Legend Chapter 144 AF

Well, this year, April Fools is on the release day.
I guess that just means I’ll have to release a AF chapter and push the real chapter to tomorrow……

Nah just kidding ahahaha. Real chapter comes out in about 10 minutes.

I hope you have all brushed up on your Looney Toons speak because this chapter is narrated by Elmer Fudd.
To be honest, I ran out of idea for this chapter and ended up running with the first semi readable joke translator I could find ahahaha.

AF Chapter


  1. Reaper Phoenix

    Glad I’m not to blame for this year’s one.
    That said, how about surfer speak for next year?


  2. pokeperson1000

    I’m gonna suggest this for the third year in a row: How about an Ebonics translation?


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