Legend Chapter 201

Here’s Chapter 201,

A proper English version of chapter 201 in case some of you had issues with the April fool’s version.
None of you had issues right? I mean, some of you even told me the translation quality had gone up ahahaha.

As previously mentioned, this chapter marks the end of the Magic Fever arc.
This chapter also marks the last arc covered by volume 5 of the light novel.
Just so you all know what to expect, volume 6 covers the next 4 winter mini arcs, about 55 chapters in total.

We start off the winter mini arcs with Together with Rhodes, where Rei and Rhodes go on a little hunting trip.
Right after that we have Combat Training on Rei’s journey to rank C.
Then we have everyone’s favourite RPG mission of playing as a guard in Merchant Caravan Escort.
Lastly, someone has pissed off Elk and he’s going to find them and kill them in Axe of the Thunder God.

Hope that gives everyone something to look forward to in the next few months.


  1. First


  2. ers

    So we know what will had for year if nothing unexpected slow things up. Year has 52 weeks, and there are 55 chapters. Pace is 1chapter/week.

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  3. Error:
    it was well know that Milein really liked Set -> it was well known that Milein really liked Set

    Thanks for the treat.


    • Schadows

      I’m sorry, I won’t do it again _o_


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Min looks too young to have a son as old as Rhodes.


  5. Zax

    Thanks for the chapter


  6. David

    This may be a stupid suggestion but why not skip the boring sounding ones and go to the last 2 arcs and continue from there?


    • Well…..because I would have to skip chapters I guess. Some people don’t mind skipping over arcs but I don’t feel it’s right to do so.


      • David

        Got it!


  7. Yarsh Naidoo

    Thanks for the chapter


  8. Anyone else getting an error when click on the chapter? Error 404!


    • Chapter posts link to MBC which is currently having some site issues. You can read the chapter on my site through the ToC link in the drop down menu at the top.


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