No chapter this week

Hey everyone,

Apologies but I won’t be able to get a chapter out this week.
I though I would manage the time to squeeze one out but it seems I was sorely mistaken.
Today was spent visiting uncles and aunts living at the furthest ends of HK while the next two days will be spent visiting all my other relatives.
Those with large extended families will know that one does not simply see all your relatives ahaha.

No chapter this week.
Chapter next week.
Maybe double chapter next week.


  1. Family is above everything else.
    Have fun


  2. Tenkey

    Don’t worry dude, those things happens, family first.


  3. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your visit with your extended families and get a lot of red envelopes. 😀


  4. Kouhei

    No worries. Family first. Enjoy yourself.


  5. Yarsh Naidoo

    Thanks for updating us. Have fun with the family. Will be looking forward to the chapters when you get back


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