Legend Chapter 199

Here’s Chapter 199,

Sorry for the late post, I was almost done with everything when I got called away to help with some garden work which ended up delaying this post.

Thanks to everyone who voted or commented on last weeks post.
A large majority of you want me to continue working on the webnovel so I’ll be continuing down this long road.
You’ve all given me a bit more motivation to continue working on the WN, so enjoy the trip ahaha.
One of the reasons I had suggested the LN was because it is comparatively easier to catch up to it compared to the WN but that comes with its own difficulties as well.

Unfortunately Set and Rei technically don’t get any new skills this chapter.
But they are well on their way to Gilm and chapter 200 plus the end of the arc is near.


  1. Error:
    Rei couldnmn’t see it at first -> Rei couldn’t see it at first

    Thanks for the treat.

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  2. Zax

    Glad to see you continuing this. It’s slowly building up well. Thanks for the chapter

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  3. Yarsh Naidoo

    Thanks for the chapter. Will always be looking forward to your future releases


  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    When the sun goes down
    I shall sleep so deep
    My camp safer than a town
    It’s safety my griffon shall keep
    Haven’t tried my hand in poetry in a long time. Sorry if it sucks!


  5. Hello SILENT !
    thanks for translating this wonderful novel.

    And a tip from someone who can read raws in japanese:
    Many things have a “french touch” in it, be it name of a person (ex: Culotte), or name of place, food etc…
    hope it can helps you in the translation of future chapters, keep up the good work !


  6. Ho, future name of a certain town :
    It’s only a request though…


  7. Gohanangered

    Anyone have a link for a discussion area for this light novel. Would like to know some later stuff that happens if anyone knows about them. x. x


    • I haven’t actually set up a discussion area myself as I never though there would be enough people to actually actively use it ahaha. If someone has set one up though, I have no idea. I can consider setting up a discord server for it, but right now your best bet will probably be looking around the Novel Updates forums.


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