Legend Chapter 203

Here’s Chapter 203,

Some of you have been asking, does it really take that long to go on a quest with Rhodes?
The answer is no, it doesn’t really take that long.
So what is the rest of the arc about then?
Rei wants to find out as well as he goes to ‘visit’ some people who have been sending him ‘invitations’.

Oh, and Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Hmmm, the link somehow linked to chapter 202 instead of 203.


    • Ahhhhh, every time, this happens every time ahaha. My bad, should be fixed now.


  2. Thanks for the treat.

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  3. alcoholic_cat

    Link goes to 202.


  4. Happy Easter to you as well. 😉


  5. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Like hunting rabbits with a high powered rifle. Nothing much left to cook. Or is it more like hunting tigers with a chainsaw, not much left of the hide to make a good rug?


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