Legend Chapter 134

Here’s Chapter 134,

It’s been an interesting week for me. I spent the week at work writing code scripts.
Writing Windows command line scripts to call powershell scripts to run Linux scripts to check with a web database is probably the most convoluted code I’ve ever had to write.
Adhering to three different code syntax’s in the same script wasn’t great either.
You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get all three code languages to agree that a quotation mark is a quotation mark.

But I digress.
Rei can actually use other magic, it’s just that the fuel efficiency is terrible.
Also, any guesses to what Brazos has found?


  1. Hopeless Monolingual

    My love~


  2. Fuxy

    Jeez I would not like to be the one maintaining that in the future…


  3. Siddabro

    Wow, hard coding for you. I think these coding languages were never made with compatibility, like human languages. Good luck!


  4. Well Windows is supposed to control PowerShell. Linux was put together originally by open source innovators, fighting the Man. ie Microsoft.
    However still influenced by Windows format (originally a knockoff of MAC OS)
    …. now I’m getting a headache
    Good luck. Thanks for the chapter


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