Legend Chapter 201 (AF)

Hey ‘sup y’all.
This is your yearly April Fools chapter.
Later than usual but had work today so only finished translating after I got home.
Still 1st April though so all is well.

Shout out to Pokeperson1000 if you still read, it’s been 3 years since you suggested this.
I should have done it last year but it must have completely slipped my mind.

Yo Chapter 201 in ebonix ya’ll, ya’ll is mad stupid.

p.s. This was put through a fun translator and is not actually a true ebonics translation.

p.p.s. Want to read the actual chapter? Find out next week in……a weeks’ time

1 Comment

  1. Yarsh Naidoo

    Hehe. Sounds like a fun tradition


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