Legend Chapter 162

Here’s Chapter 162,

If there are any mistakes, drop a comment down and I will get them fixed.
This chapter was hard to translate in a variety of ways ahaha, hopefully it’s okay.
Thanks to Frozen for helping out with a horribly worded paragraph I was stuck on.

To be honest, I kind of visualise Demon Soldiers as something like the M.O. opped people from the Terraformars manga.

Congratulations to France and Croatia to making the World Cup finals.
My condolences to Belgium, who didn’t, although Belgium did take 3rd place by beating England last night.
To England……at least your team is coming home? Better luck next time eh old chaps.

In an eventful week, Monster Hunter World is coming to PC and I will be playing that when it comes out.
Rather unfortunately, it releases the same week as start of uni semester.

Finally, this arc finishes in Chapter 167, not long to go.


  1. heartless

    Thanks for the chapter.

    One thing though: i think there´s a mistake with the side of the shoulder the guy is getting cut, first it´s the right but then his whole left arm is missing, so i guess it was meant to be the left shoulder all along.


  2. reedsolomon

    >At least they’re coming home
    AYYYYLMAO I see what you did there.
    Go Croatia!


  3. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  4. >Finally, this arc finishes in Chapter 167, not long to go.

    Thank heavens, this arc felt like a drag. Each chapter was short and felt like it barely made any progress with the plot. I think it’s important as far as the overall story goes, but unless the chapters were coming out daily, this was a poorly structured arc. I literally stopped reading for dozens of chapters at a time so I could skim them because I found that less annoying than actually reading them as they came out.


  5. Thanks for the treat.


  6. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The Duke’s man missed the main show.


  7. exd890

    Thanks for the chapter!

    So you’re playing MH:World too, Nice. Already pre-ordered mine on steam.


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