Legend Chapter 174

Here’s Chapter 174,

Thanks for all the well wishes these past two weeks.
My thesis is finally done and is ready for submission on Monday, mixed feelings of tiredness and relief ahaha.
Actually only started translating this chapter past midnight since I had to finalise a few things on my thesis document after proofreading, but I said that you would get a chapter this week so here it is.

After not translating for two weeks, it actually feels I take longer to translate a chapter, which is one of the reasons I’ve kept a steady release rate for so long.
I have heard though that there are some people who say that I will never finish this series at the rate I’m translating so I would like to reply to a few of their points.

Yes, I probably will never finish translating this series.
Unless I dedicate 5 years or so of doing nothing but translating, I will never finish this series.
That said, if you want to read the whole series, why not learn Japanese?
You will probably learn the language faster than I can translate and would have gained a valuable life skill at the end of it all.
For the people who want to read more but don’t want to learn the language and just leech off someone else’s translations, just remember your own position before you complain.

That said, most of you all a great people, so thanks again for all your support.
Pardon my rambling as it is nearly 2am as I’m writing this.
With my heavy workload recently, I actually almost forgot my own birthday last week, which was a bit awkward XD


  1. Faceless Entity

    Can someone do something about the invasive ads on the links…….? Whenever I try to read on my tablet the whole damn webpage goes to some “you won” scam bullshit.

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    • realist

      u shouldnt complain, tl sold out to the chinese ovelords along time ago, and him giving up on translating this series…. well …. he killed his fans along time ago


  2. Faceless Entity

    us.b3018.pw/amzgogo/1.php?brand=Apple&model=iPad Amazon, fuck off, and I’ve always had this problem on moon bunny’s site. Let’s have Kuro usagi instead lol. (If you get the reference 👍)


    • Ahaha, Mondaiji/Last Embryo.
      If you are having issues though with MBC, you can read the chapter on my site as well, you just need to hop over to the ToC. I update that every week. Hope that helps.


      • Faceless Entity

        Thanks. It doesn’t do it if i quickly switch it over to desktop mode either so if anyone else ever has issues that’s a thing to suggest too.


  3. to be completely honest i suck at languages. So i will red your translations without complaining. until either you give it up, or one of the light novel publishing companies (j-novel club, yen press, and the others i can’t think of) pick it up. then i will proceed to buy the light novels :3. but anyway thank you so much for translating what you can i really enjoy reading it

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  4. exd890

    Thanks for the chapter and congrats on your thesis.

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  5. damn I just replying because I loved when I read this part.

    [For the people who want to read more but don’t want to learn the language and just leech off someone else’s translations, just remember your own position before you complain]

    keep the good job translator, worry not about those comments because if they simply reeks of their envy.

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  6. Kokorosy

    Belated happy birthday, and good luck with the thesis!

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  7. I haven’t reached the point of forgetting my birthday yet.

    I have, however, stopped consciously remembering how old I am. 😅


  8. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I’m way past the age where I can learn language easily. I’m even having a hard time remembering basic equations that I excel at during high school. Hitting the big four oh next year.


  9. Thanks.


  10. ‘That said, if you want to read the whole series, why not learn Japanese?’
    valuable life lesson to those who complain about chapter release consistency.
    complain less and just learn the F*cking language and no one would have a problem.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  11. Zax

    Belated happy birthday!


  12. Thanks for the Chapter~!!! Also, HAPPY~ BIRTHDAY~!!!


  13. Tensei13

    Happy belated birthday. Also, although I understand where your coming from with your life being so busy and us demanding so much from you for translating this novel, I just think that this is seriously driving me crazy. Although I may be leeching off the translations of every translator who has translated a novel I’ve read and loved I can’t help it. The whole reason I started reading web novels was because of a manga called Mushoku Tensei which just would not update. It would take months for a single new chapter to release and I absolutely got tired of this bull, but then I learned that a web novel existed and that’s when I discovered Novel Updates and that Mushoku Tensei had more than 200 chapters. I was so excited and at the same time worried because I was never much of a novel reader, but when I started it, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was worrying unnecessarily and that I loved reading this. I actually read more than 200 chapters and I loved it? I couldn’t believe myself. When I finished the novel I was so satisfied with the ending, but then I realized that now that it’s over, I wanted more. And thats how I started my reading spree of isekai webnovels and eventually even xianxia novels. I love reading web novels. And that’s why when I see a novel as good as Legend ( at least to me it’s an amazing novel) which has more than 1000 chapters get this slow rate of release and then there are these comments that are saying that it’ll take more than 5 years for you to translate it all I just feel like suffocating. I understand that you have a busy life. Your going to college and your writing thesis papers which take a lot of time and focus and proper checking for plagiarism and stuff. Though I have my doubts, but I’ll try to believe that you’ll hold to your promise with 1 chapter a week, but if this is truly gonna take maybe 5 years or more while these Chinese novels seem to get rapid updates and in one year we get more than 1000 translated chapters of the same Chinese repetitive tropes that people even complain that it gets repetive and dumb, then I hope that you’ll just drop it and allow someone else to take your place to translate it so you can put all your focus into your life and not have to stress with worrying about not keeping your promises of 1 chap a week and people who are mildly complaining about the release rate and people like me who are overly stressing you about the release rate. I may be a leech, but I can’t help it man. I can’t learn a new language I just can’t. At least I can’t learn to read a new language like Japanese because those kanji characters are just a bunch of symbols which have tons of different meanings to me and I just can’t understand it. And that’s why translators like you are so amazing. Translators like you can do what I can’t do even though I want to so badly. And I understand that translators have a tough time interpreting it to English and that you have to ask others for their opinions and look it up on the dictionary. Oh my god. I’m so sorry for this extremely long bull rant essay. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you can’t handle translating this novel and that it gets in the way of your life and it’ll take 5 years to translate then please drop it. And don’t just drop it, but find another translator who can pick it right back up and he can give us more realeases so I don’t have to wait 5 years to see the end of this.This is what I want to say and just know that I absolutely don’t hate you. This is just an extremely long rant that I’ve been holding in for quite a few months now. I just wanna read it, but your the one who translates so the last thing I wanna do is get on your bad side or make you into some sort of bad guy in this long rant of mine.
    If the translator actually reads this long freaking rant of mine then just know that I love you and thank you for translating this amazing novel and for reading this. P.S. My real name is Jose Manuel Santiago and I just wanna let you know that I’m just a normal 18 year old teen who who pretty much only reads novels since that Mushoku Tensei phase. You can look me up cause I won’t hide and I can’t do anything if your gonna hate on me for this. Your a hard worker. Keep up your good work and I wish you great blessings. Thank you;)


    • Yes, I do read all comments I get, including super long ones like this.

      I understand where you’re coming from, it is frustrating to want to read a super long story that updates so slowly. If I could, I would also want to translate more chapters, but in the end, this is something I can’t do with the other responsibilities I have in my life.

      I didn’t fully understand the scale of my undertaking when I started, but I do now and I hope I can give you a better understanding of it as well. If the author stopped writing today and I translated a chapter per day, it would take over 4 years to catch up with the raws. If the author doesn’t stop writing, it would take me over 4 years if I translated 2 chapters a day. 14 chapters a week is close to how fast RWX was translating Coiling Dragon a few years ago and even he only managed to sustain that pace for just over a year. That pace would probably be sustainable if there were at least 7 translators working on the series, but in that case, organising everything and communication becomes significantly harder, that’s not including the editors and proofreaders that would come with that. So even if I find someone else to pick up the series, anyone else who picks it up will probably take just under 10 years to finish it, let alone 5. Even if it gets officially picked up by a publisher, you’re probably looking at about the same amount of time.

      I understand your feelings and I appreciate your support, but in the end, this is the current situation we’re all in. Of course, if you can think of any good ideas, I welcome any suggestions.

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      • Jose Santiago

        Thanks man and I see now. We’re lucky to have you.


  14. How are you liking worlds so far?


    • If you’re talking about league, a bit salty that C9 made it through over Vitality, but aside from that not too bad ahaha.


      • Yeah, when you beat RNG and GenG twice and STILL don’t make it out of groups that stings. Although I’m not too salty even as an EU fan because it’s a pretty big win for the west overall. It’s up to G2 now not to choke and this is looking to be a really good performance by the west.


  15. Kouhei

    Thanks always for the hard work. People don’t know its hard learning the language I’m already past the age where I can learn them easily, but I’m still studying. Well, I can understand the language so far, but I’m having a hard time memorizing kanji. I will still continue and get the next certification. I’ve passed N5 recently on a whim lol and I’m thinking of taking N4 then N3 although I can skip to it. I’ll study a bit more before taking them.


  16. icnzzy

    late cause i was stockpiling, but i just have to come out of lutking to say this:
    i am extremly grateful for your dedication to this translation! you keep to the schedule you set and the quality is very good which i am very happy with, especially since the the novel itself is such a good one it deserves an equally good translation. so thank you very much from a mostly silent reader for allowing me to part take in this great novel despite my lack of understanding of japanese.
    okay enough fancy, just that i love you for doing this for us and please contnue as long as your other responsibilities irl allow.
    a lurking/silent reader


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