Legend Chapter 221

Here’s Chapter 221,

Apologies for the late release, I’ve been down with a bad cough the past few days and slept in this morning.
Still managed to translate the chapter last night so just posting it now.

Now, we don’t really want to have a day by day log of training, one day per chapter, so we’re moving quickly in this chapter.


  1. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂


    • Thanks ahaha.
      Feeling mostly better, just the lingering effects from getting sick left.


      • That’s good. Take care of yourself.


  2. tristo

    thanks for the continued release of chapters and hope you feel better!


  3. Please get well soon, take care.


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter! hope you get well soon!

    No “wax on wax off”? ;p


  5. Baha

    Dear TL can i ask a question does story or mc get any intresting cuz author likes to tell us thing we already know from prvs chapters like how great Set is , effects of dragon robe , items , nobles position etc i read it till 384


    • To be honest, I’m not sure myself as I haven’t read ahead. However, I have heard it gets more interesting around the Labyrinth City arc, which is the beginning of the arc you’ve read to as it starts at chapter 370.


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