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Legend Chapter 193

Here’s Chapter 193, How’s everyone doing? Been feeling super lethargic over the past week, can’t seem to work up the motivation to do anything, which really sucks. Maybe it’s because I have my driving test coming up in a few days, and like most exams, I’m not looking forward to it ahaha. Advertisements

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Legend Chapter 192

Here’s Chapter 192, Apologies for the late chapter. Chapter are usually posted Sunday 10:30am my time with the actual translation done the night before. Unfortunately for me, I had only translated half the chapter when I started to watch the LCK Griffin vs Sandbox match last night. That ended up going to three games and …

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Chapter Delay

Apologies, chapter will be late by an hour or two. Completely my own fault though ahahaha, which I will explain in the chapter post.

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