One-shots, future translation plans and How to use European style names in otherworld fantasy (One-shot)

So, this needs a bit of backstory.
I started translating Legend a bit over 3 years ago, which at the time I didn’t realise how big an undertaking I was getting into.
And at some point, the realisation hit me that realistically, I’m never going to finish translating it.

I didn’t want to be a translator that never finished anything, so about 2 years ago in 2017, I started working on a short webnovel series……that I still haven’t finished after 2 years despite it being the same length as 20 Legend chapters or so.

Hitting upon the realisation that I still procrastinated too much to get a short series translated, I decided to do a one-shot instead.
One which is about 2 Legend chapters long.
Which still took me 3 months to finish translating.

Either way, I would like to present a translation……of an essay……posted on Syosetu.
How to use European style names in otherworld fantasy

An extra menu tab for one-shots has been added next to Legend and random one-shots will be posted here sporadically.

In terms of future translation plans for now, I have told myself I will finish that short series I’ve been working on before the new year, so look forward to that.

There’s also another one-shot that Aurum from zirusmusings has been asking me to translate, so maybe you might see another one-shot about how to cook stir fried tomato and eggs in the near future.

In case, it isn’t obvious by now, all the one-shots I will translate are going to be the most random things I find on Syosetu that look interesting.

And for anyone wondering about Legend, same as usual for the near future.

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