Legend Chapter 192

Here’s Chapter 192,

Apologies for the late chapter.
Chapter are usually posted Sunday 10:30am my time with the actual translation done the night before.

Unfortunately for me, I had only translated half the chapter when I started to watch the LCK Griffin vs Sandbox match last night.
That ended up going to three games and finished around midnight.
At that point my brain decided it was a good idea to binge read the entirety Really, Really Miss You, which was a good read but meant that I didn’t sleep until 2:30 in the morning.
The result was waking up at 9:50 with half a chapter left to translate and feeling super sleepy XD.


  1. M3rl1n

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  3. Thanks for the treat.


  4. Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    It’s still a mystery how that core got there.


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