Legend Chapter 118

Here’s Chapter 118

I thought I was going to finish this early and all and not have to stay up late but then I ended up watching the original Blade Runner film.
Blade Runner was great and the chapter is still done so I guess everything is okay, kind of.

For those that have it as well, Daylight Saving kicks in where I live tomorrow morning, last night by the time this chapter gets released.
And unfortunately, the Daylight Saving change is the one that I don’t look forward to, the one where I lose an hour of sleep……feels bad losing sleep.

Side note, I finally got round to finish Everyone Else is a Returnee a few days ago and I now the urge to say Wao all the time.


  1. Awe

    Wao, thx for the chapter


  2. Thanks for the treat.


  3. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Could Lenora be from a long lived race?


  4. Ahhh, whenever i see positive feedback in comments abouut another WN or LN a translator i enjoy reading….
    Not much guesswork, im gonna have to give Everyone Else is a Returnee atry. Especially if the translation is complete, no cliffs!
    Thanks for your efforts
    Are you looking for a new project? Or pick up where the translator hasnt posted in 8 months ? Not that I’d push (more like shove) “The Simple Life of Killing Demons” at you.
    He said without a shred of innocence.
    Congrats on finishing the project.
    PS DST is worst


  5. Ahahaha, EER isn’t my project, it’s Chamber’s, what I meant was that I finished reading it.
    Pretty much got my hands full with Legend so I probably not going to pick anything else up in the near future XD.


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