they made the typical high schooler archetype that we usually get, some tall stud whatever that is usually super annoying in some way. Legend is definitely one of my favorites!

        I do wish we got chapters slightly faster though, only because based on what I heard at this current speed it would take you like 20 years to TL it all. (I heard it was around 1300 chapters total, 1200 since you already got 100 done divided by 50 makes 24, so at this speed it would take you 24 years).

        So yeah, not really complaining about your speed, just sheer content size might make you want to go faster or get help, or set up a donation box and let people throw money at you for this for extra chapters at least or something.


    • connor m

      I read machine translations up to chapter 1020, and well there are other characters who like and try to flirt with the main character he very clearly is only interested in the main heroine.


      • Sepia

        Well….It’s my opinion but I dont like her. Elena is the type of character that the author forces a stereotype that pisses me off. The problem is not that he adopts this stereotype, the problem is that he rubs this stereotype on the reader’s face as if he will absolutely agree with it. The autor has adopted for the character the infamous “perfection” which, in my view, irritates me in a very big way. For me her defect is concentrated in 3 things: first, the “perfection” which the author rubs in the reader’s face thinking that everyone will agree with him about it. Second, I personally don’t like this kind of character which conveys this time of “Perfect Being” just like this author does to Elena. Third and not least is the ball licking that both the author and the protagonist make about it. Yes, she is beautiful SO? Kenny is beautiful, the Guid Master is beautiful, Millein is beautiful, so why the autor forces this kind of ball licking on the character with the kind of stereotype I hate the most? That’s why for me in some ways the harem is the saving option for everything. Because as I read this here I know that if the harem doesn’t happen, the main character will unhappy marry this Elena. Even if Rei marries her, the harem gives you the option to be less pissed about it because the protagonist will be with another character as well (the one you probably like). and everyone will be happy. That was a short comment, but it turned out to be an outflow, I apologize.


  18. I am NoiGay from Valvrareteam (Valvrareteam.com). 6 months ago I took your translations without permission and I have translated it to Vietnamese. Sorry! So now, would you mind if I translate Legend to Vietnamese?
    Thanks! 🙂



    • No worries, go for it. Be aware though that I’m using machine assisted translations so I cannot guarantee that my translations are not 100% accurate.


  19. Extreme Mirage Lightning

    How’s the schedule for releases going now? I already wanna binge read it, but it’s hard to binge read on only 80-something chapters…


    • 1 Chapter a week, with multiple chapter releases rarely.


  20. would someone mind making a pdf for this? (ps. lwnepubs upload doesnt work for me for some reason, multicloud wont respond)


  21. thanks for translation, great works, just found this novel and like the story, thanks once again


  22. glennanda

    I’m watching you…..


  23. Sean

    Please make a pdf version per volume so that It is possible to read it offline. Thanks!


    • I don’t have the time or skills to make a nice pdf of the chapters but lnwnepubs.com does have a pdf of chapters 1-59, some other epub sites may have compiled pdfs of the chapters but I am not aware of any others at the moment. Hope that helps.


  24. I wanted to know if I can use your translation.
    I have a page where I bring novels from English to Spanish. Maybe, if it were possible, would you let me use your work?
    Thanks in advice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sure, go ahead. Just remember to link to the original webnovel in Japanese as well as author. After all, our translations only exist because the author wrote the story.

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  25. Nk



  26. suzu

    Thank you so much for your hard work ❤ i really love this novel….


  27. God Ginrai

    Doesn’t Arc 4 end on 167? Why do you only show up to 145?


    • Because I haven’t translated that far ahaha.
      I update the ToC every 5 chapters and link the chapters as I go. It just reduces the clutter for chapters I haven’t translated yet.


      • If you click Next or Previous Chapter on 147 it goes to Chapter 3 or 1 respectfully. Then if you click the opposite one it goes to chapter 2.


      • Whoops, ill get that fixed.


  28. Rusty Jewels

    So I’m at chapter 105 and I noticed a few things, such as alot of the chapters about ten so far transfer to a different site, but when I pull up the TOC, those links come back here… and one other thing, 103 links next to 103. Sorry for the bother, Good translation though, and thank you, please, keep up the good work!!!


    • Thanks! I dual host chapters on MBC now so my chapter posts should link there. However, chapter on my site should always link to the next chapter on my site. Are the chapter transfers happening when you click on a next chapter?


      • Rusty Jewels

        Yes, Chapter 104 is an example.


      • Thanks for the heads up. I’ve gone through the chapters and should have fixed all those links. Hopefully I won’t mess any more up ahaha.


  29. At the rate you are translating it will take you 269.27 years to catch up if the author stops when they are 80 years old. This includes leap years.


    • My current hope is that the author doesn’t keep writing this story until he’s 80 ahahahaha.


  30. chillmare

    dude i think you need help not even at 10% of the raw but i very much I enjoy your translation so thanks.


  31. Zaiga

    Arc 6 – Magic Fever has 2 Chapter 182


  32. FallinFor30Mins

    Does anyone have the machine translated chapters for me to read? I just can’t break out of the habit of reading further on.


    • Not that I know of. LNMTL has a large database of pure MTL series, but they seem to be Chinese series only.
      Google Chrome does allow automatic translations though, so if you open up one of the raw chapters on Chrome, it should automatically use google translate every time you open a new chapter.


      • FallinFor30Mins



  33. Baranok

    You have chapter 183 set under the chapter 184 link


    • Ahhhh, thanks for telling me. I thought I changed that but clearly I didn’t.


  34. Venom

    What is the difference between LN and WN? I am afraid that LN may have more complete material than WN and I may be missing out on some content. Can I read WN without fear of thinking like that? Thanks for the work man. Translating a work of more than two thousand chapters is not for anyone.


    • There are some slight differences between the LN and WN, but for the most part you can considered the LN to just be an edited version of the WN. This is because the WN is still being actively updated by the author, so it’s not like he’s re-writing the entire story in the LN.

      I’m not too sure what all the differences are between the LN and the WN are but I can give you a few examples from the first arc. In the WN, after arriving at Gilm and registering at the guild, Rei heads to the library by himself. In the LN, Lenora takes him there from the guild instead. Another case is the LN has an extra event that takes place around chapter 28 where Milein meets Set for the first time to serve a bit as an introduction to why Milein likes Set so much.

      Overall, these changes don’t have a significant impact on the story, but just provide a bit more character development, which is about right since the LN is supposed to be an edited version of the WN.

      tldr; There are slight differences in events that occur, but nothing that changes the story greatly in any way.


  35. Is the Merchant Escort Arc supposed to be Arc 10 or is this just some typo?


    • My bad, just a typo, it’s meant to be Arc 9.


  36. Sari

    I wanna thank you for your work and the hours you put into this.


    • And I thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.


      • Sari

        This is small to compared to what you do and if it makes you happy about what you are doing it’s smaller.


  37. Downtain

    I’d like to help with translating this series if possible.. I love the series but hate waiting for the translation to be released (seems to take a while).. I’m not great at translating though so it would probably need some proof reading/editing.


    • Thanks for offering to help, it’s pretty much how I started out at first as well.

      Few things I would suggest you to think about first though, as these were things that I didn’t really think about at first.

      First of all, do you like the series. A lot of people often overlook this, but it’s really hard to translate something you don’t like.

      Second, do you have the time. When I first started translating Legend, each chapter took a good 4-5 hours or more to translate, so don’t expect it to be something you can do quickly. It only takes me 2-3 hours now, but that’s because I’m 200+ chapters in and have a feel for the author’s writing style.

      Thirdly, do you have the patience and motivation for it. Even though I can now translate a chapter in 2-3 hours, it still takes a lot out of me, which is why I only translate on weekends, too tired after work to work with this on weekdays ahaha.

      If you reckon you can handle that, let me know and we’ll go from there.


      • Garret

        Y’all should create a discord group for this novel! The translators can be at the top and you can have some people help proof read and gather a small community of people that can support, help etc


  38. Baranok

    238 needs a link please.


    • Oh, I knew I forgot something yesterday, sorry about that.


  39. thank you for the new chapter. by the way chapter 241 the next button redirects back to chapter 241.


  40. Garret

    I’m surprised this isn’t on web novel. You should think about it with the amount of chapter you have done now you could make some money from your translation!


    • If you’re talking about webnovel.com, I believe they only host translations for Chinese and Korean series. That aside, I do this mostly as a hobby, so the quite literally small change I get from ad revenue is more than enough for me ahaha.



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