Legend Chapter 185

Here’s Chapter 185,

Man, I’ll get the chapter I’m still missing out eventually.
Been a bit of a tiring week leading up to Christmas.
Had to do some soldering for an electronics project, driving practice for my license (which I’ve put off for waay too long), Christmas shopping, house cleaning, etc.
There was also farming up on the FGO Christmas event and prepping for fighting Behemoth in MHW, which I need to hunt 4 elders for.



  1. vex

    how did you do at solomon? did you get to bully barbatos-chan too?


    • Playing JP, so not bullying barbatos ahaha.
      Still pretty hectic though on FGO JP since this is the first time I could freely farm a lottery event.


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Adults that like cute things…
    So the picture depicted him correctly. Set is cute. Is it just him or does all griffin in this world looks like him?


  3. I haven’t manage to defeat the behemoth yet… trying to solo it. So far the repelling took me forever.
    My overall defence is around 480, and elemental for fire 40 , thunder 30… dragon around 20… and even like that that think kill me 5 times… To actually kill it it would take time.

    Also, if you haven’t notice when he is preparing for the tornado, throw a flash bomb to stop it. It really help, and if you have just ignore this.

    Out of curiosity, which weapon you specialize.
    Here the long-sword, and charge blade.


    • Played great sword for a while but not that good at it lol.
      Currently using a lance, which is nice defensive option. It also let’s me tank, considering my friends are playing hunting horn, switch axe and hammer.

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  4. exd890

    If you need a healer for behemoth runs you can add me and I can come whenever I am free.

    I use HH support builds on behemoth runs and plan to make a Tank HBG build in the future.

    I am also preparing for the Extreme Behemoth already since that requires a lot more coordination w/ all your party members


  5. Thanks for the chapter.


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