Legend Chapter 243

Here’s Chapter 243,

Elena is having her fair share of troubles and Elk will have his soon.


  1. Sekach

    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Thank you.


  3. .

    Fix your horribly invasive ads that pull you away from the site. I’m sick of the malware they contain and they pull you like you clicked a link so ad blocks don’t help


    • I dual host on MBC but I don’t manage anything on the site, so if you’re having any ad issues, I can’t do anything about it. However, you can read the chapters on my site through the ToC on this site since I also post here if the ads are giving you too much grief.


  4. FernICC

    Will you be translating Legend more often now that you finished The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe? Also thxs for translating! you’re awesome 🙂


    • Thanks for reading. To be honest, probably not at this point in time. Dutch slopes was actually done whenever I had spare time and not on a regular schedule, which was how I managed to squeeze it out at all. My main gripe with translating Legend is that chapters are fairly long, and I need a solid block of time to do it, which I don’t have that much of.


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