Legend Chapter 148

Here’s Chapter 148,

Even later than I expected, apologies.
I was going to translate it yesterday but got invited by some friends for a game of co-op Divinity 2.
I ended up not finishing the translation yesterday as a result.
I had been planning to finish it up this morning but got called out to mow the lawn with one paragraph to go ahaha.
I then had the same issues trying to post the chapter as last week.
Well, anyhow, here it is.

Something I forgot to mention last week but volume 11 of the Legend light novel will be released next month and I’ve added the cover to the gallery.

On a side note, thanks for all your WN suggestions last week, I actually have one in mind.
Still have to work out a few things but I will say, it’s not an isekai, harem or cheat novel, would you believe that, such novels actually exist.


  1. Thanks for the chapter. I played the original Divinity, but I never played 2 — how is it? 😄


    • Not bad, out of me and my two friends though, me and one of them are complete noobs. As a result……..did you know that it’s really bad to hit your own teammates or to set the entire combat zone on fire when your entire team is made up of undead? XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  3. Thanks for the treat.


  4. ZaX

    Thanks for the chapter


  5. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!


  6. ers

    Why story moves so slow?


    • Blame it on my translation speed. I only translate a chapter a week but the author writes a chapter per day, so the story moves faster in the raws, sorry about that ahaha.


      • ers

        So, that’s why chapters fells that slow paced.


    • Krozam

      No, you might as well blame the author. This story will be essentially filler until around ch 250, where the war arc begins.

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