Legend Chapter 142

Here’s Chapter 142,

Lucky for you all, I found out that Eastern Time daylight saving kicked in last week and made sure that all the MBC posts, which are scheduled to Eastern Time, are synced to the release on my own site, which runs on GMT.

So hopefully no broken links, or so I say now ahahah.

Had been planning a few other announcements but the past week has been really busy for me and doesn’t look like it will let up soon so they will have to wait.

On the story, it will slow down for the next few chapters before ramping back up near the end.


  1. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  2. Thanks for the chapter.


  3. JohnDoe

    Hello translator, first of all thank you for translated this “legend” WN this is one of my favourite WN.. However from what i can see and know this WN already at chapter 1522 in Raw wheh i check it in https://www.novelupdates.com/series/legend/ but right now you only translated it at chapter 142, if U start to translate it a few month ago i can understand it but U start it at November 2015. It is not even 10% from the Raw. I think you should do it more than just 1 chapter a week or 4 chapter a month if u can make it 2-3 chapter a week or 10 chapter a month than i will be gratefull because i can’t be patient anymore for the scene Rei reunited with the ‘beautiful golden haired heroine’ (sorry because of the last scene of chapter the heroine show up a long time ago that I forgot the heroine name already) , I really want to read the chapter they’re meet up again..

    Please forgive me if what I wrote seems to be rude thats not my intention, I just want to tell what I’m thinking also please forgive me for my bad english..


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