Legend Chapter 141

Here’s Chapter 141,

And we move on from Murt’s perspective back into the present.

There are two things I would quickly like to mention.

The first is that joeglens from MoonBunnyCafe has revamped the MBC site and it should be easier to load and view both on desktop and mobile.
It also has a dark mode in case any of you want to use that.
Hopefully, this will make viewing the chapters on MBC more comfortable.

The second thing is a potential increase in chapter releases which I haven’t fully worked out yet due to sorting out schedules. More chapters will require you all to do something though, such as solving rage inducing riddles only for me to tell you your answer is wrong.


  1. Hopeless Monolingual

    -flops on- GIVE LOVE


  2. Typo:
    It pierced the right should of a man -> It pierced the right shoulder of a man

    Thanks for the chapter.


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