The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe Chapter 30

Here is chapter 30: January.30 『Welcome to the Evening Rain Cafe!』

And this is the last chapter of the main story of The Dutch Slope’s Western Cafe.
Extra chapters will be posted shortly after.

Man, I did finish translating all this 2-3 weeks ago, but actually posting everything has an entirely new feeling.
When I first started translating webnovels, part of me at the back of my mind kept telling me that I would never finish anything.
It wasn’t wrong, because I picked up Legend, which I will continue to admit that I will probably never finish translating.
But because of that, part of me just wanted to say that there was something I had completed, one-shots notwithstanding.
So after working on this for two years, here I am.
Thanks to all the readers, both of this series and of Legend.
Who knows? Maybe I’ll add a third series to this list.


  1. SB

    I tried to access the chapter but it says page not found 😦


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