No chapter this week

Hey everyone,

Sorry, but I won’t be able put out a chapter this week.
My uni workload is absolutely horrifying for the next 3 weeks or so and it’s gotten to the point where I have barely any time for anything else.
Fortunately, everything clears up significantly after the 17th Oct, by which I will be able to get back to a normal schedule.
I’ll try and see if someone can fill in for me for a few chapters, but no guarantees.
I feel kinda bad for not being able to keep to my chapter a week schedule which I’ve kept for pretty much 3 years, but my thesis is the culmination of 5 years of study for me, so I have to put that first.

Thanks for your understanding.


  1. Absolutely no problem. Thanks for all your hard work, as always! 😄👍


  2. Jonathan Elster

    No problem yo, as a college student myself, I know how bad it can get haha.


  3. Kouhei

    Absolutely okay. Uni is more important, I’ve been there. Thank you for the hard work.


  4. No Problem, real life comes first. Thanks for translating this and all of the work you have put into this. Also good luck with your thesis!!!


  5. It’s all good your life comes first. We should come last on your priorities list, and that is if we make it onto the list. Thank you for all the chapters so far it is definitely a good story to read.


  6. NP… Real life is very important


  7. David Martinez Hernandez

    dont worry, thanks for your hard work


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