Legend Chapter 136

Here’s Chapter 136,

I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.
Let’s start with the good news.

I’m going on holiday for the rest of the month, starting next Monday, visiting HK, Tokyo, Kyoto and Sydney.
It will be my first time in Japan so I’m looking forward to it.

The bad news is that because I’m going on holiday, this chapter will be the last chapter for the next few wee-
Who am I kidding, chapters as usual while I’m away ahahaha, I built myself enough of a stock to tide over the next few weeks XD.

More about the chapter itself, the Trio (Quartet if you include Set) give Daska a visit. And Daska has given Rei some…suggestions.


  1. kirindas

    Have a nice trip! Hope you have a lot of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nouva Kami

    Me jelly :3


  3. Error??
    At there words, Rei had no particular objections -> At their words, Rei had no particular objections
    I’m ot that good with talking with nobles -> I’m not that good at talking with nobles

    Thanks for the treat and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.


  4. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!
    Also i hope that you have a SAFE & ENJOYABLE Trip~~!!!!


  5. Kenjo

    Raid the arcades in Tokyo for some nice prizes. And have a fun trip


  6. Oh i love this one.
    Was start reading around 2 days ago and i really enjoy this story.

    He’s quick to adapt. Though it’s bad heroine candidate was “brushed off” like that, it’s not implied that rei was dense.
    In fact he’s probably aware of it.
    I also like her boldness.

    And rei quick thinking to realize situation early and even use his connection immediately is refreshing to read. He isn’t your usual naive and will kill without hesitation if he deem necessary.


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