Legend Chapter 189

Here’s the second chapter, Chapter 189,

What do you all think is the cause of Magic Fever?


  1. The guy from the inn is a carrier


  2. Thanks for the treat.


  3. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    What’s wrong with singing in a wedding? Was he drunk at the time or was he on duty?


    • He was basically on duty, went to the wedding got drunk and started singing while drunk XD.
      Singing at a wedding isn’t bad, but drunk singing at a wedding probably isn’t great ahaha.

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      • Reaper Phoenix

        Drunk singing at a wedding while on duty? No wonder everyone was making fun at him.


  4. Schadows

    The fact that people tried to get into the city and where aware of the illness outbreak is suspicious.
    Would be quite strange if the incident was due to a stupid mistake.
    Could it be a test from the enemy national, on a non important city, as a first trial test ?


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