Legend Chapter 159

Here’s the chapter,

Back to one a week again unless Frozen is feeling it again XD.

If there are any mistakes in the chapter, drop a comment and I’ll get to it as soon as possible.
This chapter was finished at 2:30am after I came back from a friend’s 21st party and had several drinks…..hopefully the chapter doesn’t show it ahaha.

We get to meet some of Bolton’s trading partners, but who are they and what have they actually been trading?


  1. Danthefan

    Hey so, the chapter link you have up just redirects to moonbunnycafe’s site where the only thing there is a link to the exact same page. Essentially, your link is broken. I’d love to be able to read this chapter, when you get a chance to fix the links! Thanks for your hard work and congrats to your friend!


    • Danthefan

      Awesome I see that the link is fixed now, thank you for fixing it!


  2. Error:
    the they were covered in robes and had he had never seen them before -> they were covered in robes and he had never seen them before

    Thanks for the treat.


  3. Ian

    I’m in a different time zone (I think this is the reason) and it says July 1, 2018 and i’m here still in June 30, 2018… just wanted to say lol


  4. Thanks for doing this chapter!🤓


  5. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The Empire Strikes Back?

    I’ll see my self out…

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  6. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  7. Moonbunnycafe site gone just started back reading this but all it does is take me to some search site. Will there be a new site just wanted to know I like this Novel.


    • MBC just having some site issues at the moment, it should be back up within the day. You can still read chapters on my site through the ToC here.


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