Legend Chapter 246

Here’s Chapter 246,

Here’s the first chapter of Axe of the Thunder God.

Things are mostly sorted after this, so the rescue mission can start to take shape.

Although with two madmen taking part in it, it is probably not a rescue mission of the discrete kind.


  1. Thanks for the treat.


  2. nubEX

    Quick heads up: the toc is not updated. Aside from that, thanks for your hard work


  3. Daego Grandynte

    Stop using moonbunnycafe. I got infected trice by xyz malware just to read the novel. Haih. 3 time formatting my browser just to read these.


    • Sorry to hear that. I actually dual host chapters, so you can read the chapters on my site as well through the ToC if it makes it any easier.


  4. Annoyed

    Fix your dumb fucking ads that pull you away from the chapter on a spam site. It’s so goddamn annoying having to reclick into the story every 15 seconds.


    • Sorry to hear about your problems. I would just like to clarify a few things. I dual host on MBC but I am not an admin on the site, so I have no actual control over the ads. Secondly, I dual host, so you can still read the chapter on this site through links in the ToC that I update weekly. Hope that helps. That said, if you’re getting those ads on my site, then there’s nothing I can do about them. I’m running a free wordpress so I have no control over any ads that wordpress might decide to put in.


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