Legend Chapter 122

Here’s Chapter 122

At the beginning of the arc, I told you guys that the merchant was a nasty piece of work and not all of you thought it could be that bad.
Well now you know ahahaha.

Spending today preparing for a presentation I have to give at uni for my work experience project.
It is competitive so I’m going in to win. Now that I think about it though, I wonder what the prize is……probably a certificate lol


  1. Thanks for the Chapter~!!!
    i kind of feel sorry for that nice guard, he’s probably going to get in trouble because of that other guard….. also i don’t like that merchant i hope that he gets taken care of quickly


  2. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Doesn’t that merchant know that rank isn’t decided by combat power alone? Even if an adventurer has the martial prowess of an S rank, if they can’t act “diplomatically” when facing nobles, they won’t go any higher than C or D rank.


  3. Error??
    I wasn’t invited to meet the president of Azoth Firm -> I was invited to meet the president of Azoth Firm

    Thanks for the chapter.


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