Legend Chapter 175

Here’s Chapter 175,

Had been hoping to push out an extra chapter this week but didn’t manage to.
Had relatives over for the past 4 days, which has been great but has also reduced the time I’ve had to work on things.

Also stayed up to watch the League Worlds Quarterfinals last night. IG 3-2 KT was surprising, but man G2 3-2 RNG, that was something to watch.


  1. I’m new here thanks for the chapter


  2. Kouhei

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Take your time, no need to push yourself for another extra chapter.

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  3. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Taking out a pair of gluttons to a meal might be more expensive than giving them the hunted monsters.


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