Legend Chapter 150

Here’s Chapter 150,

10 minutes late, missed out a bit on the timing of releases *cough cough*.

One thing I’ve just realised, but as an Australian, all my note regarding measurements are all in metric.
However, most of you readers are should be in America.
Do you all have to reconvert my metric measurement notes to imperial?

Side note, League MSI, Flash Wolves above King Zone after day 2.
Taiwan Number 1?


  1. warp

    Don’t remember much measurements here, but please leave it in metric. As there are many readers from all over the world, not just America.

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    • Oh, no, I’m keeping everything in metric, but I was just wondering if American readers had to do their own conversion when they read metric ahaha.


  2. Jay

    Am British, stay metrics


    • Will be sticking to metric, but was just wondering how well American readers deal with metric, whether it’s something they can easily understand or if it’s the same way I deal with yards and feet ahaha.


  3. Heartless

    Thanks for the chapter.

    I wouldn´t be too sure about American readers being the majority, while i´m certainly biased (being european) if it´s in any way similar to manga/anime, there´s an unexptected number of non-americans interested in, and reading on english sites. I could be totally wrong though of course, but i guess only you can tell that by checking the users IP origin.

    I myself am at the point where i´m not even reading any translations, mangas or even watch anime in my own language; i´m so accustomed to english it feels weird any other way.

    Long story short, please keep stuff in metric 😛

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    • No worries, I do plan to keep everything in metric, but I was just interested in how Americans deal with it.

      If you’re interested in the stats though, American readers account for 35% of views, and while that isn’t a large majority, the next closest country is the Philippines with just under 6% of total views. The entire of Europe, including Russia, counts for about 22% of views.


  4. Just leave it in meters if that’s what you’re familiar with. Not hard for me to just go “Okay Google, what’s 35 meters in feet” or search “35m in ft” to quickly convert it, if I’m really interested in exact size. Though the rough 3 feet = about 1 meter, is close enough in most cases to give me the sense of scale.

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  5. Kenjo

    Not often but everyone once in awhile I’ll look it up with a converter but I haven’t felt the need do while reading this.


  6. Jojhan

    I read this from Latin America, so there’s no problem


  7. I’m Aussie too but after being stuck in the Us since ’09 I’ve forgotten all metric systems… So I’m relearning it. It’s much easier compared to trying to relearn Celcius… Anyway, keeping it metric makes it a challenge for me so keep it up~


  8. I’ve gotten used to metric but if I really need to a, quick Google search answers all.

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  9. kirindas

    I’m American, but prefer my reading in metric. I just expect web novels to use metric since that’s what they’re using in their country of origin.

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  10. Typo:
    Rei asked with a fronw, -> Rei asked with a frown,

    I am an American, but metric is fine with me. Thanks for the treat.


  11. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Galahat. Your plan is horrible.


  12. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!
    Most of us Americans will probably have trouble with metric because they never use it, but i’m fine with it being metric (although i have to look up some of the conversions).


    • I forgot to say, please leave it metric.


  13. Jay

    Well u have an Australian reader :p


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