Legend Chapter 173

Here’s Chapter 173,

On time this week ahaha.
The good news is that I had my thesis presentation last week and it went pretty well.
I’m also into my uni mid semester break so a bit more time to work on stuff.

The bad news is that I went over my net quota for the month so net is currently shaped and very slow.
Hurray for Australian internet!

In other news work comes crashing down over the next month so I’m buckling down for a rough ride.
To keep myself sane while partially procrastinating, I’ve also been looking into building myself a new desktop PC.
Which I reckon is about time considering my current desktop is still running a pentium CPU.
Lastly League Worlds starts in October, which is terrible timing for me honestly with how much work I have to do ahaha.


  1. Thanks.

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  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    And here I thought my PC was old.


  3. Vash the Stampede

    Your thesis on how Flat is Justice?


    • Sadly no, my thesis is more of a “How to build a boat mounted auto turret.”

      However, I have run into a paper titled “Analysis and Qualitative Effects of Large Breasts on Aerodynamic Performance and Wake of a “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” Character” which I think you might be referencing. If not, there’s your read for the next week until I put out the next chapter XD

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