Legend Chapter 133

Here’s Chapter 133,

Went back to work last week and wow is it tiring.
Can’t sleep in anymore ahahaha T.T

Just a few things I want to mention, bakapervert has finished translating the last volume of Campione!
Still haven’t caught up with the last two volumes as I didn’t realise he was working on it but I started reading that series a good 6 year ago at least.
Six years sure passes by quick, now I’m in my in final year of my uni degree as well.

The reboot of ‘The man picked up by the gods’ has also been picked up again by Neo Translations so check that out if you enjoyed the original.


  1. Miao~


  2. salty

    maybe one day u decide to stop being pro chinese….well ur lack of freedom says enough, praise ur overlords and live a long life as thats if more important than freedom…keep up ur support for ur chinese bretrens…. and screwing the world over


    • Pardon me, but I’m really confused. What’s the context for all this?


      • They seem to be salty, I don’t know why, though.


  3. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    RIP goblin.


  4. Fuxy

    I liked ‘The man picked up by the gods’ but it didn’t have a definite ending hell I just stopped in the middle of an arc not even having put effort into at least finishing it.

    That shows the author has no respect for the reader so I won’t be reading the reboot.


  5. Typo:
    bu please wait until -> but please wait until
    I don’t that I can’t keep going without a party -> I don’t think that I can’t keep going without a party

    Thanks for the information in regarding “Campione!”. Thanks for the treat.


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