Legend Chapter 140

Here’s Chapter 140,

This one is about how Murt ended up in this situation.
Honestly, if you feel this is filler, I won’t disagree with you, but I feel the author has written this chapter to clear up a few things.

Galahat is too much of a nice guy and Murt is…….also too much of a nice guy ahaha.

This chapter was honestly hard to translate, 80% of it was just description text compared to the usual 50/50 with conversations.
Or maybe I was just tired when I finished translating it.
Either way I apologise if the quality feels worse on this chapter.


  1. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I wonder what Murt did to incur that *bleep* wrath.


  3. Thanks for the chapter.


  4. Lucrative

    This Bolton arc is pretty bad. Why didn’t Murt go to the local authorities? It’s kinda idiotic that he seeks Rei to resolve the problem. The author clearly wanted to involve Rei but this is totally unacceptable.


    • saihamaru

      local authority can’t do shit against bolton
      if they can, they would have removed him long time ago
      even rei was advised to not kill bolton to avoid getting into trouble


  5. Siddabro

    The cite won’t load for me….. On mobile. I’ll try again tommorow.


  6. Thanks for the chapter.
    It’s just me or I always get redirect to others website when I click the link, I’m using mobile btw.


  7. chips

    its crap u still insit on malware hosting sites as ur income


    • I would like to point out that you don’t have to read the chapter on MBC. You can still read them on this site, I don’t stop you from doing that.
      Secondly, I’ve never had issues with MBC so I can’t help you with that, direct any issues to the MBC staff on their site.


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