Legend Chapter 190

Here’s Chapter 190,

I bet none of you saw that coming, because I most certainly didn’t ahaha.

It’s been a pretty busy few weeks for me recently.
Aside from enrolling in my last uni semester, I’ve also been prepping for my P plate license, which is long overdue.
Note to everyone who has been putting off their driver’s license, it only gets more annoying to do the longer you leave it, so get it done quickly.
Words of advice from someone who put it off for 4 years

Haven’t really mentioned it but I also ran the Behemoth quest in MHW a couple of weeks back with friends.
The reason I didn’t really mention it was because we got clobbered so hard that we’ve all decided to grab some better gear before trying it again ahaha.


  1. Faceless Entity

    What you play mhw on I need some PC friends for it lol


    • I play on PC as well ahaha.
      That said, haven’t been playing it as much recently. Had been solo hunting Vaal, which wasn’t hard but does take a lot out me after spending days on it without the materials I needed dropping ahaha.


      • Abura

        Awww if you was on PS4 I would totally help you out with all your farming need.


  2. Thanks for the treat.


  3. I understand, the Behemoth is one tough son…. I solo as much as I can but When I can I join random Parties on SOS or make an SOS.
    Just like Lunastra and Teostra, fighting both at the same time is quite tough


    • I’ve been lazy with quests so still have to do the double tempered geese, but will probably call an SOS on that. Really don’t want to do that on my own ahaha.


  4. I agree with the license, I got the initial license in a year or 2 but took ages to get my full license.


  5. exd890

    Now we have Extreme Behemoth which is basically Arch Tempered Behemoth and requires more careful planning than a regular Behemoth


  6. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Can they move the core if it’s not established yet? Can they influence it’s growth?


  7. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


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