This is a translation of the Legend webnovel.

Title: Legend [レジェンド]

Author: Kannazuki Kurenai (Red October) [神無月 紅]

Source: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n3726bt/

Status: On-Going


Living in the Tohoku countryside, Saeki Reiji lost his life in an accident during summer vacation……However, he found himself in a white world with a strange glowing orb in front of his eyes. The orb claimed to be a magician of a different world, and he was looking for a person who would inherit the magic he had perfected in order to prevent the knowledge from disappearing. With that, Reiji, equipped with a new body and powerful magic, went to live in the world of Elgin

Table of Contents

Arc 1 – Orc Village Raid            

Chapter 1          Chapter 2          Chapter 3          Chapter 4          Chapter 5          Chapter 6

Chapter 7          Chapter 8          Chapter 9          Chapter 10        Chapter 11        Chapter 12

Chapter 13        Chapter 14        Chapter 15        Chapter 16        Chapter 17        Chapter 18

Chapter 19        Chapter 20        Chapter 21        Chapter 22        Chapter 23        Chapter 24

Chapter 25        Chapter 26        Chapter 27 AF   Chapter 28        Chapter 29        Chapter 30

Chapter 31        Chapter 32        Chapter 33        Chapter 34        Chapter 35        Chapter 36

Chapter 37        Chapter 38        Chapter 39        Chapter 40        Chapter 41        Chapter 42

Arc 2 – Rank Up Test

Chapter 43        Chapter 44        Chapter 45        Chapter 46        Chapter 47        Chapter 48

Chapter 49        Chapter 50        Chapter 51        Chapter 52        Chapter 53        Chapter 54

Chapter 55        Chapter 56        Chapter 57        Chapter 58        Chapter 59

Arc 3 – Altar of Inheritance

Chapter 60        Chapter 61        Chapter 62        Chapter 63        Chapter 64        Chapter 65

Chapter 66        Chapter 67        Chapter 68        Chapter 69        Chapter 70        Chapter 71

Chapter 72        Chapter 73        Chapter 74         Chapter 75


  1. Piqued my interest(oh it’s a quite long WN). Bookmarked, thx for translating.


  2. How will your schedule be?

    Liked by 1 person

    • SilentNumber

      Check the post on the main page, basically it will be one per weekend with additional chapters coming out during the week if I have enough chapters stored up to post on the weeks I can’t translate.


  3. Sabergod

    Did you make the chapters look like that on purpose? Ty for tl😀


    • SilentNumber

      Whoops, thanks for letting me know, I’ve been trying to format the chapters so they take up less space but it seems that it didn’t format as nicely as the preview showed it.


  4. Rza

    Thx for TL ing this story.


  5. cookies!

    I feel sorry for you the author is pumping out those chapters. Looks like you’ll be tl’ing this story for 3+ years or until you quit….looking at syosetu (briefly) I’ve seen releases on the 18-28th at 800+ chapters rip. You need allies


    • SilentNumber

      Haha yeah, even if I tled at Ren’s place for a year I’d still be ~300 chapters behind, well I guess I’m in for a long haul. Allies would be nice but I’ve only just started so I might hold off that for a bit longer.


  6. Thank for ur great work…


  7. His consquetly of using ‘Hah’ when he fights shows how amateur he is. Shouting may help strengthen your blows with the boost of Will, but its not, you’re giving out too much excess of power instead. Typical japanese novels. It sometimes annoy you to the point of just stopping thinking its a waste of time.

    The translation is great but if somehow, you change that expression and the ‘Tch’? Scratch that its also annoying.

    Theres a lot that id like to change or remove actually but i dont to trash the authors work if thats what is really written.


    • SilentNumber

      You mean the Hah and Tch? Yeah, they’re in the raws. They’re actually my anglicization of the Japanese sounds, the Hah’s are basically the same in the raws but the Tch is supposed to be sound made when someone clicks their tongue. I don’t know any other way to translate it atm but thanks for giving your opinion.


      • Yeah I knew it’s japanese. But although it’s annoying, the element and setting of this story is phenomenal that I coudn’t just drop it. It has this thing that made me want to keep going. Thanks for the great job done translating.


  8. Reyfista Pangestu

    Thanks for the translations!


  9. thank god. I dont know how long ago,
    (it feels like ages though)
    I first saw this novel. It had no translator back then and i only knew the synopsis and the name. I saw how many chapters it had on syosetu and was already burning with anticipation. Alas, no one picked it up.
    I waited and waited but nothing changed. I forgot about it, came back again a few months later and still NO ONE HAD PICKED IT UP, so i gave up.
    I checked again once in a while but every time i did, I was disappointed yet again. Untill someone had picked it up, but almost a year ago he said the next chapter will be up in 2 weeks or so and thats the last i heard of him.
    I place my hopes on you now Thank you very much.

    Im used to wuxia novel translation speed which is why the wait will probably kill me, but at least i can finally read this😀


  10. zero

    good story!!!!


  11. LightingBoltFlame

    this is just a good series, i would love to see it more often =3 a bit more chapters per week maybe 2 at least😄. Anyways thanks for the awesome work of the translation.


  12. Thanks for the update

    And just to be clear

    Do you have the intention to mantain this release speed (a chapter every week)?


    • SilentNumber

      Yes, that is the release speed I can guarantee with my RL workload. This may potentially increase when I enter summer break.


  13. good story from what I read so far, just a heads up a large number of your next chapter links are broke or have not been done. It’s really distracting to run in to when your reading this from the beginning, like I did today. And don’t compare yourself to Ren, he’s just a translation monster … I mean what else can you say about the man …


    • SilentNumber

      I’ll go back and double check the links then, I have had issues with missing links to chapters so I’ll see if I can fix the broken ones.


  14. waaa u tl this .hope u can keep tl for long because it 900+ chap and will be more .Anyway thk for tl this novel


  15. I made an EPUB/Dark PDF of Chapter 1 -59


    The Translator had properly credited in the post and page of the site. they were also properly credited inside and outside the epub/pdf and links to their respective sites has been added.. Kudos to the translator..


    • SilentNumber

      Thanks for that.


    • SilentNumber

      Oh yea, I took a quick look at your pdf and you might want to changed the cover page to the volume 1 cover. Chapters 1-59 cover events that can be found in volume 1 of the lightnovel. Volume covers 1-6 can be found on the gallery page on this site if you need it.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. good

    i manage read all chapther in a day, good story so far…. thanks for translating it



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