Legend Chapter 135

Here’s Chapter 135,

Just a few minor changes. Flame ore is now Flame Crystal. To be exact, they should be a kind of metal crystal.

Secondly, volume covers for Legend volumes 9 and 10 have been added to the Gallery.
For those interested, they cover the Port Emosion and Rank B Rank Up Test arcs, which are 8 arcs away, starting chapter 306 in the webnovels.
Matching my translation of the WN to the LN, we’re about halfway through volume 4.
Keep in mind that WN usually contains more content, so in terms of how much I’ve actually translated, we’re about 7 LN volumes worth of text in.



  1. Ai, my love~


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Brazos is a brave man. I wouldn’t even dare to insinuate that a heavily armed woman near me is heavy.


  3. Thanks for all the hard work.


  4. Thanks for your efforts


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